• Day 5: Failure once
    The ocean touched on my cheek. I was clear in the ocean and drown into it deeply. I recognized the girl floated with the black cloak boy held her hand. They turned at me.
    I tossed my hand at them that mean I don’t want we lose each other into other way.
    I woke up and Karin shook my shoulders few times. I know today, I have ought ready for our mission to done.
    I was kept gazed at her. Karin pulled me out of room to we hurried into the living room to face the Organization 2. Why did we hurry to? Karin waited for me since I was slept. It means we already late.
    “You are so late today,” the Organization 2 said.
    I can’t say something because I have hard time to. I know what he means. Karin opened her mouth. I was gazed at her eyes.
    “I beg your pardon,” the Organization 4 bowed. “Let me to teach him how to learn fight.”
    I was keeping gazed at her and she turned at me.
    “Don’t look at me, please,” Karin said.
    “Because I am new,” I said.
    “What are you talking about it, huh?” Karin gasped, but she led me into the patrol. “Come on, the Organization 11.”
    She and I were in the Jacksonville Town World.
    My sight was not well to see everywhere because I was already in the dark place. Where are we?
    “That is not make the sense from Organization 2 gave us mission,” Karin scoffed, drew the cute gun out of her power in the air. “Ew, I smelled something like die animal.”
    Organization 2 clicks and pulled the gun. The flash was out of the point gun. The place was gone to bright then dark in few second. Now, the Organization 4 knew this place is where we stood in the cave.
    “Where are us?” I asked, touched something. “What is this? I got you. Are you Karin?”
    “What did you talk about it?” She said, pulled my hand to approach her so tight. “Oh, you are so soft. How did you got it?”
    “Am I soft?” I replied, raised my hand in the air to the light turn cover on mine.
    “Oh,” Karin realized. “You can use power. That is amazing from you learn so fast than me slow.”
    Karin was not though she absolutely held the bear’s cute tail. I hugged its ear. They were gulping. Roar! I turned off the light out of my hand.
    “Wait?” Karin shouted. “I try shots this! I can’t see, right now!”
    She got mistake that she already shots my head! Ouch, my head take heal quickly by itself. Roar! The boar woke up and I shouted that I knew it did.
    The light out of my hand and into the air even I turned on. Karin smirked and the bullet done to fell from the gun and get new one for get ready to shoot the black bear again.
    “Get out of here!” I shouted, the Organization 4 didn’t think so. “I don’t want to die!”
    The cave was going to explode! I was slide into the purple patrol with Karin, immediately while I saw the red eyes in the stream.
    Oh no, Organization 2 applied our mission was already failure. Try it next time. He didn’t think so it will take again because The Organization Leader had plans for all of the Organizations do something.
    Karin said, goodbye and send me to go my room and sleep for next day, I will get new mission.
    I closed my eyes slowly as my mind melted into the darkness and the image appeared in few seconds. It is very disappoints.

    Day 6: Meeting
    The Organization 2 has summoned all of the Organization except Master. The red cloak knows the event came out today but who guess he didn’t need to be involving the meeting with them after the surprised something. Some Organization wished for don’t want to go but their master has requirement with them to ought be in meeting. The Organization Master possible go meeting if he interest in it. Most time, he don’t need to.
    Nathan brought me to the Organization Chairs Room. I have no idea why Organizations have all to go in the meeting. Nathan explain me about it but the image slipped over my mind as lost understand.
    He and I entered into the Organization Chairs Room. I saw Miley, Karin, and other Organizations sat each own tall to taller throne. They were turned at me, and then mumbled each other. But the leader was not here.
    “That was our stupid boy,” Mily scoffed, her leg crossed. “You must to not here for today because you have nothing important for yourself.”
    “Be mature,” the Organization 2 snapped, Nathan and I sat our own throne without need help. “You will with him for your mission someday.”
    “No, I won’t do your obey,” the Organization 7 Mily whispered, not easy for that and the Organization 2 strike his spear with huge glass heavy point tossed into the air through the lightning woman. “You better not!”
    The lightning flicked over the spears to break it. Explosion erupted center in the circle between all chairs. The smog covers all come in the room and I had hard time to breathed. Cough. Cough.
    Finally, the smog gone in few time, I recognized all of the Organizations used the barrier with their own powers. All are not same and different powers match them.
    “Are you okay?” Nathan asked at me, I heard Mily activated drama over the Organization 2 missioner. “You need use your barrier for your protect.”
    “QUIET,” the purple glows appeared come on the tallest chair, everyone quiet and turned at the master. “Hm, what is the smell?”
    “I want to know what is meeting for?” Mily mocked.
    “I think it about our mission has special come out after Darkness Side?” other Organization said.
    “You don’t know nothing about this meeting, Corey Kamvis,” Mily turned at him, her eyes seem narrow as serious to study. “Are you sure?”
    The Organization 3 say nothing something and let Organization 7 had won because he only fed up with her since she born. But she had still hard head to do.
    “Stop! Corey and Mily, I determine the mission for you!” The Organization Leader shouted, this room was going to rumble and everyone silenced. “We would have short time for this meeting.”
    “I am glad of that,” the Organization 9 simpered, played with his guitar sound so nice ever I heard. “What about it?”
    “Turn down your volume,” the Organization 4 sighed.
    “No excuse for you,” the Organization 6 said.
    “Shut up all of you!” the Organization Leader shirked, anyone zipped their month to stop talked and started realized after that. “You talk so much hurt my ears.”
    The door opened, the blond girl walked into the room and everyone turned at her. She stood center front of the leader. I bet he will be happy here.
    “Is that for our meeting?” the Organization 5 asked, the leader nodded.
    “Acceptable,” the Organization 10 said.
    “Maybe you are pretty right,” the Organization 3 sighed, turned at the leader’s icy eyes. “I believe Elite Organizations collects the Guardian Angel’s power.”
    “You are wrong,” the Organization 2 snapped, all of the Organization glanced at him. “It is his son got collect by the elite.”

    The flashes scared us to stop talking and the leader hissed, “This girl called, Belli Princess who is very important for Tyshawn has between of them from Jess---“
    Belli already black out last minute.
    “What is happening?” The Organization 8 Nathan gasped.
    “Don’t worry about it and I will heal her again,” the leader said. “All of your mission has cancel today but Mily and Corey must take their mission now because they have terrible behave. Last message, it is Belli and Tyshawn will together on the mission on tomorrow.”
    The Organization 2 nodded and said, “I understand, sir. But I remember you did said, Belli and Tyshawn have important from Jesse---“
    My mind attacked. My breath gasped and stopped. My sight was started blurring became into the darkness. The face pulled my body fall down on beneath the throne.
    I feel nothing pain.
    My dream was not coming.