• Im just sitting there staring at the clock waiting for some thing to happen, in 10 seconds its 2012. The year they said the world was going to end. Me, well i find it as bull s**t, Well at first...

    Loner of The sky Presents.....

    7star production....


    "So what happened right when it hit 2012? Mr. John"

    "What the ******** didn't happen, besides peace...."

    The clock hit midnight, Nothing happened at all.. I thought at least. As soon as it hit midnight i looked away, When i looked at the clock it was frozen. I looked at my cell phone, my cable box. All off and frozen. Then i started to think "Well s**t, Today the world does end." I started walking outside of my house, i saw every single car off and not working, Everyone was standing out side (mostly drunk) trying to figure out why the ******** they were not at a bar right now, Getting frisky with some random girl in the bathroom, or even just falling asleep in a box or somthing.

    The next thing i saw was insane, From the right of the world it started to get bright as ********, Then i remembered... 2012 was going to end the earth with a solar flare.. That had to be it.

    "Alright john, What happened after that"

    "Well, lets say.....Hell has just up rised slaughtering the lfie of everyone with the sacred fire of Satan..."

    Here came the solar flare going as fast as could possiblie be. The first thing i did was. ran as fast as i could, ran threw my house. Looked for a straw of some sort and jumped into the pool. As i was in the air going down the flare was 5 feet behind me and the heat boiled the blood in my vains, it busted open and it felt like i was getting smashed in the leg with a bat over and over. I was in the pool now, put the straw in my mouth and breathed through it..." i waited in there for 3 hours, my skin felt like a big bag of sand.

    "Alright, Well folks we will be back after this message from out sponsor"