• I shut my eyes at the view of death. My ears plugged up with screams and my guts flew past my brain, into the clouds. Then everything rewinded; my guts plummeted down from the sky and landed in my toes. My screams halted and I took in a gasp of air. I opened my right eye first then both—how in the world did he do that? We were up in sky again!
    Bel laughs, looking ahead. We traveled over five more buildings and began descending again. This time I kept my eyes peeled for what he did. We were about a foot away from the roof when he bent his knees and jumped up again. Whenever he pushed off, wind would swirl around his feet. It looked like we’re a rock skipping across water.
    “I told you it was ok!” Bel says.
    “You never said that!” I shout back.
    “Oh yea” he laughs. He does that a lot. “But hey, at least we’re here”
    “Look” he nods up ahead.
    I saw a Farris Wheel and a Roller Coaster. We were heading towards an amusement park. Colorful lights hung up like ocean waves around vendors. There was a bunch of people there carrying wood and posters. They were helping set up all the vendor shops. Everyone seemed frantic but they all looked so happy.
    “You took me here to play..?” I asked, confused and a bit creeped out. I mean, why would I be at a lovey dovey place with a boy? It’s only for teenagers.
    “Play?” Bel gave a look that made me feel like an idiot. “Everything here is off-limits till tomorrow. That’s where the real fun starts” he stuck his tongue out and did an ugly face, “except for me…I have to be partnered up with Mal for eternity! OH KILL ME NOW” he yelled. Everyone below us stared, some even flinched from Bel’s loud voice.
    I laughed as we skipped over the Farris Wheel. “Maybe Mal should’ve partnered with Lenschi and you could’ve partnered with me.”
    It was Bel’s turn to stare at me. He didn’t pay attention to what was in front of us and tripped over a giant cardboard sword that was connected to a building. It broke in half and we fell down onto the roof. I landed on Bel’s stomach with an oomph. My head started aching as I rolled off. Bel looked like he had dizzy swirls for eyes and he drooled a little. I looked around and saw some people on the roof. They all froze with whatever they were doing. Most had confetti and glitter in their hands. They were making posters. I looked at one of it on the floor and it read “The Ceremony…” and the rest was unfinished.
    It started getting awkward. I saw a door up ahead so I grabbed Bel’s ankle and started dragging him towards it. Everyone stared as I past by. This is worse than the time I had to walk the hall of shame when I get in trouble back at the orphanage.
    A man busted through the door and pointed at me. “Hey you! Stop right there”
    I gulped and took a step back. The man was more freaky then intimidating. He had bright red hair that stuck up like it was electrocuted. His beard was dark brown and it was stubby on his chin. He had a round belly that stuck out like Santa Claus.
    “Using your powers is a no no!” he says, and I realized that he was speaking to Bel. “I’ve never seen your face around here. Who are you? A shohn, maybe? If your from Ore then you should know our rules more than anything” he pauses. “Are you even listening to me?!”
    My eyes droop. Is this guy for REAL? He seems like a total idiot. Bel is passed out on the floor, it’s so obvious. The other people around us had the same reaction as me. When they noticed that this scene was nothing special, they went back and continued their work.
    “I’m going to take you to the authorities.” the man took Bel from me and swung him across his shoulder. He bowed to me before walking down the stairs.
    What in the world just happen? I turned around and everyone ignored me. They were finishing the posters without saying a word to each other. I had no choice but to go down the stairs and try to make the man forgive Bel’s actions. I whirled back and followed them.
    The hall was dark and surprisingly clean. It wasn’t long till I reached the end. But then there was a problem. There were three doors before me, all sporting a different design and color. I opened each one of them and they only revealed another hall leading different directions. I picked the left door because of my motto; left is always right. I reached a large room with a whole bunch of mats and bars, like the gymnastics. There was a lot of people here setting everything up. I went to one of them and asked how to get outside.
    “There’s a door right there” she pointed to the opposite side of the room. “It lead’s to stairs. Go down and keep heading straight.”
    I said my thanks and walked to the door. There’s no need to look like an idiot in a rush. There’s the stairs just like the girl said. I went down and entered another room. It was really bright from all the windows. Straight ahead was an open door, I could see trees and more people running about. I went to it and looked around. Outside is a real mess. Everyone was running around and shouting. I heard a familiar voice.
    “Mal” it was coming to my right.
    I ran there and turned a corner, and sure enough, there she was. Lenschi was there, too. He was standing behind Mal as she yelled at Bel, her hands clutching the front of his shirt. The man was there but when I got there, he ran away.
    “What happened?” I asked.
    They turned to me. “What happened?” Mal screams. “He happened!” she shook Bel. He gave me a frightened look, frightened and confused. “Why did you use your powers?” she turns her attention back to Bel. “You know the rules! Plus, why do you need to use your illusions, anyway??”
    She raged on about more stuff but I droned it all out. This Bel is the sweeter one of the two personalities. You jerk! How could you run away from your responsibilities? I shout in my mind, referring to the more reckless Bel.
    “Hey, it wasn’t his fault! Leave Bel alone” I grabbed Mal’s hands and she let go of him.
    “Bel? Whose that” she says.
    “Your shohn, duh” I point to him.
    She laughs long and hard. “You stupid idiot. His name is Fay. How did you come up with the name Bel?”
    My mouth hung open. So they have different names? That means that Mal doesn’t know the other side of…Fay. I looked at Fay and he looks back me, shaking his head, silently telling me to not say anything else about Bel. So she really doesn’t know.
    “Never mind” I reply. “If you excuse me…”
    I grabbed Fay’s wrist and pulled him with me. We headed far away and stopped at a cotton candy vendor. I had to catch my breath; exercising wasn’t my strong points.
    “So..” I huffed. “Why doesn’t she know?”
    “Because” Fay says. “Bel won’t let me tell her”

    part 13