• Location: Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts
    Date: August 15th 2012
    Time: 10:14 A.M.

    Chapter 1: The Prank

    "Okay class, quick question. what famous Frontier Soldier traveled from Tennessee, to Texas back in the 1800's and fought off the Alamo?" Mrs. Henning asked. The class sighs for a moment. " Mrs. Henning points at John Vibes, "How about you Mr. Vibes, do you know the answer?" Mrs. Henning asked him. "Was it Abraham Lincoln?" John answers, The class laughs. "No, I'm sorry John maybe you will get it next time." says Mrs Henning. Mrs. Henning points out again, and points at Alex Bruce. " Mr. Bruce! Do you know the answer?" Mrs Henning asked again. "Luis and Clark.....right?" Alex answers ,and the class laughs again. "Sorry Alex." says Mrs. Henning. All of a sudden Duncan slams his desk, The class turns to look at Duncan for the moment. "DAVY CROCKETT! he was a frontiersman, politician and folk hero from Tennessee who joined Texas forces in 1836 and was killed in battle at the Alamo. Crockett was raised in eastern Tennessee and served in the Creek War. A charismatic and well-known figure in Tennessee, he served two terms in the state legislature and three terms in the United States House of Representatives! YOU IDIOTS!" Duncan yelled. The class got quiet, "Well....Duncan, it seems you know allot about Mr. Crockett, is there anymore info you'd like to share with the class?" Mrs. Henning asked. "no. Mrs. Henning, nothing at all." Duncan replied. The class stared at him for a brief moment, as Duncan Stared back looking around at the class angrily.

    Duncan raises his hand "Mrs. Henning may i be excused to go to my dorm now, I'm not feeling well." Duncan asked. Mrs. Henning looks up and smiles. "Sure Duncan, I don"t mind, Just makes sure you do the work ok?" Duncan smiles "Thanks Mrs. Henning" Duncan thanks, and rushes out the class door.
    The other classmates were passing notes in class after Duncan left. One girl named Janet Floyd got a note from her boyfriend Tommy Sullivan saying "meet me in the library, were gonna pull a prank on Duncan" Janet looks up and sees Tommy grinning and nodding, as Janet looks all confused.

    Duncan quickly looked at his watch and kept walking faster and faster pacing himself. "i don't have much time." Duncan said. As Duncan walks out of the building doors, he quickly headed down the library. "almost there." Duncan said. Duncan normally walks in the library and slowly walked to the very back looking around to see if anyone had followed him. Duncan pulls out his phone and texts this girl that has been texting him for the pass two weeks. "Hey where are you? I'm at the library now." Little did Duncan know that it was Tommy Sullivan texting him trying to pull a mean insidious prank on Duncan. Tommy receives the text from Duncan, so Tommy texts a friend of his. "Hey Duncan's at the library now, GO!" Tommy texted. Tommy's friends got the text, and proceeded to the prank. Tommy's friends quietly grabbed a rope and yanked it and yelled " Surprise loser!" they quickly pulled the rope and a bucket of glue poured on Duncan along with chicken feathers in it. Tommy's friends yelled "Hey it's chicken boy!" they yelled and gobbled. Everyone was laughing at Duncan and taking pictures of him.

    Then the librarian Mr. Smith quickly ran to see what was going on, and the pranksters had already been gone. Mr. Smith looking all shocked and tok Duncan to the Librarian's office "Okay everyone get out!" Mr. Smith Yelled angrily. Mr. Smith quickly grabbed the phone and called administrator Brian Casey about what had happened. "Administrator Casey. we have a kid who had glue poured on him along with feathers." About 10 Minutes later the administrator had showed up and puts his hand on Duncan's shoulder asking Duncan what happened. Duncan forcefully pulled the administrators hand off of his shoulder, "Don't worry about it" Duncan says in an serious way. "You sure Duncan? Cause i can have these kids found and thrown out of Harvard forever." Duncan looked up and got up and replied " im sure, don't worry about it, im just gonna wash my clothes, get some new ones on, and go on with my life." the Administrator took a deep breathe "Well okay, but if u need anything just contact me and i will take care of it okay?" Duncan just sighed and walked away and, headed back to his dorm.

    Once Duncan was on his way to his dorm, he looked back at his pass on all the mean pranks people use to bully him trough his whole life, such as swirlies, wedgies, laxatives, and much other things. once Duncan got to his dorm it was almost 12 A.M. and he sat on the couch and kept thinking about his horrible pass. So Duncan got out a a notebook and got a nasty idea on how to show everyone he isn't defenseless. Duncan started making an evil plan on what hes gonna do, where to act, how to act, where he needs to be, and what time he needs to be there. He wanted this plan to go perfect. Duncan stayed up all night planning this out and by the time it was 6 a.m. Duncan had done it, Duncan had figured out a perfect plan to make everyone pay for his horrible life. Its time Duncan puts his plan into action.

    Chapter 2: The Trade

    Location: Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts
    Date: August 16th 2012
    Time: 8:00 a.m.

    Duncan was passed out on his dorm's table asleep due the time he had been spending making his revenge plot toward everyone. Duncan's dorm mate Brock Miguel patted on Duncan's shoulder trying to wake him up "hey Duncan wake up, our classes are about to start." Brock said. Duncan quickly woke up quickly, and quickly ran into the shower without Brock not knowing Duncan was acting it out, and yelled "JUST GO ILL GET TO MY CLASS, DON'T WORRY ABOUT ME!"

    Brock took his books and left the dorm with no hesitation. Once Brock shut the door, Duncan looked out of the bathroom door ,and looked around the room to see if Brock had really left. Duncan quickly turned off the shower ,and ran to the dorm's window to see if Brock had completely left the dorm. Once Duncan seen Brock walking to his class, Duncan braced into action ,and raided Brock's wardrobe. Duncan had taken Brock's black hoodie, ripped jeans, and his collection of hunting knives that Brock had snook inside of Harvard. Once Duncan had taken Brock's belongings, Duncan had ran out of the dorm with his hoodie up ,and his hands in his pockets. Duncan had put all the knives in his back pack to avoid any tention, and quickly rushed out of Harvard to make a trade with a trader who was a couple minutes away from Harvard University.

    On his way, Duncan had ran upon a strange homless man. The homless looked at duncan real suspiciously, the man said " I can sense great evil in you sir, trust me you don't wanna go down that path, it will only hurt the ones you love." Duncan sighed and looked at the old homless man with Duncan's face in the shadows. Duncan turns and keeps walking to the trade shop. Once Duncan got to the trading shop, Duncan looked around the store and had seen pistols, explosive barrels, and high powered rifles. This trader wasn't any ordinary trader, he was in the black marketing business. Duncan grinned and turned at the trader "How much are your barrels of gun powder?" Duncan asked. The trader looked at duncan with a smile " 120 dollars, what do you need them for, and do you have an I.D. sir?" Duncan grinned and took out 200 dollars from his pokcet and waves it in the traders face " I don't have an I.D. but im surely you can let this one slip right?" Duncan bribed.

    The trader looked at the money and smiled, and took out the barrel of gunpowder "Just be careful with this stuff, ok?" the warned. Duncan puts the gun powder down ext to him and grins "Hey you think i can have a trade with you?" Duncan asks the trader. The trader looks up "what did you have in mind?" the Trader replied. Duncan takes his back pack off and takes out the knives he had in it, and puts them on the counter "i would like to trade all these knives in, for those 2 demon claws." Duncan bargained and pointed at the sharp gauntlets. The trader looked at him and looked at the knives "Okay, its a deal, who are you trying to look like anyways? Freddy Kreuger? The trader asked. "No, not one bit sir, Freddy Kreuger has one claw, I have 2." Duncan replied and chuckled.

    The trader gave Duncan the gauntlets ,and Duncan gave the trader the knives. Duncan quickly leaves the store with the barrel of gun powder ,and the claw gauntlets. Duncan quickly looked around to see if anyone was watching him, and ran into a dark alley way where a pile of junk was laying right n the middle of it. Duncan sat his things against a building wall while he was searching through the pile of junk trying to find some pipes, some pieces of string, a small hairspray can, and some used tape. Duncan spent 30 minutes searching and luckily he was able to find what he was looking for. "FINALLY!" Duncan cheered in victory.

    Duncan took all the pieces together and had made a couple of home made pipe bombs from the gun powder, and the trash he had dug up. Once Duncan did that, Duncan took the pipe bombs and hid them in his back pack getting ready for his attack. Duncan was laughing in an evil tone and excitement, Duncan just couldn't wait. Lastly Duncan was scrounging for a raggy bag to put the rest of the gun powder in. "Excellent." Duncan said, Duncan had found something to put the rest of his gun powder into. Once Duncan was done making his deadly weapons of mass destruction. Duncan proceeded back to Harvard to continue his plot for revenge.