• This tale begins in a city called Oranozani where a small child named Atsuya Arata wanted to be like her father to make him proud and happy. Her eldest step brother Rakeshi was older than she was, but the two never got along. One day when Atsuya turned 5 her father left on a journey to Tower Shinorizaki, but soon after he left Rakeshi's mother Lemonia abandoned Atsuya since her mother diseppeared two year earlier. Just when she thought she was going to be sent to an orphanage Atsuya was taken in by her step brother Rakeshi who was 19, and promised their father he would look after her. Atsuya thought she would be an swordsman like her father, and asked her brother to train her to be like him. Ten years had passed there was still no sign of their father Atsuya she still didn't give up on her quest to become a master swordsman.
    "Why don't you wait to be a swordsman Atsuya you almost got the squad killed again"said Mokia her brother's girlfriend.
    "Well I'm sorry that I'm such a big clumsy idiot sometimes it's not my fault"said Atsuya carrying the groups food supply.
    "It won't happen anymore because since I hired you to be the group's cook apprentice you're fired now go home, and we'lll take more training later you don't have what it takes yet to be a master swordsman"said Rakehis taking the food supplies form Atsuya.
    "Look just because you gave up on dad doesn't mean I will"said Atsuya madly when suddenly Rakeshi slapped across the face, and she fell to the ground with a thud.