• His adventure started out at midnight when his little sister hunter called out, “Aaron, can you come here?” Aaron got up sleepily and went to his sister’s room. When he got there he asked, “What do you want Hunter?” “I want to sleep in your room tonight so I don’t have anymore bad dreams.” Hunter replied. Aaron sighed and said, “Fine, you can sleep in my room tonight”. Aaron’s parents were attending a very important meeting and trusted Aaron to take good care of his sister, especially because of his good grades and because he was eighteen.
    When Aaron woke up he found his sister looking pale and felt her cheek. He was surprised to feel something on her cheek. The something that he felt looked liked a green snake forming a spiral with its tail. Aaron drove her to the hospital and asked the nurse what the mark was. The nurse said it wasn’t familiar to her but she knew someone who might know hat it is. Aaron followed her to a doctor who was looking for something in his drawers. Aaron asked him to look at his sister and find out what the Green snake meant. The doctor told him it was a mark that meant the person has a disease called The Serpents’ Mark. The Serpents’ Mark made it so that the person who had it doesn’t wake up until they are given the antidote. The doctor said, “The antidote is rarely found in nature but should be growing around the forests around this city.” He described the plant called Blue-Curls.
    After the doctor told Aaron what the plant looked like and how to mix its crushed petals with other ingredients he went in to the forests around the city. The plant was very hard to find and took him at least a day to find the ingredients to mix with the plant called Blue-Curls. Aaron found that if he concentrated really hard he could get a sense of what direction he should go. It took Aaron two hours to finally pinpoint the Blue-Curls flower. He mixed the plant with the other ingredients and hurried back to the hospital.
    Aaron gave the faintly brown tinted mixture to Hunter. When the medicine was given to her an image of an eagle battling a green snake appeared over her head. The eagle won and the mark on Hunter’s cheek disappeared. Hunter woke up smiling. Aaron said thank you to the doctor and went home with an energetic hunter in the backseat.