• "The~! Beach~!" Himeko yelled. We had already set up. We got there early, so we were able to get a good spot near the sea. I lyed down, out of the shade of the umbrella we brought. "Gunna get a tan?" Rei asked me. I nodded "It's the only reason I'm wearing it!" I said, but smiling. "Really, I think it looks good on you. The red and black stripps bring out your body figure!" Himeko said. "Eh?" I said, but shrugged and lyed down. "We're going to the water! See you later, Sayomi!" Himeko called, as everyone went down to the sea. After a while of sun batheing, I heard a familiar voice call "Big sister Sayomi!" I sat up, it was Amu in a cute little white and orange one-piece swinsuit. "Eh? Amu?" I said as she came up and hugged me. "Oh, great! There's a spot next to you!" Yoichi's and Amu's said as she started setting up. "Let me help you, mom!" Amu said and went off to help her mother. "'Sup!" said a boy's voice next to me. I turned to see Yoichi sitting next to me in dark blue trunks and a shark tooth necklace. "What are you, stalking me?" I asked. "Maybe." he said, paused, then continued "You do know that half this beach's guys are staring at you, right?" he asked. I looked around "Holy s**t, you're right." I sighed. "Yoichi, we're going in the water, can you look after the stuff?" his mom asked. "Sure." he said, and the two left. I almost called to them saying 'Don't leave me with him!' but I just sighed instead. "So, who else is here with you? All this tuff can't be just for you." Yoichi pointed out. "I'm here with some friends." I said. "What kind of friends?" he asked. "My friends. Why do you care?" I asked. He looked at me "You really don't know?" he asked that same It's-so-obviouse-can't-you-at-least-guess? look. I shook my head still confused. He gently pushed me to lie back down and put his arms on either side of me. "Than, I'll make you get it." he whispered and kissed me again! And again, and again, and again, and again until my heart was beating so hard and fast, my body shook. He lifted his head, his breath almost as shakey as mine. "Um..." I tried to say as I breathed heavily. His dark blue eyes seemed to glow as they looked deeply into mine. He sat up and turned away to stare at the sea. I sat up slowly. This was like the last time, except last time he tried to flip my skirt. "I guess he didn't try anything else." I mumbled to myself. "I wouldn't say that. Let me give you say some advice, don't sit all the way up." he smirked. Than, I realized what he did. He untied the back of the top-piece of my batheing suit. "Pervert!" I hissed. "What? Me?" he said sarcastically. "If you want to be a pervert, why not do it to some other girl?!" I hissed again. "But I don't want to." he said, and laughed a bit as I had trouble tying the strings together. "Sayomi!" Himeko called as she ran over with everyone else. "Quickly tie them!" I told Yoichi. "Why?" he asked. "Just do it!" I hissed. He shrugged and started tying them. "Sayomi!" Himeko said as she sat down in front of me just as Yoichi finished tying the strings. "Hey, who are you?" Jing asked, looking at Yoichi. "I'm Yoichi." Yoichi said without emotion. "Oh! I remember you! You go to our school! Yoichi Ibuki!" Rei said, she seemed to be trapped in his good looks with a single glance. He nodded. "Wh-what are you doing here?" Himeko asked, with big hearts in her eyes like Rei. "My family wanted to take a tip to the beach, so here I am." Yoichi explained. "Hmph. So, how old are you any way?" Cruz asked. "Don't you know anything?!" Rei almost yelled. "He's 16!" Himeko finished. "Eh? So, how do you know Sayomi?" Jing asked. "Do you want me to tell them?" Yoichi asked. "I brought back his cat when it was lost. Speaking of Neechee, how is he?" I asked. Yoichi pointed, I turned to see Neechee running toward me. It jumped up, and landed on my stomach which pushed backward into Yoichi's outstreched arms. "Hi." he said. I quickly sat up, and put my head down so no one could see me blush. "I held Neechee in my arms as he purred. "Awww! He's so cute!" Rei said. "Ah, you better not pet him." Yoichi warned. "Why not?" Rei asked, her hand outstreched. Just than, Neechee hissed at her. Rei jumped back, I was as surprised as she was. "Uh, yeah, Neechee isn't that great with people outside our family." Yoichi explained. "What about Sayomi?" Cruz asked. "I'm still trying to figure tha out myself." Yoichi said, but a sudden realization dawned in his, almost like oh-so-that's-it-huh?

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