• Over 19 years ago...

    Explosions were all around as fire, chunks of stone, ice, even sonic blasts rained down from the attackers above. A human soldier dived to evade a large boulder of ice, but he didn't make it far enough. Closing his eyes, he waited for death to grip his soul, only to hear the sounds of cracking and small bits hitting the ruined battlegrounds. Opening a single eye, he saw another human soldier, and a much more celestial being standing next to him, sonic blasts ready to destroy any more projectiles. The celestial being used a free hand to offer the man assistance, but found it knocked aside by the man's hand.
    "I don't need your help, angel. I can save my own sorry a-"
    "Sinthises! That's no way to speak to an angel, especially if he saved you life!", yelled the other man near the angel. The divine creature didn't respond, scanning the skies for more attackers, but they ere hiding behind clouds and buildings.
    "I don't care, I'm not letting them get near me." growled Sinthises, "They'll end up killing us if the demons don't beat them to it eventually."
    The angel glanced at Sinthises, but didn't respond to what was just uttered. Shaking his head, he glanced out towards the ground level of the battlefield, just in time to see something speeding at them, and another from a different direction. He threw himself to the ground, shouting "Duck now!"
    The man who was following the angel reacted instantly, but Sinthises wasn't so quick. He was about to protest against being ordered by an angel when both blasts struck him, hard. He was literally blown off his feet and fell hard in the mud. The angel stole a glance in the direction and saw the body, hoping the man was dead. Not out of hatred, but because it would be intensely agonizing for the human and he would likely die slowly.
    Turning back to the direction the energy blasts had come from, he spotted two demons speeding towards them, hoping to finish off whatever had survived their initial attack. One was a small blasphemy-class demon, who likely launched off a blast meant to tear them apart atom by atom, the other a Trickster-class demon, who likely threw out a recombinant blast to fuse their atoms to the rocks around them. Just as he readied his sonic attacks, he felt a hand clamp on his shoulder. The next instant, he was no longer a being, but a small part of two, his consciousness virtually nonexistent.
    Sinthises stood where an angel had been a mere instant ago, but he seemed oddly changed. His body was almost his own, it was as if part of the angel's likeness or aura had become part of his. He was grinning from ear to ear, staring at his hands with both gluttony and greed. He had simply hoped to turn the angel around, but this, oh, this was much, much better than telling off the celestial being. Without even a moment's hesitation to think, he started running for the demons. Of course, the unholy beings were more than happy that prey was running towards them, up until it ran into them and they no longer existed as individuals.
    Sinthises was radiating with power, sonic energy growing at his fingertips. The signs of insanity started to appear in his eyes as he now had the tools to fight his paranoia, or let it control him. Laughing, he used the combined energies of the beings he absorbed to increase the power of the sonic blasts and threw them into the sky, the raining of elemental power suddenly ceasing. He turned to the other, frightened human being with a predatory look, offering a hand.
    "You with me, or with them?"
    He tilted his head to motion to the both holy and unholy beings falling to the ground behind him...

    As the years went on, Sinthises was able to convince all sorts of people to follow under has banner against all things paranormal. He rationalized that all they ever did was kill or cause death, be it for food, for fun, or simple ignorance. Eventually, he had hundreds of people, some not quite sane, with him, and thanks to the fact that angels were now the enemy, they now had no religious beliefs barring them from any technological advances, and the fact it was the middle of war only made the advances turn from steps to leaps and bounds in comparison to even the startling evolution of technology today. This group was called P.O.W.E.R. (Paranormal Objects and Wanderers Elimination Revolution), and it has used whatever it can to destroy all supernatural beings...while Sinthises absorbed more and more...