• Elite Sgt.Nowitzki: Capt. Rafilakers, 3000, and Aster are on break so we're in charge Elite Group 6.
    Elite Pvt.Kozin: What happens if the SBTEE's come?
    Elite Cpl.Gitlehr: Then we'd have to retreat from them, everyone to them is a noob.
    Elite Lt. Iwasaki: Okay we have to get a move on.
    Peter: s**t! They're here! -takes double barrel- shoot!
    Mary: Damn those noobs! - shoots .44-
    Peter: Korell is down!
    Lars: -Snipes a noob- Got one!
    Noob Corps Krenchova: You will die! Donate to us! -kills Mary-
    Peter: Mary oh s**t!

    Peter gets hit, someone unknown saves him though. He reads the helmet and shows Alphi 8.

    After two days Peter awoken at the Elite Company Alpha

    Peter: Who are you?
    Alphi Protus: We're here to help you understand? My name is Protus. Wear this suit.
    Peter: Sure -wears Alphi Company suit.- You know where Alphi 8 is? I want to thank him.
    Alphi Protus: He's been a PoW for 3 years now, why would you want to thank him?
    Peter: But he just saved my a**!
    Alphi Protus: Could this be tha---.

    ENH quickly enters the building.

    Elite Noob Hybrid: Die Protus! -Severs Protus' Arm- You will all die!
    Protus: Run!
    Peter: Protus! s**t!

    Peter, quickly as he can, ran to the armory and took a Gemini Blade.

    Peter: Where the ******** are you?!
    ENH: Over here!
    Peter: -Counters ENH slash attack- Your ********' dead!
    ENH: This isn't over go Noob Corps! -Disappears-
    Peter: -Takes machine gun and fires at the Corps-
    NC Krenchova: Die! -Slashes at Peter but misses-
    Peter: -Kills Krenchova- Say Hi to Mary for me, b***h!

    Alphi 8 runs into the room using his Line Rifle he quickly get rid of the Enemies.

    Peter: Alphi 8!

    Alphi 8 gets reduced to nothing as Peter looked at him. His once living body was replace by the dead body of Krenchova oddly he was holding a Helmet with Alphi 8 written on it.

    Peter: -Wears Alphi 8 helmet- . Let's go kill some ********!

    Soon the SBTEE Comes.

    SBTEE Soldier Dimitri: Shoot them down!
    SBTEE Commandeer Deviant: Take them out!

    Soon the whole Alphi Company was eliminated, and the remaining survivors used a LANCING 15 Helicopter to flee, Including Protus and Peter.

    Alphi 18: You guys'll be alright you understand?
    Peter: I hope we'll be.
    Protus: s**t! Machine guns!
    Alphi 18: Ugh! I'm hit.
    Alphi 26: Stay below cover 18 I got this! -Shoots machine guns with an IARL-342-
    Alphi 34: Good shot!
    Alphi 43: Okay Move it quick before they get here!
    Gammi Tauron: Alphi Survivors we have got your back, fall back now.
    Peter: s**t heat seeker behind us! Evasive Maneuvers!

    <To be Concluded>