• My name is Janex. I am 16 years old, that is, in the human world. Where I come from, I am about 37 years old. Everyday I am shot at. Not with guns, but with spells. The one person I love, is also the one I hate. I am a pixie. And to make things worse, I am the queen.
    When I was born, a plague hit the land. By the time I was 13, everyone was dead except Karem. He is my one and only subject, and he hates my freaking guts.
    I was told by my mother that I would one day be queen. A day later, the plague killed her.

    Karem has told me many times that if I went into the human world, badness would bloom in me. I didn't believe him, and now I am the most cruel, cold-hearted person that I know. (Hey, at least I admit it.) But Karem, since I joined the human ranks, has only ever been with me once. This is because he was looking for me to see if I was safe. Turns out, I wasn't......