• HS Hints: Bestfriends to Lovers

    It was 1:30 in the morning and Chloe was still awake. She was busy uploading photos from Pauline’s birthday party. Bad news for Chloe it was Monday and she need to get up really early to attend their assembly. As usual, she came to school late and her schoolmates were not surprised when they saw Chloe running really fast and catching her breath as she enters the gates. Ceejay, her best friend since preschool, asked her what stupidity she did last night that caused her to get late for school. Chloe, still catching her breath, did not mind him at all. When the assembly was about to end, Justin, Chloe’s long-time crush walked across the midst of the crowd. Chloe’s cheeks blushed and immediately she felt a burst of happiness inside her. Pauline and Darylle took a glimpse of Chloe who was still playing some romance in her mind, and then the two girls teased her while Ceejay somehow felt a tinge of jealousy.
    Tuesday afternoon. It was lunch time. Chloe and company headed towards the canteen and looked for a seat. While Chloe was busy choosing what food to buy, incidentally, Justin was there near their table searching for a seat. When Charlotte saw him, she immediately called his attention, and at the same time, invited him to sit near Chloe. When Chloe came back, she was shocked that Justin was sitting beside her chair. While everyone was busy eating, Justin accidentally spilled his drink on Chloe’s blouse and it created a big mess. Ceejay got quite irritated for what Justin had done. Justin apologized to Chloe and insisted to make up with her by walking her home. Chloe flustered while the rest of her friends except Ceejay shot her a look that meant something.
    That night Chloe phoned Ceejay excitedly talking about her conversation with Justin on her way home. She kept on talking for hours but Ceejay seemed uninterested. Few days passed, Chloe and Justin continued to getting to know each other until he started to fall for her. One time when they were walking home together, Justin suddenly stopped walking. Chloe then asked Justin what was wrong. That was the moment when Justin confessed. He held Chloe’s hands and asked her if he could court her. Their eyes met. Chloe then looked away then shyly nodded at his gesture. She told all her friends about the confession. Everyone was happy for her except for Ceejay who seemed really pissed off.
    Justin and Chloe dated for a number of times. Unfortunately, they were seen by Azula on one of their dates. Azula got furious at Justin. She never knew that he could two time her. She decided that she would tell Chloe all about this. It was two days before Christmas when Azula finally got the chance to talk with Chloe. She told her all about Justin and her relationship with him. Chloe burst into tears. She had mixed feelings of anger and sadness. She never knew that Justin was that kind of guy. She wanted someone to talk to that time.
    The first person she told about this incident was her best friend, Ceejay. Ceejay, upon hearing the news, instantaneously got furious. He was like a volcano ready to erupt anytime. He wanted to punch Justin in the face for what he did to Chloe. Chloe didn’t want the two to fight so he asked Ceejay not to do anything stupid. She was crying as she pleaded with him. Ceejay didn’t say another word. He just embraced Chloe and whispered that everything would be fine. Chloe was fine again after hearing her best friend’s assuring words.
    Then Christmas Eve came. Chloe was sitting on a swing in the playground that night. She was alone and sad. Worried about Chloe her mother called Ceejay to ask if Chloe was there. She said that she looked everywhere but she couldn’t find her. Ceejay then replied that he might know where Chloe might be and he said that he’d bring her home. Chloe’s mother then thanked Ceejay and hoped that he would be able to find her daughter.
    It was already raining hard when Ceejay left his house. He went straight to the playground where he and Chloe used to play when they were young. He had a hunch that she would be there. Ceejay found Chloe sitting on one of the swings. She had her hands on her eyes. Ceejay the moved to where Chloe was. He called out her name. Chloe then looked up to see who was calling her. “Ceejay?” she asked with tears in her eyes. “It’s me,” Ceejay replied. He then handed Chloe an umbrella and a jacket. “Let’s go home,” he said to Chloe who was soaking wet. They then walked home together. All the while Chloe told Ceejay about what she felt. She said that Justin was a jerk. She told him her regrets and sorrows. Ceejay listened to her word by word.
    They parted ways when they got to Chloe’s house. They said their goodbyes and Chloe thanked Ceejay for listening to her for being such a great friend. As Ceejay left, Chloe had thoughts of him and her bring together. Chloe loved Ceejay even before she met Justin. She just couldn’t tell him because they were best friends and it would be awkward. She dismissed those thoughts and quickly dried herself and got herself ready to celebrate Christmas’ eve with her family.
    New Year’s Day came. Ceejay and his family went over with his family to Chloe’s house. It was a tradition of their family to celebrate New Year together. Chloe had a lot of fun being with Ceejay and his family.
    Vacation ended then classes resumed again. It was that time for hitting the books and heartaches. When Chloe entered her school she saw Justin waiting in the corridor. He said “hi” to her and apologized. She ignored him nonetheless. Her friends also ignored the two-timer and they even told bad things about him. Chloe, seeing her friends being mean to Justin, jumped in and shook hands with him. She thanked him for teaching her that there were guys like him in the world. Her friends were surprised with what she did.
    In the end, Ceejay finally got the chance to confess his feelings for Chloe. Likewise, Chloe who was waiting for a long time for Ceejay accepted him then said “Yes!” Destiny played with them both, from best friends turned lovers.