• The day she arrived was the beginning of a hot Summer. She had transferred from a few towns over, no one knew why. At first glance you could tell the chances of her fitting in where next to none. The way she stood, the way she spoke, the way she stared into the distance deep in thought. The way she shut herself out...from everyone.
    Her name was Danika, she was the girl who stayed away from everyone. It was almost if she studied them and watched them wishing that some day she could enjoy herself the way others did. She sat at the fourth row from the front and rarely looked as if she was paying attention but somehow she always got top marks. The girls immediately took a disliking to her and started doing terrible things to test if they could get on her nerves.
    They threw insults at her, but she sat silently as if they were not there. They got frustrated waiting on a reply. Not even when they threw her things around did she say anything. With the same expression she calmly picked everything up. They shoved her around in the bathroom, making comments about her appearance. Still she said nothing, and only left with silence. Nobody knew that that on the inside she felt sad but to them she was Hollow. Hollow with no emotion...
    When Summer came she was often seen working in a restaurant, she done her job with the same emotion in school. She never smiled, the truth was she had long forgotten the simple emotion of Happiness.
    When we returned in the winter she still had her usual thin coat, her skin looked paler every day. The bullying continued, but she never cared... she had too much pain to care.
    She came back with scars and bruises. People began to wonder why but never asked.
    Danika eventually stopped attending school and began to live on her own.
    She was unfortunate because her past had given her an emotional impact after the abuse that had occurred in her family since she was a child. She sat out in the winter snow where she had met one friend. A boy sat and talked to her on those cold nights on the bench. He never insulted her, he was just happy that he could talk to her. She was alone, he never liked witnessing loneliness. Then she stopped showing up...
    It was like she never existed.
    It was like she had been erased.
    There was some time later in the early hours of dusk, a woman was visiting a relatives grave and noticed something among the heavy snow.
    There lay Danika, who looked as if she was sleeping peacefully.
    There lay Danika, The Morning star...