• His lips were warm and sweet. Her arms held me so close, they was no empty space between us. He arms perfectly fit into my curved waist. His hands held my back softly. HIs chain belt periced my stomach a bit. He rose his head after a long while, seperating our lips. He was about to back away, but, in our embrace, our chain belts got tangled. "Oh, um, sorry." he said, trying to untangle them. "Stop, you're gunna break it!" I said. "I'm not gunna break it!" he retoted. "Ouch, you made it too tight! You're squeezing my waist! Do you want to kill me?" I complained. "This isn't as easy as it looks!" he said. "You're doing it wrong!" I said, trying to untangle the chains. "Now, you're doing it wrong!" he said. The garadge door started to open. "Crap!" I thought. In walked Arra, Sora, ED, and Leon. You can only imagine their surprise when they saw me and Kyo stuck together by our belts. "Hi." Kyo said. "Um, wow, you guys....stuck?" Sora asked. "Yeah." I said and me and Kyo nodded. Ed and Arra burst out laughing. That made Sora and Leon start cracking up 2 seconds after them. "It's not funny!" I said. "C'mon Jubei! It is kinda funny!" Arra said over her giggles. "How did you two even get like that?!" Leon laughed. "It happened when we were making out." Kyo said. "Don't tell them that!" I said, pushing, which was really stupid because I was pulled down with onto the couch. I landed on top of him. "Well, if you wanted to kiss me again all you needed to do was ask." he said. "Shut up!" I said, sitting up, but I couldn't sit up much because of our belts. "Here, let me help." Arra said and untangled the chains. "Thanks, Arra." I said. "Do you want us to go again?" Leon asked. "No!" I said. "Why not?" Kyo asked. "Because I don't want to be left alone with you Idiot!" I said. "You're too cruel, Jubei." he said. "Well, it looks like we're three couples huh?" ED said, holding Arra. "Me and Kyo are NOT together!" I said. "That's cruel to say, Jubei. Especially after we kissed." Kyo said. "You forced it!" I pointed out. "But you liked it." he said. "No I didn't!" I retorted. "Than why didn't you pull away?" he asked. He got me there. "I think we came at a bad time." Leon said. "Sorry guys, could you wait in the living room?" I asked. "Sure." Arra said. They left, but Leon whispered something to Kyo before they did. "What did he say?" I asked. "Why do you care?" he asked. "No reason." I said. "I thought you don't get in other's buisness." Kyo smirked. "I don't." I said. "Oh, really?" he asked. "Really." I said. We were still on the couch and he had been inching closer to me with every word. I couldn't move an inch away from him. He quickly grabbed my shoulders and laid me on the couch with impossible speed. He crawled over me, his once dark brown eyes now golden. Small white fangs peirced from his mouth. "Wanna know why I don't tell anyone about my homtown?" he asked. For some reason, I wasn't scared of him. "Why?" I asked. "I'm a vampire." he whispered.

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