• Woke up, fell out of bed.
    Dragged a comb across my head.
    Made my way downstairs and drank a cup.
    And looking up, I noticed I was late.


    "Urgh...Curse the necessity that created alarm clocks..."
    The brunette rolled over in her bed, and found herself on the floor. Groaning she untangled herself from the sheets and shuffled, half-blind, to the bathroom to wash her face and brush her teeth.

    From the bathroom she shuffled to the kitchen to feed the dog and..."Spicy! Here kitty, kitty, kitty. Where are - O! There you are!"

    Not even bothering to fix herself breakfast she threw food into a lunchbox and shuffled back to her room, dropping the lunchbox at the front door.

    Back in her room she threw what she needed for the day into her backpack and placed that at the front door as well. Looking at the time, Crap, I'm late...Again... she dressed and walked out the door to her car.

    Another hour and a half in rush hour traffic...Whup-de-freaking-do Thank God she had picked up an audio book from the library over the weekend. She hated morning radio talk shows.

    Reaching the school she found a spot under one of the larger trees at the far end of the parking lot. and headed into the building that held her first class.

    Six hours later found her back in her car sitting in rush hour traffic all over again. Idiots have no right to drive...

    Back home it's time to feed the kitten again and give him his medicine while the dog did his business in the back yard.

    She sits down to start her homework when the parents start walking through the door. Barely a page read and she has to help make dinner.

    At least there's after dinner... But no. The kitten has decided he wants to play now, so one hand is trying to entertain him, at the cost of a few painful bites and scratches, while she tries to concentrate on her schoolwork.

    Midnight comes around and she shuts down everything. She sets the cat in his bed and shuffles to the shower.

    12:30 finds her back in bed, silently praying that the next day would be more eventful, yet at the same time doubting that would ever happen.