• Sadie turned to look at Jack,"I know it sounds insane, but I feel like I am being watched.. every night."
    "Tell me about it." Jack sighed,"I feel the same way. Wanna get out?"
    "No. I don't want to talk to anyone. I feel so down today." Sadie admitted,"And it's not like me. I feel like something bad is going to happen to me."
    "Like.. what?" Jack gulped.
    "Like.. somebody is going to kidnap me and hold me hostage until they get what they want. I had a dream about it last night. Three men were on the sidewalk. They were blurred images. A man in a black coat snapped pictures and watched them. Two were taken into a black vehicle.. and the other one argued with the man in the black coat. They were released.. and that's all that happened. But the man in the black coat said he was going to make the three men pay for their 'crime'. Whatever it was they did." Sadie described her dream.
    "This is going to be a problem." Jack mumbled to himself.
    "Excuse me?" Sadie asked,"I didn't hear you.."
    "Talking to myself. Sorry." Jack apologized,"Anything else bothering you?"
    "No. That's just it..." Sadie freed her hand from his and got out of the car. Jack watched as she ran to catch up with Jeremy, Claude and Victor. They all met up with Jarryed and Jayden. Jack finally got out of the car. Elizabeth stood behind Jack.
    "Hello there. I haven't seen you since the plague." Elizabeth surprised Jack.
    "That was years ago, Elizabeth. Change your name to Liz? Smart girl. You have a date with Jeremy. What do you want from him?"
    "He lives in the same house as that...girl. Sadie, is it? Well.. she's just my mission." Elizabeth smiled, wickedly.
    "What do you mean?" Jack slapped Elizabeth across the face,"You're not going to take away Sadie over a dispute between immortals and mortals. Why are you working for the government anyway when you're an immortal yourself?"
    "Because that agent is my boyfriend. I please him. He doesn't give me up to the government. I work for him. He doesn't sell me out." Elizabeth played with a button on Jack's coat,"Sadie is my quest. I will get her."
    "No you won't. You just told the wrong person." Jack growled,"Get off me! Get away from me!"
    "Jack!" Sadie yelled to him as she neared,"What's up?"
    "Nothing. Go on." Jack grabbed Elizabeth and held her close to him to keep her from running and taking Sadie. Sadie held a confused expression on her face. She also seemed somewhat sad that Elizabeth was in his arms.
    "Stay away from her." Jack hissed in her ear,"You are a cruel woman. You are my creation. I plan on destroying you."
    He released Elizabeth from his grip and shoved her away. Sadie neared closer and led him to their group. Priscilla, Lanah, and Sophie had joined the group. They were talking to the boys about skateboarding..music.. all the usual.