• I licked the chocolate icecream cone I had. It was hot that summer day, the end of school, the last day of school. I was at a little shop with some of my friends. There were five of us in all. "What's up with these uniforms?! It's just white!" Himeko complained. Himeko was the same age as me, 16. She had long, strawberry blond hair and gray eyes. She was indicating to her white plaid skirt, white button down shirt, and white shoes. "Calm down! At least we don't have to worry about it until next year!" Rei pointed out. Rei was also 16 with long orange hair and green eyes. She also wore the uniform, but had on white knee-high socks. "That's right!" Jing said, drink in hand. Jing was 16. He had light brown hair and and hazel eyes. He had on the guys uniform, white button down shirt, white paid pants, gray tie, and white shoes. He was leaning back in the chair, the chair on it's back legs. "It's time to make plans! To make this best summer ever!" Cruz smiled. Cruz had dark blue hair and blue eyes with glasses. He wore the same uniform as Jing. "What about the beach?" I asked. My hair was really long and a blue so dark, it was like a starless night color, I had cloudy colored eyes, like not gray, but not not gray either. I had on the same uniform as Rei and Himeko, only I had on black socks that reached a little past my knees. "I love the beach!" Rei said, a little dreamily. "Isn't there any other place you want to go, Sayomi?" Jing asked me. "Nah. I need some sand and salt water!" I said. "Than, it's settled, we're going to the beach! Ah, when?" Himeko asked. "Why not tomarrow?" Cruz asked. "That's awesome, Cruz!" Himeko exclaimed, saying Cruz's name how it is spelled. "It's Cruz! It's pronounced KR-OO-Z!!!!" he nearly yelled, pronouncing his name. Jing covered his mouth "Hey, calm down man! I don't want to get kicked out of this place!" he said. "So-o-ory!" Himeko said, licking her vinella cone. Cruz sat back down, glaring at Himeko, and drank some of his blue icee. "Oh, I got to go!" Rei said, getting up and picking up her bag. "Meet at the train station tomarrow!" Himeko called as Rei left. Rei turned and said "Roger that!" and left. "I've got to go too." I said. "You too, Sayomi?" Himeko asked. I nodded "Yea, my mom is gunna kill me if I'm not back soon. See ya guys later." I said, and left the shop, icecream in hand. After walking a block, I saw a cat. It was a deep gray color and very skinny with dark gray eyes. "You poor thing." I said, kneeling down next to it. "Do you have a collar?" I asked, although knowing it wouldn't answer. It did, a gray color that blended in with it's fur. It had a golden, metal tag. It had an address, phone number, and it's name on it. "Neechee?" I asked. The cat meowed. "Neechee. Well, let's get you home." I said. I finished off the icecream a bit before, so I `picked Neechee up with both my hands and held him in my arms. He wasn't dirty although he'd been roaming the streets and didn't really smell either. "I geuss he ran away only a little while ago." I thought, and continued walking.

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