• December 1st 1982 It's been 2 years after the fall of the USSR and 6 years after i was sworn to secrecy after my teams unfortunate engagement with Soviet Forces. And a year after that me and all involved in the Operation were swept under the rug. I got luckly i was put in the alleys of New York City it looks like it's going to be a very cold December. One good thing about the alleys of New York it has lots of rats to eat.

    December 24 1982 I can't believe my luck! A perfectly good hull cooked ham landed in frout of me and it's still warm its either Karma or the lord. Either way im eating tonigth!

    January 5 1983 I survived December and it's one month closer to summer. but most of my edible friends are gone now. Im geassing i will need to go to the park and see if i can get some Squirrels to eat or some bird eggs (i doubt it) or some rabbeits and hope the cops won't bother me when im hunting.

    January 7 1983 I woke up today to find my cardboard box (that i call my house)was snow in and i was at the time in the box it took some digging but i got out. It was 5 feets of snow. I had to dig out my box it took 2 minutes (i was geting frostbite at the time) found one of my rat firends frozen solid. Im trying to get a fire going so i can cook him. It's like it was in Russia 7 years ago.

    January 10 1983 It's still snowing its been snowing for 3 days. I think i may become a snow man if it keeps up. Im pretty sure most of my furry friends are frozen solid now. I hope the snow stops soon.

    January 11 1983 It's stop snowing! But i was right most of my friends with tails are frozen solid. It looks like im not going to have fryed rat meat this week and i was beginning to like the taste of my furry friends. It looks like i will need to go to the park again.

    January 21 1983 Got almost no sleep last nigth. Well i geass that's what happens if you drink 3 cups of coffee (4 cups of coffee) But i must admit it was very good. Too bad i had no rat to eat with it. I saw a new type of car today. My guass is that it's from overseas.

    January 23 1983 I made the mistake of sleeping on one of the benches in the park. Two police officers told me to leave when they found me sleeping on a bench. I was on my way back to the alleys when i was almost hit by a speeding car it miss me by a 4 inches. I made my way back and almost got hit again by a speeding car and the police car that followed. But im safe now and in my box and i thick i saw some rats just now it's looks like im going to have fryed rat meat tonigth.

    January 26 1983 I got a new place to live! It's in a basement of an abandoned house. A little bit of picking up to do and a bed and i'll be happy with it. and i got more friends here (rats) to eat. There's a fire place i can use for cooking i just need some wood for it. It looks like there's a gorup of mice here too and there's a working radio here too!

    January 28 1983 I just saw the biggest rat i've seen in my life! It was as tall as my leg. I'm going to need my crowbar for this rat (and i wish i had a gun too) im going to have trouble sleeping tonight.

    January 30 1983 I killed that giant of a rat if i can call it a rat. I set a trap last night and i woke up around 1:00 to 4:00 and found the rat was in my trap i got my crowbar and beat it to death. I have no idea how it got that big maybe it may have been a new type of rat hope not or i will be in lots trouble then. But i know two things: it's dead and it's going be my dinner.

    Feburary 5 1983 Well the giant rat i ate did not kill me or make me sick so i will say today i'm in the clear and i have not seen more of those giant rats. thank god! of couse that does not mean he is the only one but i hope he is. I got some new friends--dogs--and they want to eat me. What a shock. They act like those Russian guard dogs that chased me.

    Feburary 7 1983 I had an odd dream last nigth i dreamed that i was figthing zombies. Well Nazi zombies i was in this abandoned house with someone else i dont who it was we were in world war 2 marine outfits. We had Pistols then i heard this evil laugh and then the zombies come it wasn't hard at first they came we shot them in the head they died again. But at one point they were running and they were running fast and if that was't hard enough they got to the point shooting them did nothing me and the other guy were overwhelmed and i guess i died in the dream. Maybe i ate something that me made dream that?