I walk the dreary hallways,
    wishing and hoping.
    when will i finally leave?

    The truth seems to haunt me so.
    I'm forever doomed.
    Forever from worlds outside.

    Laughing, Amaya walks through the oddity shop. She explodes with oohs and aahs from all the wonderfully weird things. Finally, her eyes catch hold of what she needs and chokes it in its grasp. A small beaded necklace- exactly 108 **very** tiny beads to be exact. At the bottom is a meager bottle, hanging limply.
    Amaya blew the dust off it, watching in awe as the dust swirled around in the air. The cashier stood by her side almost immediately, smiling down at her.
    "Ah, we are fond of witchcraft?" He almost cackled, his Adam's apple bobbing as he spoke. Amaya held up to necklace to his face. "108 beads. Bottle full of pure moonshine. I'll give you 75 dollars for it."
    The man smiled larger now, from ear to ear. "I'll tell you what, little lady," and here he knelt down to his knee (which didn't make much sense seeing as now she was much taller than him now). "If you are willing to tell me why you are wearing that," he pointed to her bracelet which bore a star cushioned in a circle, "you can have the necklace for free"