Mrs. Winter said, “Yumi, please come up and read your autobiography to the class”. “Yes ma’am” replied Yumi. She ran up to the front of the classroom and began to read her autobiography. Her yellow sundress brightens up the whole classroom with her bright pink hair band. Everyone always enjoy listening to Yumi’s stories. Yumi gave a gentle smile and started to read. “Do you ever have a feeling that someone is watching or following you? Or maybe, it’s just the wind, or your friend, or maybe a ghost? Well hi, my name is Yumi and I’m here to tell you my story. What are you about to hear…It’s all true. . .”.
    Every year my parents and I visited Ahora town in Japan for the “Moon Fest”. My parents are married for about seven years now and they always want a baby especial a baby girl. They couldn’t have a child because if they did their baby will die of lack of blood. My parents always walked through the cherry blooms garden. This is a practice, which shows good luck from the Japanese culture. My mom always cry while she was walking through the garden with my dad, thinking that they will never get the chance to walk in here with their own child. My dad always takes my mom her to the ocean to get her mind of the baby situation.
    They will sit on the sand and gazed upon the shinning moon over the ocean. They saw a shooting stars blasting through the night sky. My mom began to wish upon a star in a quite voice, saying “I wish upon a falling star to bring me a baby”. After the shooting star disappears, a small object appears in the ocean. My parents stained their eyes to see what’s it was. My parents were in such a shock when they saw a basket was in the open seas. My dad jumped into the water to see what was in the basket. He swan and swam faster and faster even if the salty seawater was in his eyes.
    When he got to the basket he picked up the basket and swan back to the shore. Dad was so exhausted from all his swimming that he couldn’t talk. My dad’s face turns blue and his eyes were all red from the salty water getting in his eyes. When my mom saw my dad and the basket she started running faster and faster skipping across the sand. She was out of breath because had high heels shoes on. Mom picked up the basket and looked inside the basket and let out a big scream. She couldn’t bear holding the basket for what excitement what she had seen. A young healthy baby girl was in the basket. She has bright dark hair, smooth pinkish skin and sky blue eyes. She had on a weird looking necklace that looks like a moon. It says “Let thy mind and body fill you with blue auro and you should be free”. But my mom only cares about that the fact that she had her own baby girl. My mom cries for joy and shout out lout and thanks the luck falling star, saying “God has blessed us with a young baby girl”. My mom gently said”, I’m going to name you…Yumi”.
    Over the years, strange things had happen since my parent found me. Sometimes the water will stop immediately, the door maybe open all by itself and the light will come on and off in several occasions. My mom was getting worry if the kids were messing around in the house. So my mom always complains to my dad for getting a new home. My dad always said no. But one day, my mom finally convinced my dad to buy a new house. My dad had luckily found a new job in New York City. It pays three times more than his regular job pays in Japan. My dad ran up the stairs and tells my mom the good news that he just a new job in the New York City. “Sweetie! Guess what? I found a new job in New York City. We can live a much better life there”. I just say “cool . . .that’s great for you dad” and went back up in my little pink room. I usually color the pink wallpaper over the back marker. Whenever I heard kids laughing, I ran out to see what’s going on.
    To be truthful . . .I have no friends to talk too. I always look out of my bedroom window and stared at the kids playing on the lawn. My pet cat named Rikku (Black Japanese cat) will sometimes sit on my lap and stared at them with his Greenish red eyes. I will sometimes cry over the fact my only best friend was black Japanese cat. My mom always tells me that someday I will have plenty of friends. I just mumbled and said, “It’s hard to believe that”. “Maybe I’m different from the others”
    When we moved from our house from Virginia and to New York the house was an old Victorian nasty-looking house. I was afraid of the stairs that one of the steps will bake and I will fall down into timbucktwo. My dad was so surprise how the place looked horrible compared to the picture that we had seem. My dad said, “If it was in a ugly contest, it will win first place”.
    “Ugh. . .Dad! That was so corny!” I said with an attitude.
    “But that’s the beauty of it. We will fix it up like they never fix it before,” grinned my dad.
    My baby cousin Tommy shouted out, “WE CAN FIX IT!”.
    ‘This family is so…old school”, I mumbled, when my dad was talking to my mother. I peeped inside the door to check out the house. The house was dark, cold spooky as darkness hugs around you. The house was older than my great granddad Giddy.
    ‘This house is sooooo…PREFECT FOR ME! I LOVE IT!” I shouted. Just about that time dad has listening to me about what I wanted for once! I was skipping joyfully outside to tell dad how grateful I was about buying this new house.
    When my dad started packing the things into the house. The wind started to blew and rushed into the house with a breath of fresh air.
    “WHOA! MOTHER NATURE HAS REALLY BECOME STRONGER LATELY!” My dad yelled in a cowboy accent. We unpack half of the things into the house then the wind become calmer. That’s zero to none luck. The wind becomes worse and worse. But that doesn’t mean that I was scared. I went on an adventure through the whole house with only a lantern, which was guiding my way. I made a small list of what the house needed to be fixed.
    1. Broken windows
    2. Door locks
    3. Broken window
    4. Broken pipes
    5. Rotten stairs

    A vest of mice was on the basement floor.
    The light keeps on flashing on and off every two minutes.
    And the nasty looking carpet was very damped and moldy.
    Finally I was finished with my list. It wasn’t easy because it’s an enormous mini mansion. I was just as excited when I finish because my dad was going to allow me to see my room.
    When I was leaving the basement the wind blow the window breaking it into little sparkles of sharp glass. The broken glass hit me behind my head. I fall down unto the wet, nasty carpet with the rest of the glass around me. I gave out a frightful scream before I pass out. But the door was shut close and no one can hear my terrible scream. My visions were getting blurrier while the pains become sharper and sharper. The glass was getting deep into my tummy. I gave out another big scream “Ahhhhhhhhhh!” but no one could hear me. I lost hope and fainted while I was crying out for dear mercy.
    Darkness felt . . .I could only see black . . .It was like I’m fading away from earth.
    I’m falling. . .into a vest ocean of darkness.
    It swallows me up into the sea.
    I saw and have nothing here to save me from my endless fall.
    It was hopeless until a little light just starts appearing into the fall. It was getting bigger and bigger until . . . My baby cousin said while shaking me.
    “Yumi wake up teddy”
    “Ah, What happen?” I started to talk and tried to sit up while holding my head.
    “You’re pass out for a little while teddy”, said Tommy. My dad walks in and said in a gentle yet relieved voice, “you gave us all of a fright there kiddo”.
    “But what happen while I was in the basement?” I said in a confuse voice.
    “The window broke and you somehow you fall into a big pile of broken glass. You would have die but the weirdest part is that . . .you weren’t hurt at all. The glasses didn’t cut you my dad said.
    ‘Whoa, I must be the luckiest girl in the whole world ever to survive a fall like that” I grinned to myself.
    “Well kiddo” my dad said, I will let you continue your rest there. My dad took Tommy’s hand and walked out of the room. My cat keep on looking on me with a strange stare, it’s like the cat is telling me something. But I only care about resting my soared head before school starts.

    For me personally I don’t like school. I’m the girl who is always avoiding people. Maybe I was different or maybe I was so mean and tough to people. Or maybe I just want to be somewhere else someday. I’m not the same person as everyone. I don’t want to be the girl that everyone knows as “The Iron heart” or “Mrs.Toughy”. I want a new start but. ..I can’t change my personality.. .
    As I was thinking about school. My pet cat Rikku starts to meow very loud. It starts to give me a bad headache. I threw my pillow at Rikku but Rikku paws the pillow to the wall. “MEOW” and went on.
    “WHAT THE HECK IS IT!” I shouted with anger at Rikku. Rikku points at the wind. As I slowly turned my head Rikku runs out of my bedroom. “Oh my . . .” I said quite. My window says something on the middle of it. I crawled to the window and I can read it more clearly. It scared the living daylight out of me. The window read, “you should be kill and put to full death” the writing looks like it was written in black blood. Dripping down on my window. I saw the dripping of blood and I think that my days were numbered. My eyes pop in and out of my head as I read the word to think that someone or “SomeTHING” is after one.
    “My dad will freak out if someone wrote this message on my window,” I said in my mind. So I carefully opened the window cleaned off the blood that remains with my sleeves. A big gust of wind rush towards me I was not very strong and whipping with a howling noise. I tried to hold onto my bed but I was strong enough to hold onto the bed. I flew through my bedroom window. My heart started to beat fast and faster. I hold on the side of outside of my room’s window. I started to count down when the last few seconds until I die.
    “Please let me don’t die God, PLEASE DON’T LET ME DIE GOD!” I cried out. The wind gave it’s the last howling sound. “Hoooooooooo” The wind roared the clouds look creepy and suddenly the wind disappears in thin air. I was closed my eyes for a short time because I knew that I was going to be die like as a doornail. As I open my eyes and I was outside off my bedroom window holding onto the willow tree. I was glad that I didn’t die but now I don’t know how to get back in my bedroom window was closed by the wind. I looked around where I hanging from. Luckily for me a big pile of hay was there on the bottom of the willow tree where I am dangling. I am under a lot of pressure here because I am going to jump off make believe a two-story building.
    I closed my eyes and started to count “1. ..2. . .3!” and I jumped down quickly. My heart was pounding then it stopped beating because I was too scared if I’m going to make it this time.” Plop!” I went into the big pile of hay. As I immerge from the pile of old musty hay. I heard someone laughing in the front of my yard. I walked towards the laughing and saw that it was my baby cousin Tommy, my dad and my cat Rikku playing catch.
    “Howdy Yumi! You are out of your bed finally dear!” Said my dad with a happy tone.
    “Wait, you didn’t hear the big plop and the wind which was blowing so rough and the thick black cloud?” I stared into my dad’s eyes.
    “Nope! Not at all my dear it’s a beautiful day see, look around,” Said my dad.
    “Weird…Well I’m going back into the house.” I said while walking back to the house. My cat stops what he was doing and looks at me again with those strange bold eyes.
    “Ugh, strange day. . .” I said when I was up in my room weird, weird.
    “I wonder what is happening to me. It’s like one of those movies what weird things happen like in the Saw series.” I said to myself. I was thinking and thinking in my mind what’s up what this old weird house and just then I spotted one of my unused notebooks.
    “Maybe if I was recording these events. I can research it to see if something very supernatural did happen in this house. Hehehehe. ..I may even make a movie after these weird events” I grinned to myself.
    I picked up my notebook, grabbed my favorite pencil and sit down on my bed and began to write.
    Day 1: Unusual Events; Falls down on a broken stairs broken window glass hit me and was all around me and I didn’t get not even a cut.
    Day 2: Ok this is my second day of living in this house. One word; Craziness’! I was almost killed . . .TWICE! Ok, I am worried if this house is haunted or something. Strange things are that nothing is happening to my family except to me. I’m the only one who is going through this! I mean. . .is that fair! I thought if I should tell my family and, as a family should do this together. Well, that’s it. I’m staying in this room until everything is safe to come out.
    P.S: My cat is acting weird now, it seems as if he knows something Rikku never looks at me with his bold eyes straight up before. I think he’s trying to tell me something once again. Ugh…sometimes I wish I could talk cat talk because I want my cat to talk.
    When I was done writing in my notebook it was already dark. I miss three hours writing in my notebook.
    My mom shouted out, “Honey! Dinner is ready”.
    “Oh boy I’m hungry as a lion,” I said to myself with my stomach roaring like a lion. Before I step into the main hall I just remember I’m not going outside of my bedroom for bad things happen to me.
    “No way! I’m not leaving my room,” I said. So I closed my bedroom door and hide under the covers.
    Six hours past . . .I’m snacking off the uneaten potatoes chips off the floor. I kept on hugging my pillow and thinking about what could happen if I went outside of my room again. Maybe I’ll trip off the stairs and hit my head against the bricks on the floor would break off and I fall into the basement again. I’ll start to cry a little bit. Teardrops started to roll down my cheeks.
    “Ugh, This is starting to get so boring! The worst thing is that the cable for the TV isn’t connected yet”, I mumbled to myself.
    Thirty minutes later when I was painting my nails with a black nailpolish. The scent of fresh warm bake chocolate cake fill ups my room. The most delicious scent of the chocolate cake was hugging my nose. My stomach was starting to make noise. “Grrrrrrrrrr” my belly roars over and over again.
    “Ugh . . .I couldn't control my urge to devour the delicious chocolate cake”, I said to myself. I started to count from one to ten.
    “1. . .2. . .3. . .4 . .5 . . .6. . .7 . .8-8-8 I can’t take it anymore!” I yelled. I race to the kitchen for the chocolate cake but halfway there a white shadow covers half of the hallway.
    A ghost appeared right in front of me. She has white long hair, a faded out dress and a plain face with red lipstick on.
    She didn’t say anything; she came to the mirror and started writing with her own blood, “BEWARE”, my mouth was wide opened my hair on my head was stand on my head. “I wonder while shock out of my mind can I handle this situation.
    She just looks at me and says, “beware” and she disappears into a sudden gush of wind that blows into the house. I stand there for a few seconds frozen in time. My heart stop beating from seeing my first ghost I fall on the ground (back first) and stared at the wall. I keep on saying “oh my gosh! . . .”Repeating. Twenty minutes later I was calm as the ocean. I slowly stand up and started to look around the house.
    “Whoa, That was weird . . .” I wonder.
    “I just saw a ghost awhile ago . . .” I thought.
    When I came to the kitchen. I can’t believe my eyes. THE CAKE WAS GONE! THE CAKE SCENT IT DISAPPEARS INTO THIN AIR! My mom walked in and told me that my dad ate the last piece of cake.
    “ Awwww!” I gasped.
    “Sorry sweetie. Maybe tomorrow I can wipe you some fresh chocolate cake just for you.” My mom winked at me.
    “Thanks mom” I replied.
    When I was going up to my room, I keep on thinking, “What was happening to me?”.
    Over the next few weeks everything was normal. Nothing really strange happen. I was relieved that it was just a strange moment. I kept oh laughing about how it was just a fake accident. But then, I have a thought; what if I die today or tonight . . .will anyone miss me? I started feeling very sad. Thinking that no one will even think about me away from my family when I die or maybe I should just enjoy life more and make more friends. This is where I always get very emotional. We moved to New York City and I still never have any friends (only my cat Rikku).
    I always cry myself sick to bed to think about that I will die alone. I just want to have a best friend.
    The sun shone through my bedroom window and I heard my mom said, “SWEETIE! YOU WILL BE LATE FOR SCHOOL”.
    “Oh Snapple!” I gasped. I quickly put on my favorite black shirt with my tight blue jeans; I race to the bathroom to put on my black eyeliner. I ran down the stairs and grab a piece of wheat toast. I rushed out of the house like a racecar. When I was stuffing my mouth with a piece of toast after that I was putting on my dark red lipstick.
    “Bleeeeeeeeep!” the school bus sounded. All of the kids were getting on the school bus one by one. I was running though the branched of trees on the roadside. It was fall so the leafs falls off the trees. The leaves were blowing into the wind with colors of red, orange, yellow and gold. The leaves were getting into my hair so I shake my head again and again until all the leaves fell out. The bus school blows the last beep then she drove off. I shouted, “wait, please, wait for me”. The bus driver didn’t hear me because she got headphones on. She started the bus and drives towards me. I was blinking back tears from my eyes because of the crumbs from the toast was in my eyes. When the crumb was finally was gone, the drive and me was head on. I said, “OMG”.
    I stopped and tried to do a ninja roll but it was to late.
    The bus went “Boom!” and everyone bounced up into the air.
    I closed my eyes when the bus hit me. When I saw the bright light, she thought I was dead for sure. But when she opens her eyes more and more. She saw me standing on the other side of the bus she was so shaken up with fright.
    She was like. . .that the bus went though her. . .
    On the bus one of the students shouted out, “YOU HIT A GIRL! The bus driver went outside and looks around. She can’t believe her eyes. She saw me standing without a scratch. The bus driver took me by the hand and led me to the bus in shock.
    “Go sit down and take a seat,” the bus driver said still in shock.
    I sat on one of the empty seat in the middle of the bus. All the kids stared at me all the way to school.
    School was very interest they were different and race of kids from many countries and Islands. . Somewhere small, tall, big, skinny and etc. But for me. I was a pea in a pod that got lost in at the hay sack. When I was walking to my classes I always think of what my mom told me, “Yumi, please make friends”. I was so nervous when I was thinking about it. Throughout the day I kept as quiet as a mouse. No one ever tell to me but that changes. In 6-block class, I met a boy named Dane. Dane has short black hair, brown-chocolate eyes, a prefect smile and he always nice to everyone. He walks up to me and said, “Hi my name is Dane. What’s yours? I blushed and said, “My name is Yumi”.
    After we introduced ourselves we started talking about our favorites things to do and watch. Dane and I have totally different interest. He likes musical music, I like rock music, he likes the animal channel, and I like Jersey Shores. But it doesn’t matter one bit because Dane and I are like each other and we are tight. He always walk me home when ever the bus left me. He always helps me with my homework. He was my first best friend I ever had.
    Five weeks has passed, my life was still the same but only one thing has changed. I’m happier for having a real friend. I’m starting to dress with bright colors and have a better mood towards my family.
    My life was turning out good. . .until now
    “Everyone was talking about the school dance which is coming up in three days. Mrs. Flower said, that everyone should make sure they are ready for the dance!”
    ‘Ring” goes the bell. Every student ran out of the class. In the other hand, Dane and I were walking together.
    “Hey Dane?” I said.
    “Yes Yumi?” he replied
    “Wanna be my date for the dance,” I said in a very high pitch voice. Dane smile and replied, “I was going to ask you out first but sure.” I blushed and went skipping down the block all the way home singing and dancing. I went though my door with such a happy face and a busted of energy. I ran up stairs and into my room. I write into my diary what happen to me in school today. I draw little hearts around the paper of today’s entry.
    When I was so busy drawing hearts in my notebook and didn’t saw when my Rikku walks in. I jumped out and shouted “Hi Rikku! Guess what happen in School today? Dane asks me out to the dance! Can’t you believe it? But you’re just a cat. You won’t understand me anyways”.
    “Is that so ma’am?” said Rikku in a calm voice.
    “R I-I-I-I-I-KKU?! YOU CAN TALK?!” I said in a shock tone.
    “ I always can talk but you never say please,” replied Rikku. I sat down in my fuzzy chair stared at my cat Rikku
    Rikku said, “Yumi the reason why I came here is to tell you something that you’re in great danger”.
    “But why?” I said to Rikku. When Rikku was about to leave the room he said “You will find out very soon . . .” and he disappears into the hallway.
    I was in shock for a very longtime. Wondering how my cat can obtain such a brilliant mind to speak proper English. For the rest of the afternoon I couldn’t stop wondering if I’m really in great danger or if I’m going crazy.
    “Tick, tack, tick” went the clock. It’s 3:00 a.m. then 7:00 a.m. in the morning. Today, is the big day . . .the school’s dance. I already find the dress that I’ll be wearing but something was bothering me. I haven’t seen my cat lately after he told me what was going to happen. I kept on saying to myself, “Is it the final days left for me?”
    At school. Everyone was talking about the big school dance. They were gossiping who wearing what, who their dates are and etc. But for me, I was scared for my life. I kept on walking though the hallways to my 6-block class. At last this is good. I will get to see my date in class Dane. The teacher take the class attendance she started the name-calling:
    “ Ricky” said the teacher.
    “Here” Ricky said.
    “Yumi” said the Teacher.
    “Here” I replied.
    “Dane. . .Dane. . .Huh, I guess he’s not here” The teacher quietly said while marking him off. As I looked around the class, he was not there. He never misses school for his whole life. Something was wrong something must have happen. This was getting worse a teacher call for me to go to the Administration office immediately. I run down to the office.
    “Someone is on the line for you” said Mr. Red. I grabbed the phone and said “Hello”.
    “Yumi! Our house is on fire!” Someone has started a fire in the basement. We can’t figure out who did this. Repeat, do not come back to the house.” Said my mom.
    “Mom! I can’t leave you,” I cried. The phone went dead.
    “I can’t take it anymore. My family needs me”, I said I’m out of here. I rushed out of the school and ran as fast as I can and into the street. I run so fast I feel I was flying. I race down the hill, across the river and to the little farm, which was my home.
    It was 3:00 p.m. everyone they’re the police and, the fire department police cars and fire trucks was at my house. They have put the fire out but the damage was already done to the house.
    My baby cousin Tommy was crying in my dad’s arms. My mom was lying on the ground because she was badly burned. As I walked inside the house everything looks burned, blacked, wet and smelly. Nothing was saved. I looked into every room. Same thing happen everything was burned to the ground or burned into ashes. I was too nervous to see how my room will look like. I closed my eyes and went inside. I was in shock . . .My room was not burned the fire didn’t touch my room. When I looked around my room. I spotted a letter on my bed. I grabbed it and start reading it. The letter read:
    Dear Yumi,
    I been watching you grow up, I knew you very well than your parents found you on the ocean. You maybe asking yourself, who are you? Well, since your going to die today, I will introduce myself. My name is Hina. I was send down to Earth to kill you ever since. The problem is, you keep on wearing that dreadful necklace of yours, but remember when the glass hit you behind your head and you pass out? I was the wind. I knocked you out and I grabbed your necklace and burn it.
    Now that you are no longer protected I’m going to kill you. You probably were thinking why you’re so different from the other kids. Well that because . . .you’re half spirit person. You’re half dead and half alive. Let me tell you the story back in 1602, there was a young lady named Yukki. She was the princess of the moon. She always loves her necklace that she always wore it. But one day a greedy thief wanted the necklace. It known that the necklace holds special powers wisdom and protection. On the other hand the necklace worth a lot of money in the Japanese market. The thief sneaked into the princess bedroom and killed her when she was sleeping. When the thief grabbed her necklace. She disappears into the black night sky and no one has ever seen her again.
    There is a saying that one day she will find her way back to her people. The Japanese people have waited for her return for many years. That’s why they always have the moon fest. To show that she still living through the moon spirit to protect her people from all danger. They know that one day she will return as a newborn baby under the full moon; now that you’re alive again and back from the dead all because of the moon spirits. As you said in general, you lose a spirit in the real world; my job is to kill all of the lost spirit and sent then backs to the spirit world. That’s where you come in. I have to kill you so the world will be balance again. But your necklace was protecting you so much that I can’t even touch you. But now I can finally kill you. Meet me at 9:00 p.m. in the Dead Forest. And I know that you will skip out on our date because of your big school dance. But where’s your date? Oh yea! I got him right now. If you don’t come, your little boyfriend will be kill by a thousand swords that will go though his whole body. I hope to will see you there soon. Goodbye
    I want to save my best friend but I don’t want to die. I thought hours and hours about my choice. I kept on looking at the clock. Time is running fast. I finally made the choice . . .I’m going to give up my life to save Dane. I poked my head out of my window. Everyone was still outside crying. I have no choice. I thought to myself. “If I’m like a spirit I can fly.” I said in my mind. I push the window whole open and closed my eyes.
    “1.2.3. . . .4!” I shouted to myself. I jumped out of the window headfirst. Sweat was pouring down on my face. Even the makeup was starting to fade away. Fifteen seconds has passes. I opened my eyes slowly. I see just darkness. Then my eye started to opened I felt the wind on my face and in my hair which calms my nerves. I looked down I was over my hometown. I was excited I was flying! The breezes blow through my hair. The softness of the clouds felt just right. It was like that I’m in heaven. But I can’t be fool for the beauty. My mission is to save Dane.
    There was the dead forest right in front of me with all of its ugliness. There was no animal in sight. I was trying to spot them. I have only five minutes to find them before Hina kills Dane. Finally, I spotted them. They’re in the heart of the forest. I landed with great strength I shouted out,” WHAT DID YOU DO TO DANE?”
    The ghost appears face to face to me. He was white with cloud-like skin. The only color on him other than white was red.
    “Well, well Princess, Yumi. We finally meet at least” Hina said.
    “Just let go Dane and take me”, I said.
    “It’s that your wish? Well, let it be.,” replied Hina. Hina made Dane disappears back to his house.
    “Now that brat is now gone. We can finally get this over with” Hina told Yumi while making a fire bow and arrow.
    “Lets just get it over that” I mumble while standing straight up. As Hina was getting ready to shoot the bow and arrow. A small shadow was hiding somewhere.
    “Are you ready Yumi?”said Hina while grinning.
    “Always”, I said. Hina shot the arrow straight to my heart. It was like thousands of bullets running towards me. I started crying blood come out of my eyes. All of a sudden out of nowhere Rikku jumped into the arrow and gets hit. He plops back to the ground blooding. Blood was everywhere on the ground. I can hear his cries from the death pain. A few minutes later Rikku dies.
    “Rikku!Nooooo!” I shouted out while gasping for air. When I felt to the ground I was crying.
    “Why? Why? Why? Why me? WHY!?” I shouted out. I stand up tall with angry and in pain. I rise up my hand. The moonlight reflects my hand to make a spirit bomb from the energy. I pointed it to Hina.
    “Don’t mess with my family and friends!” I yelled and throw the bomb on him. He blows up and blood was everywhere. I was bloody. I look like a murder. I got that evil smile and my face the blank stare. I looked around the bloody pond. I felt something very fuzzy. I grabbed Rikku and put him on my shoulders. It was my friend, Rikku. He was cold. I tried to heal him but he wouldn’t move. I hugged him very tightly and I started to cry.
    “Why Rikku? You’re my first Best friend that I ever have. You can’t go please? I guess friends do crazy things just for a friend”, I smiled while still crying. I took off my jacket and cover Rikku. I disappear into the forest.
    I buried him in my favorite place where I like to read. Behind the big old tree next to the pool. I wrote him a letter and I put the letter next him so he can remember it in his after life.
    My very first best friend
    He always listens to me
    He was always there for me
    Even if you was an animal
    You were my first best friend that I ever had
    After all of that just happens. My parents brought another new house on 56 Cherry Avenue. This time the house was very big and dreamy not old and scary. The house was just right the house has a big pool, a rose garden. The house’s color was a fancy cream and blue. Dane and I started dating and I have many friends in school. I’m not the same girl as before. I’m now an outgoing and have a strong self-confident about me. Everyday after school, I always visited Rikku grave and I put a different rose everyday to remember what he did for me.
    So life is prefect for me now and this is the end of my life what I have been dreading. The end
    Everyone stands up and claps.
    Mrs. Winter said, “Very good Yumi”.
    “Thank you” I said.
    “Rinnnnng!” The bell rang. Everyone runs out of the classroom and to the bus. I just wait outside for today to think about what happen in my past. When I came to visit Rikku. I was wondering how Rikku looks now so I dug up the ground and picks up the box where I placed him. I slowly open the box. My eyes pop in and out of my head, again, I turn with big and wide smile.
    My heart stop for a second.
    “Oh my gosh . . .” I said quietly.
    I shouted out “Rikku where are you?”