Chapter 2 - Visitors from another world

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    *In Celestria, Etna, Flonne, Gordon, Thursday, Jennifer, Kurtis, Vyres, Lamington, and now, Lloyd Irving were now discusing what was happening in the Netheroworld.*

    Lloyd= Let me get this straight,.... im in your dimenson now?

    Lamington= That's correct my child. *panting in pain*

    Lloyd= Are you ok sir?

    Lamington= Do not worry of me young man. I will be fine.


    Lloyd= Etna and Flonne were demons!?

    Jennifer= Miss Flonne was once an angel trainee ordered to assasonate the demon king "Kercheskoiv" years ago, but she found out the king already have died.

    Etna= Oh, King Kercheskoiv, he died by choking on his favorite afternoon snack, "a dumpling of the damned", but one of his former vassals was responsible for it, and he also blackmaled me back when I was a demon. Im origionaly was one of HIS vassls at that time. The king was a kind hearted demon, and such a great ruler he was.

    Flonne= It was so sad.

    Lloyd= This is all new to me, im just not used to b hearing about a demon with a good heart. I mainly grew up hearing about that demons were all absolute evil beings.

    Flonne= It's not true Mr. Lloyd, demons DO have love in their hearts. It's true that demons are agressive and nieve by nature, but even demons are capable of even the most heroic deeds as much as angels can turn against their natural good hearts.

    Lloyd= Now "Angels" I had fought against before. I knew this angel once,....who clamed to be a friend of mine's second father. His name was "Ramiel".

    Etna= So you fought against angels too huh? *grins wickedly* So, Lloyd,....where do you come from? The human world?

    Lloyd= I came from the land of Sylverant, my home is near the town of Esalea, I live with my dad.

    Flonne= It's sure nice that you and your father live with each other. You two must be very close. It's just like the love between father and son. heart

    Etna= Please, Flonne, don't start with that crap again. Ok, Lloyd, how did you get here to our world?

    Lloyd= I flew across the sea heading to Meltokio castle when all of a sudden, this storm appeared, and once I flew through it, I was sucked in this strange tunnel and when I flew out, it appeared as I flew out of some light covered worm hole. Then I ended up in this place, and that's when I say you people.

    Gordon= You flew? Do you have flying powers?

    Lloyd= Nope. I have a vessel called a "Reihard" I used from the renegade leader "Yuan Ka-Fai", who was once an enemy, who now became a friend.

    (Music stops)

    *Sudenly, an angel guard appeared with panic in his face....*

    Angel= Seraph Lamington! This is an emergency! We have some kind of space ship attacking Celestria!

    Lamington= What!?

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    Gordon= It's not Cornel Carter again is it?


    Etna= The thing that killed me and Flonne!? The thing that was with that baby talkin' girl Alice!?

    Lloyd= Alice!? I know her! She was with the Vanguard. I thought she was dead!?

    Etna= Alice is from your world!?

    Kurtis= As we are, were no match for these Daleks! We have to abandon Celestria!

    Lloyd= What the hell's a dalek!?

    *There were explosions from arround the angel city, and screaming and dalek laser firepower were being heard from the distance.*

    Angel 1= Help us! Our weapons are useless! Someone please help!! *Dalek laser shoots angel* YEARHHHHHH!!!!!

    Angel 2= Run!!! Retreat!!

    Angel 3= AHHHHHHHH!!




    Gordon= Oh my GOD!!

    Angel= Hurry my lord! Escape! We will keep them occupied!


    Jennifer= To the ship everyone!!

    Etna= It's do or die everyone!! Let's beat it!!

    Flonne= All these poor angels!!

    Etna= There's no friggin way im getting shot by those things again!

    Kurtis= Can any of you angels come with us?

    Angel= We have only a few guards here. Take them with you!

    *Eveyone of Etna's party, a few angels, and Lloyd boarded Gordon's ship and took off at blinding speed.*

    Lloyd= What was that back there!?

    Flonne= Celestria..... oh those angels... those flower beds...... *sniffle*

    *Flonne began to cry, though she was holding some of the white petal flowers and a strange frog in her arms*

    Lloyd= Fly over there, I got a feeling about something!

    Gordon= Ok young Lloyd, I will try.

    Lloyd= Please just call me Lloyd.

    *Lloyd guided Gordon as he flew his ship to escape the invading Daleks, then flew through some bizzar clouds and Lloyd cought sight of the strange light he saw earlier.....*

    Jennifer= What's that!?

    Flonne= I never saw that here in the angel realm before?

    Lamington= It appears to be artifical.

    Lloyd= Fly in there. Hurry!!

    Kurtis= Make it fast Gordon! It looks as if it's becoming unstable. It may close at any minnute!


    *With extra juice, Gordon safey flies the ship through the light and the dimensonal gate disapeared after they made their pass. Then the ship flew out of the dark cloud that soon vanished behind them.....now they were in Symphonia.*

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    Lloyd= We made it.

    *Gordon and his crew cheered Lloyd except for Kurtis with a faint smile on his prinny beak. And Lamington, relaxing on the seat he sat sitting calmly and feeling a bit sad about leaving Celestria behind.....*

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    *Meanwhile.......in another reach of space..... the Tardis (of the late time lord "The profesor" Teacher, scollar, and old friend of the doctor not mensoned in the Doctor Who series) was drifting randomly through space. Inside was John, Kaolla, Shinobu, and Nyamo. All happaly drifting in space after having fun in another dimenson and leaving to have a party of their own in the Tardis itself.*

    John= Can't you believe that Kaolla!? Man, those guys in New York sure know how to throw a party.

    *John was dressed in his street clothes and Kaolla and the rest were dressed so as well. Shinobu looked like she had the most fun like she never had in ages, the same with Nyamo.*

    Shinobu= That was so much fun. I wish we can go do it again.

    Nyamo= All those anime expos we been too. I wish we could have brought Konata and her friends, they would have loved it.

    Kaolla= We got to do so much! Cosplay, play park games, that pokemon theme park, going to those movies, all thanks to this Tardis.

    John= Oh yeah! it was the first time I ever cosplayed in my life. Man, things just don't get any better than this. Traveling from dimenson to another, learning all kinds of stuff, being a part of things, touching the stars, meeting aliens, spaceships, traveling through time, man I wish it would never stop!

    Kaolla= AAAHHHAHAHAHAHA!!! I am sooooooo happy!!

    *Shinobu and Nyamo shrieked with glee while Kaolla began to turn up the music on the sterio and act all hyper as she does in her joy streak......Suddenly as everything went well for the group......*

    John= Oh boy, ..... Kaolla, where did you put the cooler? I need to grab another butterbeer. Man that wizzard stuff's good!!

    Kaolla= Over there Johnny!

    (Music stops)

    *But as John reached for the cooler, suddenly this bright flash of light shot through the Tardis and John Vanished as soon as the light hit him. The music stopped and Shinobu and Nyamo screamed in fear.*

    Kaolla= JOHN!!!!

    Shinobu= John-sama!!

    Nyamo= JOHN! Kaolla, what just happened!?

    Kaolla= Wasn't me! I'll check the Tardis computer.

    *Kaolla picked up the scorce and when she found it, she began to follow the direction and set the Tardis to pursue the signal,.... but then, they lost it when they arrived at the planet Symphonia.*

    Shinobu= Kaolla-chan.... you did find him did you?

    Kaolla= RATS! Lost the signal!

    *Shinobu and Nyamo began to panic and cry*

    Shinobu= WAAAAAHHHH!!

    Nyamo= NOOOOO!! *sobbing*

    Kaolla= There's the place where it stopped, let's land on that world and see if we can fing anything on John's wareabouts. I sworn I seen that kind of beam before, some kind of transmat beam. I know John's allive somewhere.

    *Meanwhile....... in the netherworld...... John teleported in some kind of underground volcanic laybrinth,... he was behing bars in some sort of cell as he layed on the floor barely regaining his consousness. He began to hear electronic franting voices allong with other voices.....*

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    John= Oh god. .... what the hell!? If this is one of Kaolla's pranks, it's not funny.

    Alice= Ok, Mr. Dalek, what about this plan of yours?

    Dalek 1= Opperation - mana siege, is ready for the 2nd step. It now requires a new voulenteer.

    Dalek 2= We used the transmat beam to find a random traveler. Possibly one with time and space traveling experiences.

    Decus= It's about that "new age chosen" thing you were talking about before. Why can't I participate?

    Dalek 3= Request dennied!!

    Dalek 1= Human subject must be at least 80% level of standard inteligence levels or higher but no higher than what we require.

    Alice= Dumbo-Decus, what the Dalek meant is we need a fresh voulenteer such as a traveler not native of this world.

    Dalek 1= Correct.

    Decus= What about Hawk? Can we revive him and make him the new age chosen?

    Dalek 3= Incorrect! The human "Hawk" will be revived as a prinny. He will be added on the prinny squad captain lists.

    Dalek 2= We had only one use of the transmat beam left, since it was origionaly salvaged and repaired with foegin parts, the transmat beam is now useless and is concidered junk. It will be salvaged for spare parts for other devices.

    Decus= Look, someone is in that cell.

    Alice= Wow, is that a traveler you just cought with the transmat beam? Let's all take a lookie. heart

    *The Daleks, Alice and Decus approached the cell where John was as he slowly got up recovering from the transmat beam effects.*

    John= Where am I?

    Dalek 1= This is the human we captured. He was from an unknown alien space vehicle and we cought him when we spotted him in our radio-scopes.

    John= That voice.... huh? WHAT!? Daleks!!?

    Dalek 2= Wait! The human has spoken of our identity. Scan the human immediately!

    Dalek 3= I obey.

    Dalek 1= You! Stay where you are! Do not move!

    Dalek 4= You are our prisoner! Do not move!

    Dalek 3= Prepare to scan prioner, IG-NI-CI-ATE!

    *The dalek reached it's plunger arm 3 inches from John's face for 5 seconds*

    Dalek 1= What is the status of the human?

    Dalek 3= Suficient intelligence. Experiance in traveling through time, space, and dimensons. Human identified as John Harris. The human has also whitnessed previous Dalek encounters in other dimensons and is also responsible for several Dalek downfalls.

    Dalek 2= The human identified as John Harris also regesters as an enemy of the Daleks!

    Dalek 4= Shall I EXTERMINATE the prisoner!?

    Dalek 1= Negative! This human is perfect for the title "New Age Chosen" and will be taken to the opperation chamber to be processed for the surgery immediatly.

    John= Surgery!? Oh my god, NO WAY!


    Dalek 2= Slaves! SLAVES! Transport this human to the opperation chamber, IMMEDIATELY!

    John= Hell no!

    Dalek 1= Stun the prisoner!

    Dalek 4= Stun beam! FIRE!

    *The Dalek holding John at gunpoint shot John with it' laser arm, set only to full body stun mode. John fell back on the floor once again knocked out. The captured kitkat's and sucumbus's used as slave labor picked up John and put him on a stretcher and carried him off through the caverns with Dalek supervision. Alice followed.*

    Dalek 4= Decus, you are not needed in the opperation chamber, report back to prinny squad, quickly.

    (Music changes to - Underground passage/ Tales of symphonia 2)Download

    *John was transported to the Dalek's opperation chamber, as John is strapped to a large machine where flexable lights were seen above him and to his left and right were trays containing tools and equipment for surgery purposes. To the far right corner, he saw a srange divine emblem shaped device with attatchments and bizzar wires he never seen before, incased in a moveable display unit with lighting in the background of the casing. It appeared to be some sort of key crest with a Cruxis crystal in the center.*

    John= Oh god where am I? What are these Dalek's gonna do to me? SOMEBODY HELP!!

    Dalek 1= SILENCE! SILENCE!

    Dalek 2= The surgery will commence momentarely. Contact the resurected Half-Elves, Rodyle and Kvar. They will be esenttal to assist Alice in the opperation.


    Alice= Let's meet our paitent shal we?

    *Alice skipped towards John happily and looked down on John with a smile on her face and spoke in her usual sweet friendly tone.*

    John= Please....help me.

    Alice= Hello, my name is Alice, and I will be one of your surgeons, it's nice to meet you. heart

    *John smiled alittle and replied....*

    John= My name is John. Nice to meet you Alice.

    Alice= Awwww, he's so polite too. heart You and I are gonna have lot's of fun together as soon as everyone is ready. You been selected to become the new age chosen.

    John= New age chosen? What's that?

    Alice= The new age chosen in an artifical chosen one who's gonna overthrow the other chosens of Symphonia. We will have lots of fun ruling that world together so please relax and we will get you all prepaired. There's a process we need to do first so we'll spend lots of time together, and soon, you will know everything.

    Dalek 4= Rodyle and Kvar have arrived. activate the opperation table.

    *The opperation table began to tilt and John saw all arround the room just a bit and seen 2 more people enter the room.*

    Rodyle= So this is the human we will be working on today? *smiles*

    Kvar= Ok Daleks, what's this about a new project being superior to the angelos project?

    Dalek 2= Kvar, your angelous project you created years ago was facinating, but the action you are about to take will make half-elf history. This human is the chosen for the project New age Chosen, vital for Opperation - mana siege.

    John= Opperation mana siege? What in the heck is that? Since when Daleks get an interest in mana?

    Dalek 1= It's time for the opperation to commince. Activate hygenic force field.

    *Inside the opperation table John was in, the bed section was in the shape of a body scanner envoked a light and surrouned the entire bedding John was in and John's body felt like some kind of light was disenfecting his body.*

    Dalek 2= The opperation will begin....NOW! Activate the sugeric gas. IG-NI-CI-ATE!

    John= No... wait! ... Stop! ...AHHHHHHHHHH!!!

    *The gas filled the bedding John was in and few seconds, John passed out, but this time he could feel absolutely nothing. and the people Alice, Rodyle, and Kvar changed into surgeon uniforms and the medical Daleks entered the chamber to begin the dreadful opperation. One of the Dalek's moved a display case John saw earlier with the crystal and the bizzar shape. The surgery was long and steady as the removed the brestplate section of John's ribcage and replaced it with that divine crest looking device incased with a powerful looking cruxis crystal. The surgeons began to fit the device on John's chest and began to wield it into his cut parts of his ribs, and tiny wires of the divice began to wield itself and mend into John's skeloten, becoming one with his body. Next the surgeons began to use tools never before seen by human eyes to repair and mend the flesh that was cut off from John's body to fill in gaps and sides of the key crest for a perfect weld. The skin was now attatched to every rim and corner of the key crest, and then.....*



    *The cruxis crystal began to activate and it began to give off a strange glow.*


    Dalek 2= I OBEY.

    *The Daleks prepaired a machine that fitted on the opperation table that was used to scan a human brain, modified for brain-washing purposes.*

    Dalek 3= Alice, the rest is up to you. John is now the New Age Chosen and the surgery was a complete sucsess. All that is required is the fictional memories we requested from you earlier. The subject will see you as a childhood friend and see the chosens of Symphonia as enemies. The new age chosen will give orders and instructions to the Black Circle and lead them to Symphonia and execute phaze three of Opperation - mana siege.

    Alice= Ok. Ill prepair the mind enducer chip. I have also added Decus, the Vanguard, and the Desians into it. John will think all of them as his very best friends.

    Dalek 3= Exelent! John will become loyal and obediant. He will become the most powerful and the strongest chosen Symphonia has ever seen. Medical Daleks! Assist Alice with the mind probe.

    Medical Daleks= WE OBEY!

    *Alice and the medical daleks began to attatch the mind control device and fill John's head with fictional and false memories of himself growing up with Alice and Decus in the orphanage and kids that used to pick on him for being born with a key crest and being different from other chosens also concidered as some sort of freak. John was still unconcous but the mind probing was sucsessful. John had forgotten about Kaolla, and the rest of the girls and the Tardis.*

    Medical Dalek 1= Mind probe complete.

    Medical Dalek 2= New age chosen's memory has been purged.

    Dalek 1= Exelent. Now to upload combat, artes and magic education files into the new age chosen's jenova crest memory banks.

    Dalek 2= These files will allow the new age chosen to use specal artes and spells and even clivalry techneques superior to the warriors of Symphonia.

    Dalek 3= The new age chosen will be programed with these files to make him superior to any adversary he will face in Symphonia.

    Rodyle= How about the knowledge of the desians? And the files of Derris Kharlan and all the blueprints too every fortress and the history of the land of Sylverant? Will he have those as well?

    Dalek 3= Correct. The new age chosen will have all of the database of the planets history, war, and conflict among the two nations, Sylverant and Tethe-alla. The new age chosen will also be programed with all arte data of the netherworld and celestria.

    Kvar= This is incredable. Mind if I ask Mr. Dalek? Will he be able to know the artes of the villagers of Mizuho? You know, the Tethe-alla'n tribe who work for the Meltokio kingdom. Will their anchient artes be recoreded into this guy?

    Dalek 3= Affermitave! All of the secret ninja arts of the Mizuhoian artes known as "Ikku-koguri" ninjitsu arts. Other martial arts will also be added for maximum advantage as well as summoning abilities and wizard arts.

    Dalek 2= We also recorded the artes used by the Gensokyo maidens and magical arts of the wizarding human beings from previous dalek defeats. These artes will also be uploaded.

    Dalek 4= The new age chosen will also be injected with over a megaton of aionis by the "Aioni bacta" we produced. As well to know that the jenova crest can also produce intense ammounts of mana and can be used to power up his attacks as well as machinery and other devices.

    Alice= That key crest can do all of THAT!?

    (Music dies down slowly)

    Dalek 5= Correct. All that needs to be done is to awaken him and give out his orders. He needs to stay in suspended animation untill he is safely shipped to Symphonia. The supreme dalek will provide you all with further information later.

    *Meanwhile........ in the towns of the netherworld..... in a bar, where a bunch of demons were busy eating and discussing get rich quick scemes and battle skills, the television began to broadcast news.....*

    TV reporter (tv)= We interrupt this broadcast to bring you a news bulletin, bizzar weather events that endue divine light, the mysterious attack on Celestria, and the suddenly new overlord. We have no information of either the strange weather conditions and the angelic realm attacks at this time, but as for the new demon overlord, we bring you to the castle of the late King Kercheskoiv, where the late King, Prince Laharl, Etna, and now, a new breathtaking rehall of the castle now rulled by a new face, and a new overlord, known as Queen Alice. Lady Alice is not available at this time so we bring you one of her vassals. A prinny by the name of Hawk.

    Hawk (tv)= Well, Alice is well charming and a very exelent decorator. We work hard to keep her pleased and comfortable. Netherless she's done a great job in remodeling the castle.

    TV reporter (tv)= Well you have it, we will hear from Alice the great once she returns to the castle. More at 11:00 PM.

    *Back in Symphonia....... The Tardis materialized at Iselia, the home of the Sylveranti chosen Collet Brunel. Kaolla parked the Tardis in the outskirts of the back roads to avoid unessasary attention. Kaolla and Shinobu went out, but Nyamo stayed behind to look after the Tardis incase of trouble.*

    (Music playing - Old familiar scent of Iselia/ Tales of Symphonia)Download

    Kaolla= Lookie here. Some old country town. I wonder if there's food?

    Shinobu= Kaolla, do you always think of food even at a time like this?

    Kaolla= Relax Shinobu. All we need to do is go arround town and ask for questions.

    *Suddenly, there was a blonde girl that walked right into Kaolla and Shinobu. It was none other than Collet.*

    Collet= Oww,.... im really sorry.

    Kaolla= It's ok.

    Shinobu= Im sorry.... were just new in town.

    Collet= Oh, so your not from arround here. This is Iselia, my name is Collet. And you are?

    Kaolla= Oh, my name is Kaolla Su, and this is my companion Shinobu Myehara. We have another comanion but she's back in our Tardis.

    Shinobu= Kaolla!? Should you be talking about the....

    Collet= Yes? uh.... what's a tardis?

    Shinobu= Nevermind. Were sorry.

    Kaolla= Oh C'mon Shinobu, .... oh, I forgot something. Have you seen a 6' man with long dark brown hair and blue eyes. This is him in this photo.

    *Kaolla shows Collet a picture of John and let's her keep it.*

    Shinobu= His name is "John Harris", miss Collet.

    Collet= Please, call me Collet, and who is this John?

    Kaolla= He's our last companion. We were all together and he was last seen grabbin a drink from the cooler and then, some kind of transmat beam grabbed him and he was gone.

    Collet= .w...w..what's a transmat beam?

    Kaolla= A device to transport one object or living thin from one place to another, even from far distances, also the same technology used in transporters in varieties of large spaceships.

    Collet= Im sorry.... im not used to all that stuff. I seen some of it before somewhere, but im just not understanding such stuff. I know someone who might help you. Follow me.

    *Later, Collet lead Kaolla and Shinobu to a small house across town and she knocked on the door.*

    Shinobu= Kaolla, are you sure this is right?

    Kaolla= Relax, it'll be fine.

    Collet= Miss Raine. Genis.

    *Raine Sage opens the door and answers to Collet.*

    Raine= Yes Collet? ..Who are these girls with you?

    Collet= Raine, we have visitors, this is Kaolla and Shinobu, there looking for a missing friend of theres and im having too much trouble understanding them. Something about a transmat beam and ....

    Raine= What!? Bring them in. I want to hear this.

    *Later.... after a long and complicated conversation....*

    Genis= Woah..... so you girls are travelers through space?

    Kaolla= That's right. We been through different worlds and such, there's 4 of us all together.

    Collet= Wow, something like our journey for world regeneration, but in other dimensons.

    Raine= So this vehicle you drive. You say it's called a Tardis.

    Shinobu= ...k..k.Kaolla,.... are you sure it's ok for them to know....

    Raine= It's perfectly fine Shinobu, your in good hands. Let's go to this Tardis.

    Kaolla= We parked it outside of town.

    *Later...... inside the Tardis......*

    (Music changes to - Raine-relic mode/ Tales of Symphonia)Download

    Raine= This is incredable!! Look at all of this alien technology! All of these collected items! All of these artifacts you collected....INCREDABLE!!

    Genis= Oh god, here we go again.

    Raine= What's wrong Genis?

    Genis= Everytime.... we ever go to strange ruins or anything in paticular, Raine goes spasmatic and goes crazy, we usally call this "Ruin mode" or "study mode", then she wants to study the living crap out of things.

    Shinobu=....Raine is scarry.....

    Genis= Is Shinobu always like this?

    Kaolla= Yep. She's a shy type.

    Nyamo= Have any of you found John yet?

    Collet= You must be Nyamo. Kaolla told us about you.

    Nyamo= Pleased to meet you. Im getting worried about John.

    Genis= This John you speak of must mean allot to you.

    Kaolla= Sure does.

    (Music dies down slowly)

    Shinobu= We came from the same world, but John's the only one who's not fom our world. He's very different from us. Ever since we met him, he acts like a big brother and he even looks after us.

    (Music playing - The kingdom city of Meltokio/ Tales of Symphonia)Download

    *Somewhere in the reaches of Tethe-alla, in he area where the kingdom of Meltokio, Gordon's ship slowly landed near the castle town enterance and everyone went outside.*

    Lloyd= We need to take this guy to a doctor.

    Lamington= I told you Lloyd, I will be fine.

    Flonne= Seraph Lamington, you must listen to Lloyd, you need medical help.

    Etna= Oh can it Flonne, he got himself into it remeber.

    Lloyd= He resurected you remember! That's a pretty cold way talking about him after what he did for you!

    Etna= So this is Meltokio castle huh, let's go shopping.

    Lloyd= Dont change the subject!

    Flonne= It's alright Mr. Lloyd. Etna is always like this.

    Lloyd= She sure acts vein for an angel.

    Flonne= She was origionly a demon, remember?

    Vyres= Miss Etna was always the tough talking type. If you don't believe Muah' ask her prinny squad.

    Gordon= Nice kingdom you got here. Do you live here Lloyd?

    Lloyd= No. I told you im a Sylveranti. Tethi-alla is a well organized and rich nation. I need to see the king. I need to talk to him about other matters plus these storms we been having.

    (Music stops)

    ?????= Yo Lloyd! What is all of this! Who are these people!?

    (Music playing - Zelos/ Tales of Symphonia)Download

    *Lloyd and Gordon turn to the castle town enterance and sees a figure emerge from the gates, a charming looking guy with long bright red hair, was none other than Zelos Wylder, Tethe-alla's chosen.*

    Zelos= Hey Lloyd! How's it hangin bud!?

    Lloyd= z..z...ze..Zelos! Uh.. Nice to see you here today.

    *Then Zelos just dropped Lloyds attention and goes straight to the girls....He first goes to Jennifer..*

    Zelos= Well, hello there beautiful, you really have a very well looking spaceship you have there, im sure you run everything and your crew sure must work very hard for you...

    Jennifer= Uh... well, sure. *laughs*

    Gordon= Excuse me sir, Who might you be?

    Zelos= Oh, you must be her trusty sidekick.

    Gordon= I believe your mistaken.

    *Zelos goes right to the next girl,... this time Flonne..*

    Zelos= Well hello sweet little angel.

    Flonne= *giggles* Nice to meet you too. heart

    Lloyd= Here we go again.

    Gordon= Lloyd, is this a friend of yours?

    Lloyd= That's Zelos Wylder. He's always like this when he spots new girls. He's a big flirt.

    Vyres= Please. I, Vyres the dark adions, is a far more charming and dashing guy than that human.

    Gordon= Jealous by that new face too huh Mr. Mid-boss?


    *Then Zelos goes to Etna.....*

    Zelos= Well hello there fellow red head. So your an angel too huh? You happen to know, I too have exqusit tastes of fine divine jewelry too.

    Etna= uhhh.huhhh.

    *Etna didn't look to interested or suprised.*

    Flonne= This is Etna, sir. And im Flonne. Nice to meet you. This guy over ther is Captain Gordon, and the woman there is Jennifer, they the Defenders of Earth. Mr. Gordon is the 37th defender. Kurtis is the 38th. Kurtis is the green prinny.

    Kurtis= Zelos huh?

    Zelos= yeah, cute. So Flonne my dear angel, anyone else?

    Flonne= This is our demon friend Mr. Mid-boss.

    Vyres= Please stop calling me that! It's Vyres, the dark adinos.

    Zelos= The pleasure's all mine Mr. Mid-boss. *chuckles*

    Vyres= E-gad! Please, it's Vyres!

    Flonne= This is Mr. Seraph Lamington of Celestria. He and I come from there.

    Zelos= How do you do Mr. angel sir.

    *suddenly, the frog Flonne was holding earlier jumped out from Flonne's pocket.*

    Flonne= Oh, it's Vulcanos.

    Zelos= Kind'a fiery name for a frog.

    Lamington= He was punnished for his crimes against Celetria. But since our times had become dire, it's time to lift his punisment. Ill remove the spell.

    Gordon= Mr. Seraph! urely you just? Remember what he did!?

    Lamington= I remember sir Gordon, but we need all the help we can get. Im sure Vulcanos is willing to make an amend for what he had done.

    *Lamington raises his arm and dispells the curse he put on Vulcanos years ago.*

    Vulcanos= What the heck! Im back to normal?

    Zelos= Another angel?

    Vulcanos= ...sir Lamington? Is this your doing?

    Lamington= Indeed. We are no longer in Celestria, im sure your aware of that.

    Etna= And for now on, YOU are my Vassal, sir Vulcanos.

    Vulcanos= ME! A vassal to a demon.... huh? You become an angel!?

    Lamington= She and Flonne were killed by a deadly energy weapon and I .... *urgh*...

    Flonne= Mr. Lamington! .... Mr. Zelos. You must help us. Mr. Lamington needs a doctor.

    Zelos= Sure thing. Anything to help a dear angel in need.

    (Music changes to - Tethe-alla castle/ Tales of Symphonia)Download

    *So, everyone enters Meltokio castle town in search for a doctor for Seraph Lamington, although he dispelled he curse he layed on Vulcanos years ago for treason, is Lamington giving Vulcanos a chance to amend? Gordon and the defenders stay cautous, and as for John, an ill fate had befallen on him as he's helplessly brainwashed by the Daleks and modifyed to be the new age chosen. Find out more on Chapter 3.......

    *Etna Epilouge*

    Etna= Next time on Tales of Disgaea..... Etna and her party lands in the kingdom of Meltokio to help Seraph Lamington find himself a doctor to get treated for his injury on reviving me and Flonne and turning us into angels. Meanwhile, our two new vassals Zelos and Vulcanos prepair to fix us a superb dinner.

    Zelos= I shall happily cook for you my dear Etna.

    Vulcanos= Now wait just a minnute young lady! Just because your an angel now dosent mean you can ...

    Etna= What! Is my vassal talking back to me!?

    Lloyd= Man, and I thought Genis and Raine were a handfull?

    Etna= What was that!?

    Lloyd= Uhhh, nothing.

    Etna= Good, then you can help prepair dinner.

    Lloyd= Uh... ok, I hope you like dwarven stew suprise.

    Etna= Whatever. Tune in next time for Etna's adventures in the banquet.

    Prinny= Look forward to it dood!

    to be continued.......