• Chapter 2...The beggining of the War
    "Gah! Damnit! Stupid peace of-!" Hiraku shouted as he was blocking shots from the MS-98. A Stolen New Generation Gundam that Hiraku needed to destroy. What did he tell me...? What was it? He Flew straight up and landed on a building looking back and forth "Damn where he go?" WOOSH The 98 flew up and aimed the beam rifle at him. the WindomXP jumped back and unloaded two Massacre Missles at the 98 "Take that!" Hiraku shouted as he took off putting the Rifle away and swinging out a Beam Saber. Ok what did he say?
    Five Hours Earlier

    "So your telling me Dad Made these new Gundams to stop terrorist Attacks that are happening? Isnt that a little much?" Hiraku Asked. Dr.Lebowski said "No Hiraku. They`re a serious threat and now they have the Gundams. Who knows what they`ll make from that? Your lucky you took the one with the highest durability." Hiraku said "So what do I need to do? In one sentence." Dr. Lebowski said "Search and Destroy. We`ll locate the Gundams and its your job to destroy them. We recently located the MS-98. Are you ready?" Hiraku nodded "Im ready."

    Hiraku Swung the blade and looked back at the MS-98 behind him. The 98`s Shield was cracked, the 98 tossed it towards the ground and started firing. Hiraku flew down and straight up unloading a missle barrage on the 98. It looked down and flew up as all but two missed. The MS-98 landed on a building missing both arms. Hiraku flew at the 98 and was sent back flying as it Self Desructed and and Pilot safley Ejected. The WindomXP landed on the ground covered in smoke and melting armor. "D-damn motors are melting. Insane pilot."

    Hiraku barley got the Gundam standing and slowly took off and turned around as it was taken by grabbling hooks and pulled up onto a battleship. Hiraku paniced and jumped out of the cockpit once he was safley onboard. He held up a handgun saying "Who are you and why have you taken me." Dr.Lebowski walked up "Hiraku Hiraku this is the Military. Were here to help you." Hiraku lowered the gun and said "Ok..." Dr. Lebowski said "Were going to repair the WindomXP and search for the rest of the NG Gundams." Hiraku asked "What does the NG mean?" Dr.L said "NG means Next Generation. Its easier to say." Hiraku said "well the MS-98 is a simple design they already have it mass produced. The Pilots seem to Eject and destroy them in the face of defeat."

    Dr.L nodded and scratched his chin "Intresting...no one in the right mind would do that." Hiraku said "So they`re like not human Pilots? Even if they were controlled a leader wouldnt throw away a good pilot." Dr.L said "Its as if they`re expendible and can be replaced. The only possible theroy would be..." They both shouted "ROBOTS!" Hiraku said "Of course! Robots can be replaced if anything goes wrong. Thats why the 98s blew themselves up." Dr.L said "Then they take the next one and put a pilot in it.

    They could start an army with enough time. For now you fight while we build." Hiraku nodded and said "Untill Im back up in the air?" Dr.L said "Training." Hiraku said "Ugh." Dr.L said "I know its not as "fun" but its neccesary. Now get going." Hiraku sighed and walked next to the Gundam and got in a Simulator and started it up.
    RECAP:Hiraku finished his battle with the first of many MS-98`s. With the discovery of an entire army along his side his newfound confidence was crushed by the theroy of "Robots" piloting the Gundams. Dr.L and the mechanic team will repair the KD-05 Whistler WindomXP and Hiraku must train if he wants to survive