• Once upon a time ,the U.S.A army tried to create a anti gravity weapon.Instead of creating the weapon,they actually created zombies! scream The whole base was infected except for some people. ninja Their names were: jack,alisa,grunny,and johnny.

    They had to travel to the city before its too late.5 hours later... "Its getting dark,"said jack.
    "We should camp here,"said alisa.(alarm sounds)"What was that question "said grunny.
    "Just go back to sleep,"said johnny.Everybody went back to sleep.(day 2).The infection is in the air.(city cars noises).The air spreads through the city.in 3.2.1."AHHHHH HELP ME,"said a person. burning_eyes .(car crashes)(crying)"NOOOOOOOOO(ZOMBIE NOISES),"SAID A PERSON.