• Yusuke Wolfvien's Story
    In China, 2100, There is a lycan named Yusuke. For some reason Yusuke had no parents but he has a younger brother named Yusei. Yusei is also a werecoyote which is pretty awesome. Late afternoon, when Yusuke and Yusei was walking home from training, Yusuke saw something fall from the sky, Yusuke didn't know what it was but he wanted to see it.

    "Hey Yusei lets go over there and check out what landed" Yusuke said.

    " Um Yusuke, we don't know what is it or what might it do; for all we know, that could be a meteor" said Yusei with doubts in his tone of voice.

    "Oh come on bro don't be a scaredy cat" Yusuke said.

    "I'm a coyote and you know it!" shouted Yusei.

    "Whatever like i care anyways just follow me and we'll be fine ok?" said Yusuke.

    "ok fine " said Yusei.

    The two brothers went to the greenfield not knowing what is to come. When they gone to the greenfield they didn't see a crater.

    " I told you it wasn't a meteor Yusei" said Yusuke.

    " I guess you right" Yusei mumbled in agreement.

    " But what is it if its not a meteor" said Yusei.

    "I have no clue, wait there is a person there" Yusuke shouted.

    Yusuke and Yusei see's so girl at a pond staring at her reflection.

    " Who is she" questioned Yusei.

    " I don't know but Ill go talk to her" said Yusuke.

    When Yusuke came to the pond, Kuroichi saw Yusuke and thought she was at a dream because of Yusuke's dog-like features. Then suddenly Kuroichi disappeared.

    " Who was she bro" said Yusei.

    " I don't know" said Yusuke.

    " Ok now lets go back to your training Yusei" said Yusuke.

    "Aww already...but why?!" said Yusei in disappointment.

    "Hey your a half breed Yusei, we aren't like normal people, we have to survive by killing and protecting ourselves" said Yusuke.

    "I'll give you a treat if you stop whining" said Yusuke with a sigh.

    " What is it" Yusei screamed with excitement.

    "That’s not like you" Yusuke said with astoundment.

    "Here this is a new weapon that was forged by a coyote's claw, the saber claw and it fits you very well Yusei" said Yusuke.
    The field was silent.

    " Umm...Yusuke its only a gauntlet" said Yusei.

    Yusuke said " Hey I used this when I just started my missions, you should be glad you got something so strong with so little training."

    "Sorry brother" said Yusei.

    "Its ok Yusei just watch me use this weapon and then you will understand" said Yusuke.

    Yusuke attached the gauntlet to his hand.

    "Yusei just put a little of your magical power to control it and the gauntlet will turn into the weapon" said Yusuke.

    Yusuke put some of his magical power into the gauntlet and then a 3 foot sword blade came out of the gauntlet.

    "Wow" Yusei said in amazement.

    "Let me try" said Yusei.

    " Ok ok" said Yusuke.

    Yusuke attached the gauntlet to Yusei's wrist and then Yusei sprung out the 3-foot long sword from the gauntlet. Yusei started swinging the sword around trying to act like a profesional.

    "Yusei be careful with that" said Yusuke.

    Yusei stopped his sword and sheltered the sword back into the gauntlet.

    "What’s wrong?" questioned Yusuke.

    "Um brother?” asked Yusuke.

    "What is it" said Yusuke.

    "Why did you abandon this sword anyways?" said Yusei.

    "Even though this weapon is a fire type weapon, this weapon is a coyote-based weapon" said Yusuke.

    "What does that mean" said Yusei.

    "It means that only half-coyote's can use this with it's full power; only you can achieve that because you are a half coyote, I am a half wolf that’s why I discarded the weapon" said Yusuke.

    "Oh so does that mean I can become stronger than you if I master this weapon" Yusei said with excitement.

    "Probably not but you can try" Yusuke said.

    "Alright then If I surpass you, then can you call me master Yusei."

    Yusuke said "Yeah right."

    They both laughed in the thought of that.
    The next day, Yusuke and Yusei were training in the open field when suddenly Yusuke got a flash. Yusuke screamed in horror when he passed out. He found that this is 10 years into the future. There was this little child that Yusuke saw. He was about 5 or 6 years old. He had spikey black hair with red stripes on it. He had two bangs over his head with black on the top and red on the bottom.

    "Hey Chipp, lets get back home mom will be angry at us for leaving" said a boy who looks a little like Chipp but older has more spiky hair with blue stripes on his hair.

    Yusuke guessed that was his older brother.

    "Wait for me Sora" yelled Chipp.

    When the two boys got back, Yusuke saw that their entire town has been massacred.

    "Who could have done this" Yusuke said with fear in his voice.

    Chipp and Sora saw that a man with a oddly shaped spear.

    "How could you, you savage" yelled Sora.

    "I killed your entire town even your parents because I want to test my skills."

    " You….you monster" yelled Chipp.

    Chipp summoned two butcher knives and tried attack that mysterious man, but then that man vanished.

    "Who was he and who are these two children and why am I having memories of them" said Yusuke with confusion.

    Then the flash became a blur and then Yusuke was back in his own time.

    "Yusuke what happened, are you alright" asked Yusei with concern.

    Later that day, Yusuke and Yusei were at training by the pond.
    At their training, Yusuke saw that same girl by the pond a few days ago. Yusuke ran by the area where that girl was. When the girl saw Yusuke. She was on the field.

    It looked like she was hurt, so Yusuke said "want me to help you with that?"

    The girl looked at Yusuke to see if he got any medicine, but Yusuke didn't.

    "How are you going to heal me with no medicine" asked the girl.

    Yusuke shrugged and then he held out his hand. The girl took his hand. Then Yusuke helped the girl up to her feet.

    "Yusei lets head to town to help aid the girl" said Yusuke.

    Yusei nodded and followed Yusuke's direction.

    "So what’s your name?" asked Yusuke.

    "I'm Kuroichi and what is yours" asked Kuroichi.

    "I'm Yusuke, so are you new here, I haven't seen you around before" said Yusuke.

    "Well in a way, yes I'm new to this place," said Kuroichi.

    Not to mention that Kuroichi is new to this entire world.

    "Oh I’m Yusei, Yusuke's younger brother" said Yusei.

    "Nice to meet you two" said Kuroichi.

    The three people went into the town throughout their conversation. When they finally reached the Hospital for some medicine. They found that Kuroichi's injuries were just minor and needs some rest. So Yusuke and Yusei rented a room for Kuroichi in the hotel so she can rest.

    Later that day, "Yusuke, is she going to hang with us for now on" asked Yusei.

    ”I'm not sure and don't get ahead of yourself" said Yusuke.

    Then the two brothers went across town to do stuff like go to shops, casino's, arcade's, and fast food restaurants overnight, since they barely go to the towns anyways. The next morning, when Kuroichi got out of the hospital, she was wondering where is she going to stay because she didn't have a place.

    "Hmm who knows where I'll live," said Kuroichi.

    3 months later, "We're heading out" said Yusuke.

    "Ok lets get going then," said both, Kuroichi and Yusei.

    When Yusuke, Yusei, and Kuroichi were on the road, "Something is coming," said Yusuke.

    A strange man comes in front of us out of nowhere. The man teleported Yusuke, Kuroichi, and Yusei into another realm. The place was dark.

    Yusei said " hey guys I think we're in a hole."

    The three got out and found that there in this dark mountain-side area.

    "Hmm I wonder where was that man and who was he?" said Yusuke.

    "I'm not so sure, but we have to get out of this stupid hole" said Kuroichi

    . The three people got out of the hole only to be greeted by some girl dressed in a purple ninja outfit.

    "Hello and welcome to The Land of the Silent Sun" said that girl.

    "Hey who are you and how did we get here?" asked Yusei.

    "I'm not but I know that you guys are new comers, my name is Aqua, nice to meet you."

    "Ok, then Aqua, are you a ninja" said Yusuke while drawing out his little wakizashi.

    "No need to worry, I'm not a threat to you guys" said Aqua.

    A shadowy figure appears beside her

    ."Hello I'm Kira, her sifu."

    Suddenly Kira disappears out of nowhere with no traces of him left behind before Yusuke could say anything. Yusuke was questioning himself where he went off too. Then Kira appears right behind Yusuke.

    "Hmm you seem familiar but I never saw you before, are you the new soul bounder" asked Kira.

    "Wait what the heck is a soul bounder and how did you appear behind me" asked Yusuke.

    "I'm guessing you’re too weak to notice that I’m right in front of you" said Kira.

    Yusuke then notices that there were two Kira's and jumped.

    "How did you, that’s impossible" said Yusuke.

    Soon after, the second Kira turned into black and red fire and faded away.

    "I can generate clones unlike you, I don't have to use my energy and speed to make terrible clones that can just confuse a enemy."

    "I could also make them without breaking a sweat."

    Yusuke grinded his fangs with anger and he was surprised and was wondering how did Kira know all of this about him. Kira was hiding in the shade for some reason so Yusei, Yusuke, and Kuroichi couldn't clearly see him even his shadow but until now they could fully see what he looks like. Kira is a pale skinned six-foot tall person; he has black hair with red eyes. He was wearing some sweat pants with a black jacket, white shirt, going with a red tie. In a way, he looked like some emo teenage highschooler that needed a tan.
    Kira was then right behind Aqua and whispered to her.

    "Aqua, don't let Shadow get to Yusuke or the whole world will be destroyed; so I want you to train the three people" Kira asked with no emotion.

    Kira just turned into some black and red flames then disappeared before Aqua could reply by saying no.

    "God, sometimes I hate him…."Aqua thought in her head then with a sigh.

    "Ok, so you guys want me to train you to be stronger."

    Yusuke, Yusei, and Kuroichi both nodded in anticipation. Aqua took out 3 katanas for the three and handed one to each of them.

    "Ok, so anyone had any fighting experience" asked Aqua.

    " I’ve had fighting experience," said Yusuke and Kuroichi at the same time. They both looked at each other surprisingly and smiled at one another. " So anyone want to spar with me?" asked Aqua.
    No one answered the girl in the purple ninja outfit.

    "Ok so does anyone want to know how to fight like a ninja?" asked Aqua with astonishment and slight disappointment.

    "Fine I'll fight you Aqua," said Yusei.

    Yusuke stepped in and said "No, your not skilled enough to compete against her, I shall fight Aqua."

    Leaving Yusei stunned from it. Yusuke then vanished from fast speeds. But only Aqua could see Yusuke's movements clearly. Aquas blocked one of Yusuke’s attacks and dodge the other to counter it. Aqua could not only see Yusuke's movements clearly but only move half of Yusuke's speed. So Aqua just blocks his wakashi and then slashed his right arm with huge force. Yusuke then fell 4 feet away from Aqua and was gushing out blood. He couldn't feel his right arm anymore and tried to fight still.

    "Good thing I'm a left-handed person or I would be defenseless" thought Yusuke in his mind and sighed.

    "Ok we are done, so how is your arm?"

    "I can't feel it anymore" said Yusuke.

    Aqua quickly restored the lycan's arm with some water from the lake.

    "How did you do that," said Yusuke in amazement.

    "The water from the pond is magical with healing abilities, its perfect for when you are sparring" said Aqua.

    "Ok so now whose turn is it now?" asked Aqua.

    "My turn" said Kuroichi.

    Kuroichi then ran towards Aqua with the katana and slashed her; Aqua then clashed her katana with Kuroichi's katana. After they clashed they both did a back flip 5 feet away from each other.

    "Hmm nice attack, its very strong but too direct, try to attack in a different type of way to confuse the enemy and making it harder for him or her to counter, avaid, or block."
    "Ok I'll try," said Kuroichi.

    Kuroichi then ran towards Aqua then faked an attack to do a flip over Aqua's head and attack her from behind. Aqua dodged that attack and then tried countering it. But Kuroichi saw through Aqua's counter attack and dodged it.

    Aqua said, "Good you’re improving very fast, so Yusei your next."

    Yusei then stepped in the training field of the Land of Silent Sun.
    Kira disappeared to his organization called the DLNA (Darkness Light Ninja Assassins).

    Kira Yosuki's Story
    Kurosenko said, "So is he the new soul bounder created from your soul bounder, Shadow?"

    Kira said with no emotion "yeah I think so and I think he’s vital for our mission."

    Kira and Kurosenko both nodded in agreement. Ivowan comes up from behind and smiles. "Ok so that’s cool."

    "Yep I guess," agreed Kira.

    Ivowan has dark skin brownish yet tan-ish skin, he has a green shirt with the same coat that Kira and Kurosenko is wearing, but he wears it differently then the others. With his black pants and leather shoes, made him look more like a schoolboy but with an odd coat that he wears. His eyes are bright green like a greenfield. Kurosenko has the same pale skin and hair as Kira, but he wears a hat, that was somehow bought from a skateboard market. He wears the same type of coat that Ivowan and Kira has. He also wears a purple shirt underneath combined with white jeans and no shoes. His eyes are dark purple like a black hole.
    The three brothers walked through the clan walls while being greeted by the lower rank comrades. Then when they got to the main hall, they come across the main lobby with a round meeting table. Kira sat in the middle; while Kurosenko and Ivowan sat in the sides.

    "So I finally found the new soul bounder created by that b*****d, Shadow" said Kira in a discomforting tone.

    "This is really bad, if Shadow gets his hands on all of his soul bounders, the world would be in rule of his power" said Ivowan.

    "Yeah and so we must protect the new soul bounder at all costs, so what’s his name" Kurosenko replied.

    "His name is Yusuke, he's a young one, possibly weak too.

    They all sighed and tried talking about what to do in their long conversation.
    When they got out of the room, Ivowan walked out another way. Kurosenko and Kira walked in the same hallway only to be greeted by their kind older sister, Sakura. Sakura has pale skin just like her brothers but she's about 5"6. She is 19 years old, long blonde hair with a tye dye shirt and a coat that Aqua has. She wears a short skirt with blue pants and school shoes. She has a very peaceful look in her eyes like always. She has blue eyes that would remind you of the ocean.
    Sakura smiled and asked "we're are you two going?"

    "Walking to the club to hang out, wanna join us sis,” said Kurosenko.

    "Sure I'd love too" said Sakura.

    Kira just nodded and walked with them.

    "So how is being leader of the DLNA, Kira" asked Sakura.

    "Its boring but you get used to it after a while" Kira said calmly.

    Kira was wondering how did Yusuke and his friends transport out of no where to the Silent Sun. "Maybe I might get Hieu to help me with this since he's the science expert here" Kira thought.
    Hieu was in his science lab studying Wein's displacement law.

    "Hello Hieu" Kira said right behind him.

    Hieu jumped up from his desk and was starring at Kira annoyingly.

    "What is it that you desire to ask me?” Hieu asked with anger.

    "Is it possible for a group of people to travel through different realms?” Kira asked.

    "How did you come up to that conclusion?” Hieu questioned with a wondrous look.

    "Because one of Shadow's soul bounders came to this world from another" said Kira with seriousness in his tone.

    Hieu went searching on his work of files and came across to the exact problem that was being stated right now.

    "Oh I found it"

    Hieu checked the papers to see if his analyzes was correct. Kira went over to Hieu and looked at the papers. He was stunned to see how they came across to these results.

    "So it is possible huh" Kira was continuously looking at the papers.

    Kira then disappeared and sat at his usual spot, near the edge of top of the building where the group is while watching the sunset. His normal routine when he wonders or gets sad.
    Kurosenko and Sakura came up to Kira and sat next to him.

    Kurosenko asked, "What's up Kira?"

    "Do I even have a soul" said Kira then sighed.

    "I'm not sure, ask yourself " said Sakura with a smile.

    "Even though I don't have a soul, I'm still happy I got to be friends with you two" Kira told them.

    "Oh Kira and Kurosenko I got something for us three" said Sakura.

    Kira and Kurosenko looked at Sakura with a wondrous look. Sakura brought out three ice creams and gave 1 to Kira and Kurosenko.

    "This might be the last days we can have something like this, so I thought we better make this day worth while" Sakura spoke with a faint sigh.

    "Your right Sakura, we should enjoy this day while we can" Kira said while watching the sunset.

    The three ate their ice creams and enjoyed the sunset.
    The Next Day, "We are heading off, Sakura, Kurosenko, Ivowan, and Ayame, you 4 shall accompany me to our new mission and we shall be called Team Shadow.

    Kyuu Yabashi's Story
    The man was standing on the top pole of his ship watching the sky. Kyuu has a while hunters hat with a yellow and red jacket with sleeves and a little strap on his waist so the jacket won't fly around in heavy winds. Also, he wears a white leather pants and no shirt. He wears a red bandana to cover some of his hair, but he has long spiky white hair. He has light skin with golden yellow eyes. In the sides of his pants are his weapons. He holds a flintlock on his left side same with his custom made cutlass on the left side of his belt.

    "Captain Yabashi, lunch is ready,” yelled one of his crewmembers.

    The Pirate captain jumped and landed onto the deck. Kyuu opens the door while holding onto his hunter hat. He watched his chef's cook up lunch. Kyuu greeted all his crewmembers and then sat next to his 2nd in command captain of the ship, Yahiko Mushi. The entire crew sat there wondering what did the chef's cooked up today. After they ate, Kyuu and Yahiko started talking to each other about the new soul bounder.

    "So who's the new soul bounder of Shadow?” questioned Yahiko.

    "His name is Yusuke Wolfvein,” said Kyuu.

    "What an odd last name" Yahiko said with awkward tone.

    "He isn't from this world anyways" Kyuu said.

    "Hey what are you two talking about "Yuki blurted out.

    The two men jumped after Yuki came in out of nowhere.

    Kyuu and Yahiko shouted, "Where did you come from?!"

    "Oh I was just walking by and saw you two were talking privately, so I just wanted to see."

    "You mean you were eavesdropping on us,” Yahiko yelled with anger irritation.

    "Yahiko, just chill it’s alright" said Kyuu with a softer tone.

    Yahiko screamed at the top of his lungs with "Oh even though she’s our 3rd ranked captain of the ship doesn't mean she should do that kind of stuff!"

    Yuki laughed, Yahiko you act like a kid.

    "I'm older than you" shouted Yahiko.

    Yahiko stormed off with frustration thanks to his little sister. Yahiko's little sister has purple hair with a little pirates hat. She wears a black coat and has black shoes. She has purple eyes and light skin. She holds her weapon of choice in her back which is a giant custom anchor.
    After Yuki and Kyuu talked about what happened.

    "Hmm Yusuke is it, that’s the new soul bounder" said Yuki.

    "He also has a brother that’s about your age and has the same personalities as you, maybe you two can go on swimmingly,” Kyuu teased.

    "That’s not funny" Yuki grunted even though she was wondering who this brother really was.

    Kyuu smiled and laughed at her facial expression because he knew Yuki too well.

    "Hey aren't you from another world also" questioned Kyuu.

    "Yeah, I was young when I came to this world and Yahiko came and kind of took care of me so I became his little sister in a way" said Yuki.

    Then the ship was attacked by a army of fighter aircrafts.
    The pirate ship is a flying ship. When the army of jets tried bombing their ship. Kyuu came out of the dinning room to go outside. Then he took out his flit lock and shot a barrage of white and red fire missiles souly made from his fire. With just one shot, Kyuu took out a whole army of fighter jets.

    Kyuu asked, "So whose ready for some partying?"

    Everyone all answered yes. Later that night, after they partied. Kira appeared out of no where with Ayame, Sakura, Ivowan, and Kurosenko.

    Kira Yosuki's Story

    "Hello, its been a long time" Kira said in a slight whisper.

    Kyuu looked at Kira and said,” It has, little soul bounder."

    "I'm not little anymore Kyuu, you know I'm strong enough to beat you now" said Kira.

    Kyuu just sighed and talked to Kira about Yusuke, the new soul bounder. When the two soul bounders came back. Kira’s gone with his team.

    "Kira you have a small team and who are they" Kyuu asked.

    "The two guys are my brothers, Kurosenko and Ivowan,” said Kira.

    "On my left, its my sister Sakura and a trust worthy friend, Ayame" said Kira.

    Kyuu just laughed some more. Kira left his ship and headed to a random greenland.

    "We came out here tonight" said Kira right out of boredom.

    When they started camping, Ayame was outside of her tent. Kira saw this and headed over to Ayame

    ."Hey you ok" Kira questioned.

    "Yeah I'm fine" Ayame with a smile.

    Ayame had light skin with red eyes. She has long black hair with the coat that Aqua and Sakura has. She wore a blue shirt and red pants with sandels and tabi. Her choice of weapon resides on her back, which is a long staff. But when she uses that staff; it becomes a scythe.

    Kira asked "Can I ask you what your doing here?"

    "I'm just watching the moon" said Ayame in a peaceful tone.

    Kira sat next to Ayame and asked another question.

    "Shall I join you" Kira asked.

    "Sure go right ahead" Ayame replied.

    Kira was watching the moonlight peacefully until he noticed that Ayame was constantly watching him. Kira smiled and laughed lightly to Ayame. Kira has only smiled at his sister, Sakura and his brother, Kurosenko, no one else before her. Ayame just smiled back and laughed as well.

    "Well you better go back to sleep" said Kira.

    Kira then got up and walked back into his tent. Ayame then got up and went back to her tent. Right before Ayame and Kira fell asleep in their separate tents they both said good night to each other.
    The next morning, Kira and the others got out of their tents and left to journey on some more. Ivowan was starting to itch his face for some unknown reason. Everyone was looking at Ivowan.

    Kira asked, "Hey are you all right you been itching your face non-stop?"

    "Well I have been sleeping outside with a bush as a pillow since I accidentally left my tent" stated Ivowan.

    Kurosenko, Kira, Sakura, and Ayame all asked "Um what did the bush look like?"

    "Well I'll just show it to you" said Ivowan.

    Ivowan then showed everyone the bush-pillow he slept on. Everyone backed away and then they yelled "that’s poison ivy!"

    Ivowan just dropped the poison ivy and passed out. Kurosenko got a stick started poking him.

    Ayame asked, " Is He's going to be alright?"

    "Um I guess so I'm not sure really" Kira just watched Ivowan.

    Yusuke Wolfvein's Story
    After Aqua was done training with the three, she started talking about what was Yusuke and why he existed. After the three people learned. Yusuke was stunned to even think about what had he been listening to Aqua.

    "So if Shadow is out to kill me, shouldn't I just fight him," said Yusuke.

    "No all I'm teaching you is to have a chance to give him a good fight, but Shadow could kill you in a minute even with the training already done" said Aqua.

    After their discussion, Yusuke just went to some old abandon house on a cliff. He looked at all the objects that have been left by the owner after he died. Aqua just came up behind him and yelled boo out of nowhere.

    Yusuke jumped and screamed, "don't do that again, you almost scared the heck out of me!"

    Aqua just laughed at Yusuke.

    "You three can sleep in here for sometime while we train" said Aqua in a serious tone.

    "Is it safe, I mean like any booby traps" concerned Yusuke.

    "Don't worry nothing is going to happen in this place, I've been here many times while training with Kira" said Aqua.

    "Usually we just use this old place for private fights and competitions" said Aqua.

    Yusuke shifted his body against the wall of the house. The wall then broke and Yusuke fell outside of the porch.

    "This place isn't very sturdy I see, how old is it again?"

    "About 70 years, but was abandoned 8 years ago" said Aqua.

    Yusuke just got off of his acing back from the fall.

    "Ouch that was painful" said Yusuke.

    "Oh get over it" said Aqua.

    Aqua then disappeared. Yusuke, Kuroichi and Yusei has to sleep in the old house.
    The four people, Kuroichi, Yusei, Yusuke, and Aqua has been training for 8 months now.

    "Phew, you guys are doing a lot better than when you first started" Aqua said.

    "It was thanks to you" said Yusuke.

    Aqua just turned around and then disappeared like Kira. Yusuke was just practicing his fighting until someone came.

    "Hello my name is Tree" said the mysterious person. He had tan skin with brown hair and green eyes.

    He wore the coat that Kira has been wearing, so Yusuke knew he was also in the DLNA. He wore blue jeans and a silver shirt. His choice of weapon is a smaller dagger, as Yusuke could see from his pouch.

    Kyuu Yabashi
    Yahiko asked "So what town shall we invade first?"

    "I'm not sure yet, but we should grab some more loot, we're running low of supplies" pointed out Kyuu.

    When the ship had set on shore; the entire crew started looking for supplies like food, entertainment, weapons, and tools. Yahiko was just busy smoking until he saw Kyuu.

    "Captain Kyuu, are we ready to go?"

    "I think so and don't smoke it is bad for you health" said Kyuu.

    Yahiko then got his cigarette, threw it to the ground and stomped on it.

    "Everyone get back on the ship we're sailing off" announced Kyuu.

    "Yuki do a person check to make sure we have everyone" said Kyuu.


    After Yuki checked that everyone was on the ship to set sail, they headed to the upper parts of the country.
    Kyuu was just at his usual spot feeling the breeze, but then a huge kraken appeared from the ocean. Kyuu just sighed, he took out his flintlock and shot the kraken. The kraken then vanished and Kyuu went to sleep out of boredom.

    Shadow Sakoru
    Shadow was just standing out of on the cliff with his partner; Ichigo Li. Shadow had a robe to show that he belonged to a assassin's guild called the Cìkè de yǐngzi qiánfēng. Shadow wore a ninja mask to hide 90% of his eyes, only showing his red colored eyes and his oddly shaped pupils. Their was a coat that Shadow was wearing that was the symbol of the Cìkè de yǐngzi qiánfēng. His black pants were very long showing no skin. He wore socks but no shoes because it create too much sound. He wields his katana in the right part of his waist. and Ichigo had blue hair and the same color eyes as Shadow. He also wore the same coat, wore black gloves, and had black chain spike pants with shoes. He held a katana on the left side of his coat.

    Ichigo asked, "hey Shadow what did the leader tell us what our new mission is?"

    "It is to kill the Gerudo Leader of the West, Gashi and massacre all of the troops" said Shadow.

    "How many are there?"

    "Only 4000 people" said Shadow.

    "Thats it...the leader has to give us harder tasks" said Ichigo.


    The two men journeyed across the land to reach their destination. When the reached the Gerudo Base, Shadow made a estimate of 20 clones and then scattered them throughout the area to assassinate all of the soldiers. When Ichigo teleported Shadow and himself to the main office of the base. There lied Gashi of the West, the killer of Alnexia. Alnexia used to be one of the 9 capital cities of the world until Gashi came and massacred everyone and destroyed the city to ruble.

    "It has been a while Shadow" said Gashi.

    "So it may seem" said Shadow.

    Gashi then ran at full speed to attack the two people with his hand. Shadow and Ichigo dodged his attack. Gashi accidentally hit his stone statue. The statue turned into lead and Ichigo just watched it and know knew why his nickname was, Midas of the Lead. Ichigo and Shadow weren't suprised of his power even though it was the first time they saw it. Shadow then made a clone and grabbed Gashi's head. The clone tore off Gashi's head with one head then Side kicking his chest . When the clone's kick made contact with the decapitated body, he ignited the entire body with flames and broke all of the ribs in Gashi's body. It was sent 12 feet away into the wall, the entire wall of Gashi's office got smashed and crumbled over the dead flaming body. The head that the weak replica clone of Shadow was holding in his hand exploded from the intense heat and speed he was giving off.

    "He wasn't even worth half of my time" sighed Shadow

    "Hey can I kill the next target, since you killed this one" asked Ichigo.

    "Sure why not" Shadow said

    End of Part 1.....