• He grabbed for my hand swiftly and gently pulling me towards the front door. He was ignoring 'them' and all their stubbornness. It wasn't his fault, he shouldn't be blamed for what I was. I knew what I was and I of course excepted it, but it wasn't right for him to have to suffer this.

    "Brandon listen to me. Stop." I said as he closed the door behind us. He looked at me sympathetically, stopping on the porch steps. "You don't need to deal with this, I know I'm horrid. I'm sorry you just, can't take the blame for all the teasing." He was looking away from me now. "Love listen," I said pulling his chin towards me gently, "I'm hideous, and you're...absolutely gorgeous. I'll be alright if you go and pretend I didn't exist." I said, hoping he wouldn't, and knowing he wouldn't, we loved each other too much.

    "Angelina, you're beautiful, they just don't get to see you when you are. You're pretty while you sleep love. I know you are, it's not your fault." he said, his milky brown eyes slightly pained to see me as ashamed as I was. I hated that about him, he was handsome, his hair perfectly combed to the right and curling under his ear, his eyes always so delicate to his mood, his smile was perfect. His arms weren't overly muscled but most definitely not weak, his whole frame moved at his slightest shift of mood. Brandon was perfect.

    "But Brandon it doesn't matter because I'll never ever be what you deserve, ever!" I tried not to yell, this happened so often, I just didn't think I was right for him. "You could court anyone, anyone. So why me?" I whispered knowing my velvet red eyes were sad and glazed as I stared up at him intently. He just gaped lightly at me for a moment.

    "We've been through this Angelina. I love you because, I just do." he said his hand reaching for my other one in between us, but I refused it and put my hand firmly on my bony thigh. He sighed, "Angelina, you are beautiful, you're the most beautiful woman I've ever met, and I promise I'm not lying to you." Brandon said his hand instead brushing the sagging skin on my cheek. I flinched and he simply pushed his hand through my green frizzy hair.

    I looked down this time, he always made me feel absolutely wretched to see his perfect features. He smiled knowing he had won, for the night at least. I sighed looking up at him and gave him a weak smile. He leaned down and kissed my cheek.

    "I should be going before the lamp lighter's put out the fire's." He mumbled his arm's wrapping around my shoulder's trying not to squeeze too hard in hopes of not hurting my easily bruised skin. My twig like arms wrapped around his waist for a moment and he pulled away. Our eyes met for a moment and a smile appeared on the both of our faces as we headed our separate ways on the stone roads, him to his castle, and me to my peasant house.

    I walked into my house as the lamp lighter's were starting their run on putting out the lamp's in the city and too their posts guarding us while we slept. That is to say the guarded every house North of my family's house. Every house South of us was poor. Thus, we needn't be guarded because it would be no loss to the castle.

    Well Brandon was working on getting us getting us guarded too, he said he was doing so, to ensure I was safe too. I begged him to leave it hoping he wouldn't get in trouble, but he refused to leave it and now he was dealing with his parents that we were just as important.