• Book 1
    Part 2

    Densetsu took cover behind some rubble. Panting, he quickly analyzed the situation. He had counted 14 soldiers, each one armed with MP5's, plus Fisher with his gauntlets. The room had a gaping hole in the wall to the next room, as well as one two floors deep.
    “Got it, 14” He stood up and used his gauntlets to send the rubble flying towards a group of three soldiers. When it made contact, the soldiers were sent plummeting down the hole.
    “11.” He created an energy barrier, deflecting bullets and used his free hand to punch out another soldier.
    “10.” Holding the barrier up, he grabbed an MP5 and emptied a clip into 4 more soldiers.
    “6.” Densetsu's gauntlets let out a shockwave, sending three flying into the next room, and then collapsed the ceiling on them.
    “3.” One of the soldiers took out a Deployable Riot Shield, and the other two took cover behind it. Densetsu laughed, and let out another blsat from his gauntlets. The DRS took the hit, and all three soldiers were crushed behind it.
    “0.” Den let out a sigh and sank to his knees. “That was rough. I need to excersize more.” He looked around, but found no sign of General Fisher, “Carusel? Could you locate General Fisher?”
    “Ok. Have you met up with Ghost yet?” Densetsu sighed,
    “No, I was delayed.” A voice called out behind him,
    “Good job, but you've given me space to operate.” When Densetsu turned around, Fisher was charging at him, “Mach Mallet!” The General's right gauntlet exploded as it connected with Densetsu.

    It was all Ghost could do to dodge the rail-gun blasts, but the Military Android kept shooting. Ghost speed-dashed out of the way as he was shot at again, “Specter! Analyze the power output of the rail-gun bursts!” He backflipped over another shot, then rolled forward to recover. Specter finished it's analysis.
    “Power rating: 782.”
    “Evalutate: Can I absorb a burst with the Capacitor, then relay the power overload to the Particle Cannon?” The M.A.'s rail-gun launched again; this time it almost hit it's target. Ghost was slowing down.
    “Evaluation complete: This is possible, but only once. The Capacitor will take heavy damage, but the PC's output will be drammatically increased for two shots maximum.” Ghost quickly switched to the Capacitor module. The Capacitor was like a round, concave mirror attached to G.Mk.III's powersource.
    “Hope this works...” Ghost stopped and fell to a knee, bracing for the shot. The M.A. Charged the rail-gun, and fired at Ghost. The impact was heavy; the force of it made Ghost dig his feet into the ground, but he was sent flying despite his low center of gravity. The always-faint blue lines of Ghost's suit began to glow sporadically. As the Gunrat was charging to fire again, Ghost switched to the Particle Cannon again. Then, everything fell apart. As soon as the liquid metal formed the cannon, the cannon short-circuited from all of the excess power. The metal turned back into a liquid, and fell from his arm like water, leaving it exposed. That's when something strange happened. The Gunrat's rail-gun launched another laser burst, and Ghost had no time to get out of the way. Specter had hardened the front of the suit and increased the shock absorbers, so Ghost wasn't harmed, but his exposed right arm was permanently scarred. Ghost yelled in pain while he gripped his arm. He couldn't fight. His right arm was the one he used to deploy his several weapons, and now the metal was gone, separated from his suit. The extra charge from the capacitor was gone, too. As he stood gripping his arm, he sighed, “It's hopeless.” When he let his arm fall, he noticed the liquid metal in the pool on the ground seemed to follow it's movements. As ghost swung his arm back and forth, the metal mimicked the motion. He decided to try something: he raised his forearm, holding his palm up. The pool of metal swirled upward to meet his hand. Next, he tried to move it with his mind, Nothing. Ghost moved a finger. The metal hardened into a razor-sharp spike and jutted out in the direction his finger pointed, “So it's like a third hand?” He looked at the Gunrat. It had sent itself into cooling mode, so Ghost had time to think. He curled his fingers around and watched the metal as he thought. An idea formed in his head just as the Gunrat had finished cooling. The Military Android stood full height again, and took aim at Ghost, who was now running towards the MA. Ducking and dodging the fired lasers, Ghost quickly ran in close, with the separated metal forming around his fingers. When he was within 5 feet of the Android, he swung his fist upward in an uppercut. The metal easily pierced the armor of the android. As the Gunrat lurched backward, Ghost opened his fist. The liquid metal inside spread outward sharply, surrounding the powercore. When Ghost closed his fist again, the metal squeezed the core, and the MA Gunrat imploded. It's steel frame crinkled like foil, and the rail-gun broke into a shower of red sparks. Ghost gasped at his new power, and stared at the scar on his arm for a moment. The lines seemed random at first, but when he looked closer, they formed a phantom-like shape. He dropped his hand and the metal closed around it, forming a shielded glove up to his elbow. The interference with his radio stopped, “Carusel? Is everything alright?” He could hear Carusel's exasperated sigh on the other side,
    “Ghost! You're alive!” Ghost grinned,
    “Barely...” Carusel suddenly became serious.
    “Ghost, you have to hurry. After you were thrown from the building, Densetsu was ambushed by General Fisher! All I can hear are loud blasts from his end, so he's still alive. He's in the building, hurry!” Ghost cracked his neck; it was still stiff from falling,
    “On my way. Specter, continue scans for enemy signals.”

    Densetsu was exausted. After getting hit by General Fisher's “Mach Mallet”, it was all he could do to defend himself from the constant barrage of blows Fisher was sending him. His flaming wrath was gone, and that was his source for his ability to move things from a distance. Now he was using his power to wield a large, red sheild in front of himself.
    “Getting tired, I see. It's a shame. You didn't get through.” The General took a step forward, “Mach Mallet!” He pulled both fists down on the shield, and it collapsed, leaving Densetus defenseless. Fisher was about to deal the deathblow, and his fist was in mid-air, when liquid, black metal appeared out of nowhere and stopped his hand, holding it in place. “Wha-?” Ghost shook his head,
    “That's enough. The Gunrat's destroyed, and you're next.” Fisher laughed, his fist still held by the metal,
    “So you beat it, then? Heh, I thought you would. Cook put too much faith in that thing. That means my job is done.” He looked at Densetsu, who was leaning against the wall with his chest heaving, “Densetsu, right? We'll finish this sometime.” Fisher raised his free hand in a wave, “Until next time.” His hand balled into a fist, and an unseen sniper pierced the metal surrounding his hand, setting him free. Once he was out of the grasp, Fisher leapt from the window. Ghost looked out of the window to watch General Fisher enter some sort of aircraft. When he closed the latch behind him, Fisher disappeared, and the strange ship turned and sped away. Ghost glared after him and shook his head,
    “Not over, then?” He turned and helped Densetsu up with his left hand, “Alright, Carusel. Mission comeplete. Judgment is secure, but Cook and General Fisher escaped.” Carusel nodded in her seat,
    “Okay! Sending Recovery unit.”