• The God's Affair - Written Jan, 22rd 2011

    My dear Aphrodite why do you fret so, Oh my dear Aphrodite why? Said Hephateus Husband of Goddess of Love. Oh my Hephateus I don't know why my love, I'm just in a predicament said Aphrodite. What predicament could you possibly be in my wife said Hephateus. I cannot tell you Hephateus, It is very private said Aphrodite. My goddess why would you keep a secret from me? said Hephateus. I just can't tell said Aphrodite.

    During nightfall Aphrodite fleed from Olympus to a strange temple. Inside the temple Ares God of War was waiting for her. Hello Goddess Aphrodite said Ares. Hello to you also Ares god of war. What is that you have there said Aphrodite. Behind Ares back was his shield, symbol of his godly power. Its my shield goddess said Ares. Oh said Aphrodite. How is that hideous husband of yours said Ares. As usual in his forge making some kind of weapons, gagdet or device said Aphrodite. He still hasn't found out our Affair said Ares. I intend not for him to ever found out whats between you and me said Aphrodite. They kept speaking in the temple, they kissed and showed signs of love. But what they didn't know that outside of this strange temple was Hephateus looking at them from a temple window. He burst inside. Gasp! Hephateus dear why are you here? said Aphrodite. The question is why are you here with him said Hephateus. I knew you two were always having an affair said Hephateus. It wasn't abnormal for gods to cheat on their wives & husbands. The gods had many many children. This was a strange thing to happen, in fact is was suspected. But Hephateus grew angry even though this wasn't abnormal. Hephateus went at Ares with is Black Hammer. Ares dodged him. Ares struct Hephateus in the back. Hephateus fell to the ground but got up quickly. Then he struck Ares in the foot and kicked him in his chest. Before Ares could strike again Hephateus flew back to Olympus. Hephateus looked back at them with a digusted look.

    Later on Aphrodite came back to Olympus. I've heard Zeus had a talk with you Hephateus said Aphrodite. He sneered at her. Aphrodite ignored it and kept talking. Hephateus you know its not abnormal for Gods to have Affairs with Mortals or Other Gods. I don't see why your angry. Hephateus wasn't angry, he was jealous of Ares for having his wife. Just as Hera was jealous of Zeus's Affairs with Mortal. Hephateus said, I was not near angry but jealous of Ares for having you. Aphrodite said, You need not be jealous of this affair. God's Affair's never last long. Hephateus knew. He softened the look on his fast. He said, You know what just forget about my acts of jealously earlier. I promise to not interfere with your Affairs even if my jealousy gets hold of Me. Aphrodite smiled then flew through Olympus. Hephateus did a slight smile as all. He knew his promise wouldn't be kept long. But he didn't care.This wasn't the end of Aphrodites Affairs but it was the end of Hephateus Jealousy of her Affairs. And so there was peace throughout Olympus again.

    The End.
    Percy Jackson - The Lightining Thief
    Rick Riordan
    Greek Mythology