• Immortals Saga: Kronos “Im going to go meet Ashley and Kevin bye bro!” Kronos said eager to go meet his friends. “You just want to see Ashley don’t you? “Said Xetos, the older brother of the two. “Err no I want to……hang out with both of them?” blushing kronos quickly grabbed his bags and headed for the door. ”whatever just be here before mom and dad get home alright? They will freaking kill me if you don’t get home on time lil bro” Kronos nodded as he went to meet his friends. Three minutes later kronos arrived at Ashley’s house. Just as he was about to knock on the door Ashley opened it. “Hey Ashley wassup?” kronos asked as he was entering the house. ”Oh nothing much just waiting for Kevin, and you?” “Im doing good my brother is nagging on me again” said the still eager kronos .just as he said that the doorbell rang. ”my god why do the buses run so late….” Said Kevin. “finally the gangs all here so why don’t we go to the park or the mall you guys pick this time”. “alright kronos….hmmm how about the mall? I could do with more clothes” said Ashley.
    Later at the mall kronos, Ashley, and Kevin are at the mall and Kronos and Kevin are unfortunate enough to be with Ashley during her shopping spree. “Argh heavy….bags……crushing….spine” said burdened kronos. “Quit you argh….yapping you….baby heh …ow” said the also burdened Kevin. “Shut up…before…I kill…you”. “Alright alright…..when will she be back?” “I don’t know Kevin why don’t…you go look?” just as he said that a large explosion was heard throughout the mall. Dropping the bags Kronos and Kevin rushed to the source of the large explosion. ”what the crap was that? It sounded like a freakin bomb!” said worried Kronos “well it doesn’t help with you screaming over the crowd stupid!” said the less worried Kevin. As the neared the explosion they saw Ashley unconscious on the mall floor.as they neared her xetos appeared out of thin air and grabbed her. ”Heh well well well if it isn’t my runt of a brother.” Said xetos with a twisted evil look on his face. “Xetos what are you doing here put Ashley down or face the consequences” said enraged Kronos with a fierce look in his eye and an even more fierce look on his face. Kevin was watching as the brothers exchanged remarks. “ha-ha have I got you mad cause im kidnapping your ‘girlfriend’ bro? Hhahahahahaaa” just as xetos said that kronos appeared beside xetos. Actually you right about something bro I am mad that your trying to kidnap Ashley but she’s not my girlfriend….yet so shut your big fat mouth.” Said the even more enraged kronos “fine bro” adapting a stance Xetos said “lets see what you got”