• Long ago battle between angels and demons ensued on Earth, and humanity paid the price. Humans were used as weapons, food, and entertainment, but were completely disposable. Angels and Demons were not allowed to make contact with each other. Lucifer, lord of hell, realized this did not apply to humans so he sent them after the angels, but the angels realized this too so they sent them towards the demons. Lucifer became furious and cursed it so angels could only possess pure souls, it did work but it backfired now demons were only allowed to possess corrupted souls. Demon found corrupt souls plentiful, but angels had a tougher time trying to find pure ones. Demons began to win, until one day a pure, untainted human child wandered onto the battlefield and that is when the angels realized the only truly pure thing on this planet was a child. From that point humans became an endangered species, infants were ripped out of their mothers arms from the moment they were conceived.
    Woman and children hid underground to survive, but they were always found. This went on for many years until one day a little girl’s brother was taken by an angel. This one girl did something no human had even thought of, thinking only of her little brother she ran to the fallen angel Lucifer and begged him to spare her little brother. Seeing this one act of pure selflessness the angels let her brother go, and then the angels and demons met on equal terms and decided this young girl would be the peace treaty. She, a pure soul, was to be given to Lucifer as a bride on the conditions of the war ending, she did not agree to go along on until the angels and demons agreed to leave earth. And so unconcerned with her own fate, she brought the fighting to a conclusion and freed humanity’s future.