• Ayumi souma:

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    age: 16

    outer character: smart, studius, cold beauty

    inner self: scardy cat, nice, still smart xD

    her charas:

    1) bei
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    personality: cute, sweet, caring

    chara transformation: bunny dream (only the clothes, her hair doesnt change)

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    chara change: the hat shes wearing in the chara transformation

    2) sion (not hatched)

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    personality : loud, kinda mean

    chara transformation: rock dream

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    chara change: a music note hair clip

    3) kiri (not hatched)

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    personality: all she can think of is ice and ice skating

    chara transformation: Ice Dream (her shoes change to ice skates when shes flying)

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    chara change: a icicle tattoo under her eye

    ayumi has never really chara changed since she saw amu's change and doesnt want to be seen using fluffy clothes

    also shes kukai's sister ^_^ older than him ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~`~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Ikuto Tsukiyomi

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    outer personality: cool, >_> perverted

    inner: IDK yet biggrin


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    personality: carefree, catlike

    chara transformation: Black Lynx

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    chara change:

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