• He had the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen. They shone in the moonlight, and I found it hard to look away.
    Moonshine on the bayou
    Love shrine, break the taboo

    “Don‘t leave,” he said. I shook my head, turning to leave. But I just couldn’t. I couldn’t leave him. How on earth did he do that?
    I wanna know
    What's in your potion
    Bound by total devotion

    I remember when we first met. I was lonely, self-hating-not to mention totally and completely incapable of finding a boyfriend. But then, he’d just shown up one day, at the library where I worked part time. He practically swept me off my feet, and I almost instantly fell in love with him. He was the greatest guy I could ever have imagined.
    I was looking for love all over
    You're the hunter and I’m your prey
    Now I’m lost and the love ain't over

    But then I felt like he didn’t really love me anymore. He didn’t seem to enjoy himself as much on our dates, didn’t answer my daily call or any of my texts. I tried to convince myself that I could leave him, but I couldn’t. it was just that his ever-present charm kept me with him. Even when he wasn’t speaking or smiling, he was almost annoyingly charming.
    I try to leave but I have to stay
    Cuz its voodoo, voodoo, voodoo
    Under your spell

    So, it finally got to where I just couldn’t take his disinterest anymore. I went to his house tonight to end it, but as soon as he opened the door, I was tongue tied for several minutes. Finally I managed to blurt, “I don’t think this relationship is working anymore, Terrance.” There was silence after that, while the frogs in the swamp croaked rhythmically, not far away. I could see the piercings in his lip in the bright moonlight, the subtle point in his chin, the tiny scar on his right cheek. I cursed myself. Why couldn’t I ignore his charm? I mean, really! It was nine o clock at nigh, and I had steeled my nerves. But the moment he had looked in my eyes, my nerves just said, “Oh, he is sooooo cute!” and turned to floppy little bits of string.
    Swamp sings over the bazaar
    Snake bites, aligning stars
    I’m in rapture
    There is no cure
    No sanctuary
    From your allure

    So, now we were standing on his front porch, my back to him, in total silence. I was such an idiot. It was like I was his puppet or something, or a loyal dog. I couldn’t leave him, I simply couldn’t walk away. I loved his charm. I didn’t want to leave his charm, or him. I loved both of them.
    Cuz the voodoo that you do is all that can do to make me into your fool
    Cuz if you do the voodoo I’m just like a doll that the pins keep pushing into
    So every time I try to break this trance
    I’m so afraid I'll miss my chance to be bewitched by the bayou
    I just wanna say I want your hex
    I don't wanna live without your hex

    I turned slowly to face him. He looked almost sad, his brown eyes pleading. I sighed. I just could not, would not leave him.
    “Okay. I’m sorry.”
    But, if he kept acting disinterested, I’d leave him on the spot.
    Of course, I knew that wasn’t true.
    Cuz its voodoo, voodoo, voodoo
    Under your spell