• Isabela Ortiz
    By: Fujiko1
    None of the following events are true.

    To Isabela Ortiz, life was more complicated than it should be. Despite the way she was raised, Isabela's nature was that of a "proper lady", as she liked to call it. Her parents divorced when she was seven years old, leavign her split between the two.
    Her love of the older metal bands came from her father, while her mother was always the one teaching her how to become a beauty queen in pagents and contests.
    At the age of thirteen, Isabela's perogative changed. Cutting off her long blonde locks into a short, wavy bob, she wanted to be herself, and not her mother.
    Like any rebellious teenager, Isbaela shocked her mother with the way of her dressing; a short black leather skirt with fishnet stockings, a leather bikini top with matching boots, and a studded leather worn around her neck. A tattoo of wings lay perfectly drawn in between her shoulder blades. One of her most attractive features, she thought, was her crystal blue eyes.
    Her father, on the other hand, was proud of the woman she was becoming. Very independent, but still a little shy, Isabela wanted nothing more than to please her parents. Her mother was often disappointed in her; however, her father saw much more potential in her.
    On Isabela's fourteenth birthday, Eric, her father, fought Sherise, her mother, for custody of her and won it a few months later.
    As she grew into a mature woman, Isabela became more open to new ideas. At her current age of twenty, Isabela now finds herself being more like her mother. Poised and elegant, yet fiesty, like her father.