• You finally arrive at the top of the Lighthouse. Snow violently strikes your face, hard as hail. Luckily, you're dressed for the weather. Longsword in hand, you go to light the Lighthouse. But you're stopped. A large circular stone figure with a large seemingly organic eye appeared in front of you. It's your hometown's personification of a deity. The Wise One. He summons a three headed dragon to stop you, but you won't be deterred. Your scholar friend tries to stop you, but you cut him off before he can finish his warning and fight the beast.

    You're brutally ravaged, but come out victorious in the end, only to see the horrible truth.
    That dragon was made of your parents, and the father of your friend and rival. You didn't let the scholar finish his warning, and you paid the price. Unable to come up with any words of condolence, you instead silently toss the Elemental Star into the aerie. It is done. Alchemy is released, but the force of the pure Psynergetic force rushing out and your closeness to the epicentre of it blasts you with enough energy to overpower and kill you. You and your sister black out. You awaken alone in a bearskin blanket on the floor. Your weapon is propped up against the wall directly in front of you. Your rival appears and beckons for you.

    It seems the force of energy caused you to become capable of using all forms of elemental Psynergy. Excited to try this out, you attempt to rush outside, only to trip on your own two feet. That's never happened before, has it? No. Apparently you're still disoriented from the immense amount of Psynergy in your body. You have to burn it off to get over the lightheadedness. Taking it slow, you unleash a titanic sword made of pure energy and drive it into the ground, melting all snow within a forty foot radius. Feeling much better, you head off to find your friends and former rivals waiting for you at the entrance.

    Boarding your ship and heading for home, you have a heartfelt moment with your sister, to whom you haven't spoken in months. She's in no mood to listen to you, so she just hugs the air out of you instead. Finally arriving at the crater that was your hometown, your rival and his friend sink to their knees, tears welled up in their eyes. You just stand there, speechless like always.

    When you finally find something to say, nobody is willing to listen. Not even your precious sister. Deciding to leave, you slowly turn and begin to walk away, only to have a hand tug at your shoulder cape. You turn around to see a girl with icy blue hair, with a set of ocean-blue eyes to match. She doesn't want you to leave, pointing to everyone reunited with their lost loved ones. You shrug her off and continue leaving, feeling unworthy of the moment.

    You silently disappeared into the sunset, breaking your poor sister's heart once more.