"You will fight me" Ash said, smiling. He took off the jacket he had been wearing and handed it to Aleksander. "Now, let's begin."
    He came straight at me and began to attack. I blocked his every move as he blocked mine. Suddenly he kicked his leg towards my head and I ducked quickly and kicked out his legs from underneath him. He quickly retaliated and was able to flip back up onto his feet before I could take advantage of this. The fight continued like this for around ten ore so minutes until Aleksander interrupted us.
    "Ash!" Aleksander yelled at him and the fight stopped almost immediately and Ash walked over to him. Aleksander began to whisper something in his ear and Ash's eyes widened.
    "Men, go get in your uniforms and prepare to leave- Elise you stay here. We shall continue later." with that being said Ash walked back towards the mansion, a few minutes later he rode past me on his black horse, cantering off with Aleksander and the other men in tow, though I noted one of the men was missing.
    Once they had left I took to wandering around the mansion and eventually wen toutside to the garden. White roses bloomed everywhere on huge hedges. Row after row was laid out before me beautifully arranged in a way that they looked like an ocean, never ending. Suddenly I heard a noise behind me. I turned and peeked out from behind one of the rose bushes and I saw a clearing with a few trees in it in the middle of the rose garden, but that was not what shocked me. Before me there were two men, one of whom I recognized as the man I had fought with a sword. From what I could make out they were talking about Ash and Aiden then suddenly a single sentence I heard echoed in my mind.
    "Good job. Once the night is over Ash and little band of men will be dead and Aiden will be able to inherit." the man speaking looked around twenty-eight years of age and had deeply tanned skin and brown hair.
    His band of men.... That meant they were going to kill Aleksander! I had to stop them! I jumped out from behind the rose bush and they looked surprised to see me. The man who I had fought earlier drew his sword to fight me, but I quickly knocked it out of his hands. Without his sword he looked a little less sure of himself, but charged me anyway with his fists out in front of him. Dodging his attempt to attack me I got behind and swiftly snapped his neck so he fell to the ground dead. I heard a rustling behind me and turned to see the other man coming at me with some wire that was fashioned as a noose. I grabbed the wire noose and put it around his throat then jumped up. I then jumped into a tree and put the wire over a branch before I dropped down again and tugged on the makeshift noose. The man's body was lifted into the air and the wire began to cut into his skin and blood flowed from the wound it was causing. The wire broke the skin and began to cut through his esophagus and jugular vein. Once it breached his jugular blood spurted from the wound in a river and began to cover his clothes. Having lost so much blood his once tan face now looked pale. Then the wire began to make a sound like rope tearing as it cut through the muscle and tore it to shreds. When the white the bone in his neck was showing I dropped the wire and his neck snapped as the corpse hit the ground. Running over to the stable I grabbed my horse and mounted him, gripping his mane as I urged him into a canter. It was then I realized I had no idea where they were and I remembered one of the parts of the men's conversation I had caught. They were in the forest. I rode as fast as I could and once I made it to the tree I had lived in for two years I scaled it and dropped down its trunk. As soon as I was in the caves I heard talking coming from the cavern. I ran into the cavern to find Ash and Aleksander standing there surrounded by men and Aiden standing at the head of them. I could only assume he was their leader.
    Upon seeing me Aiden turned his head and smiled, "Elise! How nice of you to join the party!"
    "Let them go!" I screamed, my nails digging small crescent moons into my palms as I held them in tight fists.
    "Now why should I? What's in it for me hmm?" He was smiling sadistically as he said this. "Oh perhaps you should come with me! Oh yes, that would be a fair trade, more than a fair trade I'd say! Two lives for one? Oh yes."
    "I'll do it."
    "Don't do it Elise!" Aleksander yelled at me, struggling to get out the cirlce he was trapped in and towards me.
    "Shut up, Aleksander." Ash said, looking at him in an almost pleading way.
    Good now. Come with me. I sent Aleksander a look that I hope said goodbye and Aleksander nodded sadly. I walked out of the caves following Aiden with his guards at my back.
    "Don't even think of escaping Elise, if you do, I kill them."
    I stayed silent and looked at the ground until we were out of the caves. He pulled me up onto a black stallion much likes Ash's horse and we rode out of the forest.
    YAY! A new chapter! WOW that's a gory image huh? : P Haha I came up with it when this kid on the bus behind me was talking about hanging people with fishing wire and that image came into my mind! I know I have a violent mind, it's because I'm cool like that! : P REVIEW!!!!!!