• I, Akane Nallio, am writing this journal for historical purposes. In every hope, I pray that someone may read of my life. If something interesting ever happens to me, that will be the day the desert flies. Enjoy my life. My adventure began early in the summer.

    The day started out somewhat normal, I woke up, got dressed in my robes, and went to water the plants. The temple was rather peaceful. But at noon, three young human boys came dragging a half elf behind them. They were saying something about him being hurt and needing direct attention. I ran to the main healer, but he was busy with a group of wounded soldiers. Apparently, they had been attacked by goblins. Before I knew it, I was the one patching up the one called Myrin’s wounds. He was a normal looking half-elf, brown hair, brown eyes, a fair complexion. He was rather attractive. What am I saying?! He woke up soon after his more serious wounds were healed. He glanced around the temple room nervously, like he had never been in one before. He looked scared, almost. I looked at him with curiosity as well. No, it wasn’t like I had never seen another boy outside my monastery home. Well, then again, I guess that’s not really true. Though Father and I tried to convince him to stay the night, he insisted on going to the inn. He explained that he had seen a poster advertising a 500gp reward for researching the lost contact from New Haven, another small town, twenty-six miles down through the Evercolt forest. Father suggested that I go with him, for healing purposes. I never thought I’d be the girl who gets to travel the world with an attractive sorcerer, but, hey, who’s complaining? Now I won’t have to water the plants every morning. And, after a painful goodbye, Myrin and I set off toward the inn.

    My adventuring gear was scarce, but Father had gone on a few adventures in his youth, so had given me some lightly used survival tools. To protect me from the wrath of Herschel, Father also said that I should not wear my vestments outside a protected temple, so I was given a chain shirt. It was odd, not seeing me with a sky blue robe on, but it was Father’s wish, and I had no intention on disobeying him. I was also given a rapier; Mother had insisted that I have another weapon than just my pitiful sling, even though I was rather good with that. I hope she knows I can hardly wield a broom, let alone a sword. Myrin promised he would teach me, and I was rather thankful for his patient attitude; without it, I would still be holding the sharp end.

    We arrived at the inn right before nightfall. Myrin had told me not to speak to anyone who offered to buy me a drink. “Considering how pretty you are, Akane, I would rather I didn’t have to rescue you from a rapist.” I laughed at his pitiful compliment, though it was rather sweet he would save me anyway. Sadly, the inn had a tavern, the one thing I was taught to avoid. Myrin rolled his eyes and dragged me inside. It smelled strongly of mead and alcohol, I tried to breathe only through my mouth. That was followed by Myrin’s sarcastic comment, “Relax, Akane. Breathe!” He seemed rather happy, which brought a smile to my face.

    The man we were looking for was a human, involved deeply with the trading with New Haven. He had told us that a caravan had been sent out two weeks ago, and were supposed to send word when they arrived. Nothing arrived, so he tried to contact New Haven. His scout never returned. I told him how some men had been in the forest, and probably been attacked by goblins, I suggested that might have been the problem. The human nodded. “Smart girl, where did you find her? At the temple?” Myrin and I both smiled, but said nothing else. Myrin suggested we leave right then, so we would cover more ground and not have to travel as long the next day. All I could do was hope he knew what he was doing.

    We left soon after we had gotten the information we needed. It was dark, and I prayed to the Goddess that we may live through the night. Myrin went on and on about his spells, and how much he loved his platinum. I couldn’t help but smile at his pure enthusiasm. Suddenly, from the darkness, there came a javelin, which I dodged easily. Myrin was not so lucky. The small spear had pierced his left shoulder. We fled. I stared at his bleeding arm and sighed out of relief; the javelin had pierced his arm and had gone all the way through. I would not have to pull it out myself. I bandaged his shoulder and we set up camp. We left at dawn the next morning to make up for lost time. We came to the river, and found an abandoned boat. We carefully hid ourselves under some blankets and floated down to New Haven. Upon arriving at the town, we went straight to the inn. We were told that the trading party had been there a few weeks back. According to another person, everyone was anxious because of the passing of Herschel’s pawn. Neither Myrin nor I knew what that was.

    The night came quickly. Myrin and I rented out a single room. He was so sure his average lock would keep anything out. He was wrong. We woke in the night to hear a curse from a girl who tripped over me. I had been sleeping on the floor; sacrificing the bed for Myrin’s sake. The girl had Myrin’s money bag. He stood up and freaked out. He was such a money grubbing sorcerer. I sighed agitatedly. The girl said her name was Alyce, and that I would not live to see the night of another day. With that statement, she grabbed me and pulled me into a headlock. Her dagger only inches away from my throat. I hoped Myrin cared enough to let me live. Alyce’s actions stopped Myrin in his tracks. I screamed in desperation. I heard the door fling open and a single spoken word. The voice said drop. I felt Alyce loosen her grip and I ran over to Myrin and buried my face in his shoulder. Alyce jerked her head to see who had spoken the word. She addressed the man who had just arrived, “Aaron?” He merely nodded. I looked at every person in a sequence of thought. I finally broke the awkward silence, “Myrin! She’s so desperate she tried to rob us! Can we keep her? Can we keep her!?” I was excited. With a smile to so-called Aaron I asked, “Would you like to travel with us as well?” He shrugged and started to pet his dog. Myrin was at a loss. He pointed at Alyce, an angry expression on his face. I told her calmly, “You had better give him that money bag; my mercy can only push him so far.”She scowled at me, but complied. With his money back in his hands, Myrin seemed much more content. I smiled and winked at him.

    We just might survive together, I thought. I had to hold this group together, Mishakal brought us together for a reason and I wanted to know what that reason was. I was prepared to wait a thousand years for the answer. This was my new life, my new purpose, to travel the world, to heal these people, and to bring them closer together. I was the glue, and they were the misplaced shards. I was going to fit them together, no matter what.

    Myrin and Alyce, their relationship was already hopeless. All I could do was stop them from killing each other. Aaron was too quiet. I guess the only two in the group who had any sliver of respect for anyone, was Aaron and me. Well, then again, Aaron didn’t really have an opinion. When he came to save Alyce, I asked him to join our party, he shrugged. I haven’t heard him talk since drop. I wonder if he is linguistically disinclined. Maybe, but who knows?

    We were on our way out of New Haven when a person ran by us. Two guards followed behind. They shouted for us to stop that prisoner. Myrin stepped forward but couldn’t restrain him. The guards caught up, but it was too late, the man was gone. The taller one glared at us, “How dare you let him go!” We all shrugged, it wasn’t like we had any time to react. They walked up to Alyce and me. “To make up for it, you could give us those two for a night or two.” Alyce slapped the taller one. That’s how we got arrested: assault on a guard. We all blamed Alyce.