• feb 13th 2000
    Sometimes I wonder if what I've done is right, Should I've done that, should I've killed my best friend? Most of the time I come to the same conclusion, that was wrong. but sometimes I think, was she REALLY my best friend or was she just fooling around. Everyone seems to lie to me, so can I trust myself to talk to them? Or not? I need to get this straightened out, I don't WANT to be called a murderer but maybe, just maybe I am!

    Sam bundled away her diary into her rucksack and sighed, how could she keep this secret? the biggest secret of her life?
    All her family knew, and all Charlie's family knew. she had done wrong, but did she mean it? her head was filled with questions even SHE couldn't answer! Besides she knew herself inside and out... or did she, that was her secret y'see she DIDN'T know herself, when day turned to night she changed, into something she didn't know. She changed into a shadow, a shadow of her former pleasant self. a being fraught with evil thoughts and deeds that needed to be carried out.
    The being was an assassin, a deadly assassin. An assassin with one job, To MURDER! Sam didn't know why it picked her to be the "Host" but she knew of no way to get rid of it. to flush it out of the system. and it didn't care for her at all, nor her friends or family (Evidently)

    And it was nearly time, "Who do I wanna kill today??" She said to herself, and suddenly she got a reply, "I WANT TO KILL YOUR MOTHER!!" her heart suddenly skipped a beat, HOW could she kill her OWN mother??
    Instantly her head swam, her body burned, it was time to change... Excruciating pain surged through her. it was time to kill