• **This takes place before Jasmine finds out about Marilen. This contains SPOILERS. Please don't think either of them are creepers in the second paragraph! Read on!**

    Lief walks around the castle in search of something to do. “Wow, “ he thinks, “is it really that late?” He decides to go back to his room when he comes by Jasmine’s room. He can’t help but walk in to see if she’s safe and sound by impulse. “She’s asleep. Jasmine looks so peaceful when she’s sleeping.” He murmurs to himself. He leans over, and kisses her cheek without thinking, and runs out of the room in embarrassment. “Huh? Who is that! Get back here!” yelled Jasmine, as the sudden kiss woke her up. She turns on the light only to find the door open, and nobody there.

    The Next Day

    Jasmine finds Lief asleep in the Palace Library talking in his sleep about some kiss. “Weird, he’s usually never here and never sleeps anywhere that’s not his room.” Lief is not the only one in the other’s room at night, because when Jasmine can’t sleep, she finds comfort in watching Lief as he dreams. “Lief? Lief? Wake up, its midday and I have to tell you something!” she says, trying to wake him up. Instead, he unknowingly puts his arms around her and kisses her forehead. Shocked, Jasmine pulls away and runs to the gardens, thinking he did it on purpose.

    “But, why would he kiss me? He obviously doesn’t like me that way. Especially since he went to bring home a bride from Tora,” thought Jasmine. “He’d never fall for me anyway.” she thought glumly. “Jasmine? What are you doing all alone out here?” asked Barda, one of the palace guards. Jasmine, who was startled and jolted back to reality said, “Oh, Barda, its just you! You scared me half to death!” Barda looked at her, and knew something was wrong. “Are you ok? You’re not acting like yourself,” he said uncertainly. “Of course I’m ok! Why wouldn’t I be?” retorted Jasmine, who was slightly annoyed by this question. She stalked back to the castle, only to run into Doom.

    “Jasmine! I’ve been looking for you! Lief wants to talk with you.” He said. Jasmine sighed and said, “I’ll be right there! Where is he?” When Doom told her that Lief was in the library still, she darted up the stairs to meet him. “Jasmine, I’ve been meaning to talk with you for some time now,” he said. “Some time? We see each other every day! What do you mean by that?” she asked curiously. “But before you begin, may I say something first?” Lief said, “Ok, go ahead.” Jasmine thought for a bit, then she began, “Well, late last night, I heard some footsteps around the castle before I turned off the lantern.” Lief gulped. “Then, I woke up a few hours later, to find that my door was open. I also believe that this creep kissed me too.” And with that, she finished, leaving Lief very uncomfortable. “Well,” he started, “It could’ve been your father, Doom.” “I had thought about that too, but before I went to bed, he was already asleep. It can’t have been him.” Said Jasmine. Lief blushed sheepishly and said, “What if I told you that was me?” Surprised, Jasmine answered, “I might just believe you, considering what you did when you were ‘asleep’.” Annoyed Jasmine storms off and seeks Queen Sharn, leaving Lief to wonder what she meant by “what you did when you were asleep”.

    “Sharn? Sharn? Where are you?” called Jasmine, desperately looking for Lief’s mother. “Yes honey, I’m coming. What’s wrong Jasmine?” answered Sharn. Jasmine began to sob and runs over to her. “Oh Sharn! I’m so confused! Someone was in my room last night and kissed me and then Lief kissed me in his sleep and then he said it was him at night and I just don’t know what to do! Please, help me!” she cried. “Hush now, we’ll figure this out.” Said Sharn softly, “please, start from the beginning.” Jasmine told Sharn everything starting the day she found out the Lief had gone to Tora to find a bride. The queen listened to every word, and then came up with an answer. “Jasmine, has it ever occurred to you the Lief has feelings for you? He speaks of you every chance he gets and never becomes tired of you.” Jasmine thinks for a moment and slowly says, “but why then, would he go to Tora to find his bride? When he can just look here and find a willing person who really does love him?” realizing she said too much, Jasmine stops talking and blushes a deep red. “I didn’t mean what I just said, I-I, I said too much. Now this ruins all your plans for him doesn’t it?” Sharn looks at Jasmine with motherly eyes and says, “The girl from Tora is just temporary! She is only here so that when the time is right, he can propose to the correct woman. She is Lief’s cousin!” Jasmine stared wide-eyed and Sharn, shocked at the news.

    Running to find Lief to apologize, Jasmine notices him in a corner of the wall, staring into his hands. “What’s wrong? Did I upset you?” she asks. Knowing Lief, he probably was really hurt by her harsh words. “No, I just didn’t think you’d react so, so angrily. What did I do when I was asleep? Did I hurt you? Please tell me I’m wrong.” Replied Lief. “No! Of course not! You just caught me off guard with that kiss.” Said Jasmine sheepishly. “What kiss?!?” said Lief, alarmed. “Well, I found you asleep in the library and I tried to wake you up. Next thing I know, I’m in your arms and you kiss my forehead,” explained Jasmine. “Oh, I’m so sorry. I wouldn’t have acted so rashly if I were awake.” He said. “Really? I would,” said Jasmine mischievously. “Oh really?” asked Lief. Without another word, Jasmine leaned over and kissed Lief. Surprised, he realized that he had wanted this for a long time. Without breaking the kiss, he wrapped his arms around her waist. “Lief?” “Yes Jasmine?” “I love you.” With a wide grin on his face, he said lovingly, “I love you too Jasmine. I can’t believe I was such a fool as to wait so long to tell you this.” They walked down the stairs hand in hand, running into Doom and Barda. With one look, both men knew what had happened in the library. One wasn’t too happy about it.