• “It’s Roy.” I muttered and walked toured the other door. I was abruptly blindfolded from behind and carried off. “What are you doing?! Put me down! Don’t touch me!” I shouted franticly kicking angrily. “Relax Roy; I’m just taking you to the exit.” Molly’s voice murmured happily. “Then why did you blindfold me?” I questioned firmly. “If you knew where the exit was then you might run away.” She stated with a giggle. “Why do you care? Alucard is the one that wants me alive so he won’t have to go out and work for his meal.” “Well,” Molly began, “if you run away I won’t have anyone to play with.” She muttered in a sad tone. I stood quiet; I didn’t know what to say to a girl that never grew up. After a moment I felt cool air and sunshine hit my face. I was outside. I took in a deep breath of the fresh air. Molly placed me on the ground and untied the blind fold. The sun hit my eyes making me squint. I looked around for a moment trying to see any familiar land marks. We were in some type of forest I never seen before. I followed Molly as she walked around the trees. She hummed a bitter sweet melody as she strutted. I walked behind molly the entire time listening to her little melody.
    I waited for the right moment to escape from her. “About my mother,” I asked hesitantly. “Yes?” Molly replied. “If I died or somehow got lost and you guys couldn’t find me what would happen to her?” “Well we can’t do anything. She doesn’t remember you or us.” I stood quiet for a moment then Molly blind folded me again. “We’re almost there.” she stated happily. She led me by holding my hand and pulling me along. After ten minutes she unblended me. I looked around to see where I was and to my surprise I was across the street of my mom’s apartment. My mom walked out of the apartment and approached her mail box. She looked through her mail then looked at us and smiled sweetly at me. My heart skipped a beat and I smiled back at her. Dose she remember me? “You kids should go home! The weather man said it was going to rain today!” she shouted with a smile. “Thank you Miss!” Molly shouted back waving. Molly and I walked down the road to a nearby convenient store. I told her I was hungry so she allowed me go into the store with her. I looked at the clock and stalled for time. I slowly looked at the variety of food they had. Molly watched me closely as I reached for a ham sandwich. I also grabbed a candy bar and a soda. We stood in line and waited for our turn. I placed the food on the counter and looked at the clock. “I almost forgot one thing.” I lied as I went to the back of the store. Molly stood standing waiting for me. Just then a crowd of people rushed into the store molly looked surprised. I snuck out in the confusion.
    I ran as fast as I could through the lunch hour crowd. I did not look back I just kept running. I pushed and ran through the sea of people. I made a sharp turn and slipped hitting my head on a meter. I struggled to get up but got to my feet and kept running. I had no idea where I was going or if I could even escape. I ducked into an ally way and sat behind a dumpster. I sat there gasping for air trying to figure out where I was going to go. I can’t go home or any place familiar; if I do they might find me. After I caught my breath it started to drizzle. It was not long after the drizzle turned into a down pore. I sat with my back against the dumpster holding my knees. After a while I heard foot prints coming down into the ally. “Who’s here?” a man’s voice asked demandingly. I covered my mouth and shut my eyes hoping he won’t discover me. “So it’s you who smells like Alucard.” The voice came from beside me. I looked up quick to see a man with pale skin green hair and hazel eyes that looked like he was in his twenties. I tried to move away but hit my head on the brick wall next to me. The man lifted me up. I struggled to get away from him. If he knew Alucard he had to be bad news. “I can see your frustration with Alucard.” He stated sternly. “I will take you to my home and make sure Alucard never sees you again. That I assure you.” He said with a wicked charm. He held me in his arms and carried me to his black ram car. He set me down on the sidewalk then opened the passenger side door so I may get in. I was skeptical about his intentions but I was wet and cold so I got into his car. Before he closed the door I saw him smirk showing a sharp fang. When he got in the car I asked him without looking at him, “Are you a vampire to?” “Yes, I Am.” he replied with a chuckle. He drove speedily down the road. “Please slow down. It’s raining.” He laughed like a mad man then stepped on the gas. I quickly buckled my seatbelt then griped the seat. “Let me out of the car please!!” I exclaimed in fear closing my eyes tightly.
    He slowed the car to a stop and announced, “We’re here.” I looked out the window to see a big beautiful mansion like house. I opened the door and got out slowly my eyes locked on the huge house the entire time. “Let me show you how a real vampire lives.” He murmured deviously standing next to me. His cold hand grabbed mine and he walked me up the stairs to the door. He pulled a skeleton key out of his coat pocket and used it to open the door. With one hand he pushed both doors open and stated loudly into the house, “I’m home! Don’t be rude I brought a guest!” I looked around to see if I could spot someone that could respond. I saw nothing, just a big dark empty house. Suddenly the lights came on and there were men and women standing in strait lines. “Welcome back lord Mordecai!” they stated in synchronization. I was shocked to see all of these people at once. Mordecai pulled off his coat and tossed it to one of the men. He was dressed in a green camouflage jacket and pants with big black boots. He unzipped his jacket revealing a black shirt.
    “Come with me.” He demanded walking into the foyer. I followed him hastily into a big room with a big c shaped velvet couch. He sat then patted the seat next to him gesturing me to sit with him. After I sat down I complemented, “you have a lovely home, Mordecai.” “Thank you.” He snapped his fingers and a man rushed over to his side. “What can I do for you sir?” the man asked. “I want wine. Red wine.” He demanded. “Yes sir. Is there anything else?” “Yes. Make the chef prepare a meal for our guest.” “As you wish sir,” The man said before rushing off. “You really don’t have to.” I muttered looking into his eyes. “Don’t be shy my boy. After all you will be living here from now on.” “That is very kind but I don’t want to impose.” “Nonsense, Anything to keep that blasted Alucard from you.” He snickered. He snapped is fingers again and a woman rushed to his side. “Fetch this young man a fresh set of cloths and run him a shower.” He demanded. I could not believe this stranger was being so kind to me. But I couldn’t shake this feeling that this guy was dangerous.

    .......to be continued......