• Crys: Why do you tempt me so?!
    Crys: Ok just for you because... I love you too!
    Avengaline: No. It's a lie. You don't. Not truly. *cries*
    Crys: I do h-how can you say I can't?
    Avengaline: Because I saw you. I saw you with that... that slut!
    Crys: She isn't a slut! She was my s-sister!
    Avengaline: Oh BS! I doubt you make out with your siblings.
    Crys: Fine it wasn't her! At least she never nags me!
    Avengaline: When do I ever nag you? I ask you to do things, and you never do them. There isn't any nagging involved. And even if there was, could you blame me?
    You don't help with anything!
    Crys: I'm sorry... I was foolish. It will not happen again, but I will leave if you wish it so.
    Avengaline: *hesitates* Yes. Yes, get out of my house.
    Crys: Yes, if you wish. I am sorry for my wrong doings. I shall go. *turns and walks to door*
    Avengaline: *watches the door close with cold eyes*
    Joseline: *walks out and grabs my hand* Where's daddy going?
    Avengaline: *strokes her hair* Your daddy's leaving us.
    News: This just in- Police find Crys Lament in an abandoned crack house with a noose around his neck. The person who called in said they saw Mr. Lament with a rope
    heading into the house. Crys is now in the hospital with serious injuries.
    Avengaline: *gasps and covers mouth with hands* What did I do?? *gets in car and drives to hospital*
    Crys: *lays in bed with shallow breathing*
    Avengaline: *sits beside you on bed* *strokes the hair out of your eyes* I'm sorry. *looks down at my feet*
    Crys: Yo-you didn't want me anymore. *looks at needle in arm* So I was *cough* going to fix it.
    Avengaline: No, no, I never said I didn't want you! *tries to hug you* I never said it!
    Crys: *cringes from pain* That's what I thought. *looks at you* I thought you never wanted to see me again. *looks away*
    Avengaline: *shakes head* *stifles tears*
    Crys: So you still love me *a beeping noise starts* do you? *coughs harshly*
    Avengaline: Yes! Yes, please don't go!
    Crys: I... I'll see you... again. I will... watch yo- *eyes close and the beeping goes flat*
    Avengaline: NO! DAMMIT NO! *tries to give you CPR* Nurse! NURSE!
    Dr surprised h lord! Ma'am you must get out now. I can handle this. *grabs defibrillator* Go now!
    Avengaline:*gets pushed out of the room by some nurses* *stands on toes trying to see what's happening*
    Dr: 1...2...3...clear! *zap* 1...2...3...clear! *zap* one more time.. clear! *doc comes out* Sorry ma'am, he didn't pull through.
    Avengaline: *sits down in the middle of floor*
    Crys: *wakes up in red meadow*
    Avengaline: *sobs into hands*
    Dr: Ma'am, if there's anything we could do-
    Crys: *stands up and looks around*
    Avengaline: *shakes head* *gets to feet and stumbles toward car without looking back*
    Crys: *starts walking around* Avangaline?
    Avengaline: *gets in car and drives away from home* *starts raining*
    Crys: *no reply* *starts to cry*
    Avengaline: *doesn't turn on windshield wipers* *starts driving on wrong side of the road*
    Crys: falls to knees and sobs*
    Avengaline: *a truck is coming towards the car* *steps on the gas pedal*
    Crys: *stops crying and runs*
    Avengaline: *truck goes spinning off the street blaring its horn and misses the car, but hits a tree* NO! *gets out of car* no! you were supposed to hit me! ME!
    Crys:*trips* Why? Why!?
    Avengaline: *walks toward the driver trips lands on a sharp peace of metal and gets stabbed through the lung* *gasps* *grins* *looks at rain as breathing slows* *the air and grass slowly turn red* *stops breathing*
    Crys:*goes to tree and sees Avengaline up against the trunk* Avangaline?
    Avengaline: *sits up grins* You always did say my name wrong. *walks over to you*
    Crys: *smiles and embraces you* I...I thought I would never see you again. *turns head*
    Avengaline: There's never a never when it comes to death. *flowers start wrapping around my legs* wha- *gets poked by a thorn* ow! *falls over* *the flowers quickly grab me*
    Crys: No, no! What is happening!? *grabs your hands* I will not lose you again!
    Flowers: *whisper* Can't choose death, death will come, can't choose...
    Avengaline: No! Crys! Get them off!
    Crys:*tries to pull vines off* I'll get you out! I will!
    Avengaline: *gets completely swallowed by flowers wakes up next to truck* *whispers* no. *doctors put me in ambulance*
    Crys: *falls and looks at bloody hands* No! *sobs into hands*
    Dr: You gave us quite the scare. With time, you'll heal though.
    Avengaline: But... why?
    Whispers: Can't choose death *gets fainter* Can't choose death.... can't choose.... *whispers are gone*
    Avengaline: *lays down and looks out the window at the rain* *hums quietly*
    Crys: We will be together soon. *wipes blood off hands and walks off into the red meadow*
    Avengaline: *sighs and smiles* *whispers* soon.
    =the end=