• Aiser glared at the Angel Lords from his position between the two guards that had him restrained by handcuffs.
    Aiser: "How many times do i have to tell you,i never killed that human it was Hibicius!!"
    Arc: "And how many times have i told you that he has an alibi!"
    Aiser: "He's lying!!"
    Arc: "That's enough Aiser nothing you say will change our minds guards take him to the execution chamber."Kain looked at Aiser with a look that said i'm sorry on his face Aiser just glared at him as he was taken away he couldn't
    believe that Kain wasn't doing anything to help him.Then all of a sudden a thought struck him and he smirked. Aiser jumped
    into the air and kicked the guards knocking them down.He whispered something under his breath.
    Aiser: "Daem Braeliss."He glared at the angel lords before he faded away.
    Arc: I should've known he would try that.Arc glared at he guards.The guards shook in slight fear.
    Arc was scary when he was angry.
    Arc: "We must inform Lord Camael that Aiser has escaped then formulate a plan to recapture him."
    Kain: "I will go inform him."
    Arc: "Thank you Kain." Kain nodded and headed up to Camael's study.He knocked and waited for a response.
    Camael: "Come in." Kain pushed the door open and entered.
    Kain: I regret to inform you Lord Camael but Aiser has escaped.
    Camael: Is that so?
    Kain: Yes my lord,what should we do to recapture him?Camael smirked.
    Camael: Let's leave him be for a while he will drop his guard if we do.
    Kain: "A brillant plan my lord i will go inform the the others."Camael nodded and sent Kain off.
    Camael: What a foolish son i have getting himself into such a sitiutation.unforunatley for Aiser i won't be helping him he has to learn from his mistake and find a way out himself."
    Meanwhile in the Magic Realm.....
    Aiden was heading back home from the conveniant store when a boy with grey wings landed in front of him. Aiden cautiously approached him.
    Aiden: "Your an angel aren't you?"Aiser nodded his head and turned his gaze to Aiden.
    Aiser: I am but i'm not a normal angel,i'm a fallen angel. Aiden tilted his head to the side he was confused.
    Aiden: "A....fallen angel?"Aiser looked down at the ground sadly.
    Aiser: "Fallen angels are angels that have killed a human...." Aiden's eyes widened slightly.
    Aiden: "You killed a human?"Aiden took a cautious step back. Aiden's actions made Aiser angry.
    Aiser: "NO I DIDN'T I WAS FRAMED!"Aiser sank to his knees and started crying."I-it was that damn Hibicius....."
    Aiden looked down at Aiser sadly and kneeled down by him. He placed his hand on his back and rubbed it gently.
    Aiden: "You don't have a place to stay do you?"Aiser sniffled and shook his head.
    Aiden: "Would you like to stay at my place?"
    Aiser: "The angel lords are after me if i stay with you i'll put you in danger." Aiden shook his head.
    Aiden: "No you won't."Aiden conjured a ball of lightning in his palm."Youshouldn't underestimate someone from the magic realm."Aiser sniffled again.
    Aiser: "S-sorry."Aiden smiled down at Aiser and wrapped his arms around him in a gentle hug. Aiser's eyes widened slightly and he blushed.
    Aiden: "Don't worry i'll protect you."Aiden leaned close to Aiser and kissed his tears away. Aiser's heart started to beat and he blushed even more. Aiden chuckled as he helped Aiser up.
    Aiden: "Come on my house is this way." Aiser nodded and followed Aiden to his house.Once they arrived Aiden opened the door with his key and entered.Aiser followed Aiden into the house and looked around.
    Aiser: "You have a nice place."Aiden turned on the lights and smiled at Aiser.
    Aiden: "Thanks." Aiser's stomach growled and he blushed. Aiden let out a chuckle.
    Aiden: "Your hungry i see,would you like something to eat?" Aiser nodded embarrased. Aiden grabbed Aiser's hand and pulled him into the kitchen. Aiser sat down at the table.
    Aiden: "It is late but if you want i can cook you something."
    Aiser: "No a sandwich will be fine."
    Aiden: "All right."Aiden made a ham sandwich for Aiser and placed it on the table. Aiser blushed before he picked it up
    and took a bite. "T-thank you."Aiden smiled.
    Aiden: "Its no problem." Aiden reached over and ruffled Aiser's hair.
    Aiden: "Your really cute you know that?" Aiser blushed deeply as his heart started to pound.
    Aiser: "Really?"
    Aiden: "Yeah."Aiser finished his sandwich and stood..
    Aiser: "I-i'm going to bed okay?"Aiden smiled.
    Aiden: "Okay Goodnight you can sleep in the spare bed upstairs."Aiser nodded his head and headed upstairs.He sat down on the bed and hugged his knees close.
    Aiser: "Why did my heart beat so fast when i Aiden said i was cute?"Aiser layed down on the bed and covered himslf with the blanket.
    Aiser: "It beat when he said that he would protect me too....i'm so confused."Aiser closed his eyes falling asleep instantly.Aiden peeked into the room.
    Aiden: "He has a crush on me that's cute."Aiden tiptoed into the room and leaned close to Aiser kissing him gently on the cheek.
    Aiden: "Sweet dreams Aiser."Aiden tiptoed back out of the room and went to his room.He fell asleep the minute his head hit the pillow and dreamed of Aiser that night.
    The next morning.....
    The morning sunlight shone into Aiser's room and he woke up instantly.He sat up and rubbed the sleep from his eyes.
    Aiser: "That was a good sleep."
    Arc: "I'm glad you slept well Aiser."Aiser's eyes widened as he looked to the corner of the room.
    Aiser: "A-Arc how did you find me?"
    Arc: "Oh it wasn't hard i have excellent tracking skills remember?"Arc hadn't liked Lord Camael's plan about leaving Aiser be so he decided to go against orders and capture him himself.Aiser climbed off the bed and glared at Arc.
    Aiser:"Noir Soulka."Black shards of energy surrounded Arc and swiftly pierced his body.Arc's eyes widened slightly and he coughed up blood.
    Aiser: "I thought you were strong Arc."Arc smirked.
    Arc: "Kesa Shen." A beam of light energy shot from Arc's book that was around his waist and wrapped around Aiser.
    Aiser: "Dammit Arc!"Aiser struggled to break free but couldn't.Arc smirked smirked again and muttered another spell.
    Arc: "Neon Aram." Flames surrounded Aiser.Arc crossed his arms over his chest and glared at Aiser.
    Arc: "I'll extinguish the flames if you surrender and come back with me." Aiser glared back at Arc.
    Aiser: "No way!!"Arc pushed his glasses up on his nose while letting out a sigh.
    Arc: "Then i guess your going to die here."Arc increased the size of the flames.Aiser winced as he felt the flames on his skin burning through his clothes.At that moment streams of water shot into the room putting the flames out.Arc turned around only to see Aiden standing in the doorway looking very angry.
    Aiden:"What the hell are you doing!?"
    Arc: "Well i was trying to punish him for what he did but you interupted me."The earth started to shake as
    Aiden's anger grew.
    Aiden: "Aiser never did anything,you just blamed him without any evidence!!!"Aiden held his hand at his sides and two towers of lightning raced towards Arc,shocking him to his core.Arc screamed in pain and fell to his
    knees.He bent over coughing up blood his glasses falling off in the process.Arc's spell had dissipated when he got hit and Aiser was
    free from the light energy that had bound him.Aiden ran over to Aiser and pulled him into a hug.
    Aiden:"Are you all right Aiser?"Aiden asked in a worried tone,a worried look on his face.Aiser blushed slightly.
    Aiser: "Y-yeah i'm fine,thanks for rescuing me."Aiden smiled down at Aiser and kissed his lips softly. Aiser's eyes widened when Aiden kissed him.Aiden pulled away and turned his gaze to Arc.
    Aiden: "If you want to live i suggest you leave right now."Aiden said in a cold tone.Arc glared at Aiden as he stood up.
    Arc: "F-fine but i'll be back....just you wait..."A portal of light opened up underneath Arc and he disappeared from
    the room.Aiden stroked Aiser's hair and kissed his forehead.Aiser blushed.
    Aiden: "I won't let that guy hurt you ever i'm going to protect you all right?"Aiser blushed even more and nodded his head.Aiden smiled.
    Aiden:"Your cute when you blush,how about we go out and have some breakfast my treat."Aiser just nodded his head to embarrased to speak.Aiden pulled away grabbing hold of Aiser's hands pulling him out of the house to his favourite cafe.They both had no idea how much their lives were going to change but at least it would be peaceful for a while....

    To be continued