• Chapter 5:The Meeting

    It was Friday and my stomach had finally settled down. I was able to go to the meeting that I had scheduled with Jill. On the way over we had to make a side stop for me to get sick, but after that I was fine. Once we arrived I led the way to Jill’s office. My shoulder started to burn a little outside her door.
    “Ow” I said as I started to rub my shoulder.
    “What’s wrong?” asked Andrew.
    “Just a sudden burning feeling in my shoulder” I said.
    “Let me take a look” said Andrew as he pulled my sweatshirt down a little. Suddenly the burning stopped.
    “Holy ********” said Andrew.
    “What?” I asked getting concerned.
    “Look at your shoulder” said Andrew. I tilted my head slightly to get a good look at it.
    “Whoa” I said looking at it. There was an aqua colored crescent moon on my left shoulder. I got a little confused because I shouldn’t have gotten that until I was eighteen. My vampire goddess Amaya must have something special planned for me. I pulled my sleeve back up, and knocked on her door.
    “Come on in Lexi no need to knock” said Jill. Andrew and I walked in and took a seat. She looked from me to him and then looked down at my stomach.
    “Are you pregnant” bursted Jill suddenly. Was it really that noticeable already I thought. I mean it only happened the other day.
    “Oh I’m sorry that was such a rude question to ask” said Jill.
    “It’s ok” I said a little annoyed.
    “Anyways lets discuss our little situation” said Jill.
    “What situation?” I asked.
    “Normally boys and girls would be in separate dorms, but since you are special you guys get to be together” said Jill.
    “Really?” I asked.
    “Yes, and you guys don’t exactly have to follow the rules” said Jill.
    “I have a question” I said.
    “What is it darling?” I pulled down my sleeve and showed her my mark.
    “That’s amazing, it seems our goddess has something special in mind for you.” I nodded my head and understood instantly. I pulled my sleeve back up.
    “Is that all?” asked Jill.
    “I think so” I said.
    “Well that’s all I really wanted to talk to about, and you get a special dorm so if you could actually follow me.” The three of us got up and we followed her out of the building. She led us to a huge building that looked more like a mansion than a dorm building. She stopped in front of it and turned to us.
    “This building hasn’t been used in ten years, but I see it fit for you two” said Jill.
    “It doesn’t look like a dorm building” said Andrew.
    “That’s because it’s an actual house, and I designate this building to the Summers and Whiteraven family” said Jill. I looked at her in surprise.
    “Can I do whatever I want to it?” I asked.
    “Yep it’s yours” said Jill.
    “Great” I said. She passed me the keys and then she disappeared. I opened the door and it was kinda gross and would take some remodeling. I couldn’t wait to get started.