• You see her innocence has left her. Abandoned her to a world of impurities and scornful sins, her tepid bottles of spring water are inevitably turning into empty wine sacs numbing her heart in deep red warmth, burning her liver with the bluntess of reality's problems. Problems she never knew but now know to well. The comfort once given from whispred prayers on bended knees are now seeked through lighted splifs and generic cancer sticks, supplying a ectasy of momentary oblivence from the fears of tomorrow, pains of yesterday and the misery of today." Nothing remains the same", the ugly truth she often explained to her damp pillows by night and the joyful prophecy she prevailed upon the sun by day. How could something so promising and good cease to proliferate with such distress and solititude. Surely things would eventually get better; her perception of life had recently gone of again into a darkrer tangent of uncharted waters she no longer understood everything transformed into agents of change, all offering and promising something better or even worse? How was she to know what was in fact her "better" if all she had known to be good had deplited and all of her goals that she had aspired evaporated. What was safe to hold on to, what was safe to believe in? the emptiness of her friends words and the silence of her God or atleast her deafend ear to them brought her out of touch, out of line and out of sync with what little joy resided in her heart. She was no longer sure if the miogenic muscle bleeding in her chest was rightfully her own anymore,the once constant tune of her heart strayed from its normal solo chime into an inconsistent choir of unfamilar impersonal beats, feeling more and more like a stranger or perhaps a foreign unidentified object within her own soul. Her laughs didnt fit, her thoughts where to frantic and big, her actions to subtul and small and her shoes enlargened and put on pedistals based on myths of success by the tiny footsteps she's made to follow but so badly wants to over shadow.