• Sayomi

    I could see everything. But I wasn't in control of my body. "Yoichi, isn't it?" I asked, although, I wasn't the one speaking. Yoichi looked at me surprised. "Which one is she?" I heard Akira ask. "If you mean my name, it's Setsuna." she said. "Uh, we'll tell them you're, um, busy." Akira said, and left with the other people. "Aw, F me!" Yoichi groaned. "You did a lot to Sayomi last night." Setsuna said, using my voice. Yoichi blushed "What's your point?" he asked. My body started bending down "Well, Sayomi didn't get to do much did she?" Setsuna asked. Yoichi looked away "Don't even think about it." Yoichi hissed. I felt Setsuna getting a bit annoyed. My body lurched forward and tackled Yoichi to lie down on the bed. "Setsuna. You are one of the worst of the goddesses. You try to have sex with all of the goddess' boyfriends." Yoichi said bitterly. I felt my lips grin and two pointy fangs apear, poking my bottom lip. "It really confuses me why the goddess would enter the body of a demon, but it doesn't matter." she said. Yoichi's eyes went wide "What?!" he nearly yelled. My body sat up, Yoichi almost got a nosebleed. Setsuna snapped my fingers and suddenly, I was dressed in a red mini skirt, a black tube top shirt, red knee high sock, black boots, and, for some reason, fangs. "You might wanna get dressed hot stuff." Setsuna said. He pulled on boxers, a pair of pants, and sneakers, along with his usual sharktooth necklace. "Let's go, priesty." Setsuna said. "Why should I go with you?!" Yoichi nearly yelled. Setsuna smirked "I don't feel a thing in this body. I could make this body do whatever I want. And hurt it jus as much." Setsuna said. "You wouldn't dare." Yoich growled. "Wouldn't I?" Setsuna grinned. Yoichi growled, but followed behind Setsuna. Once we were out of the castle and main city, Yoichi asked "Where are we going?" Setsuna laughed "To the springs, the ones Sayomi saw last night. " Setsuna said and laughed again. "No! I have regain control! I have to! Move! I have to move!" I, myself yelled.


    Setsuna walked in front of me. The b***h. She has Sayomi trapped in her own damn body. After a while into the woods Setsuna stopped. "We're camping here for the night." she said. I climbed up a tree and settled onto one of its branches. "Why are you settling so far away?" Setsuna yelled up to me. I glared at her, she just smirked. She brought up her hand and snapped her fingers and suddenly, she was lying down next to me. I almost gagged at the feeling of this demon's soul so near me. I scooted away a bit, but she held me close. I was afraid for what she would do to Sayomi and stayed. I fell asleep after a while. "Yoichi!" that was Sayomi's voice. But I was still dreaming. "You are dreaming! Well, sort of. But, Yoichi! Look at me!" suddenly, Sayomi was in front of me. In her own clothes without fangs. "S-Sayomi!" I said. She grinned and hugged me for a bit. "I miss you." I said. "I've been here the whole time. Whatching." she whispered. "Well, what should I do, about Setsuna, I mean." I asked. "Her time is running out. She can stay much longer than everyone else, but only a couple days." Sayomi said. "How long?" I asked. "Four days. Enough time to reach the spring." she said. "But, what if Setsuna drinks from it?" I asked. "That's where you come in. If you get there earlier than noon exactly four days from now, you have to stop her. You can't let her get close." Sayomi told me. "How do I keep her back?" I asked. Sayomi shook her head "Anything you can do. If Setsuna drinks from it, she'll become the new goddess, and Yoichi, you can pretty much geuss what will happen than." Sayomi said. I nodded, and kissed her once more before waking up to a bright, morning sun.

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