• Kisame: I love you, Itachi-kun.
    Itachi: But Kisame, I love---
    Kisame: *puts finger on Itachi's lips* Shhh... Don't speak... I know how you feel...
    Itachi: Jashin dammit, Kisame! I'm straight! And I love POCKY! That's the only thing that's I'll EVER love!
    Kisame: *weeping*
    Orochimaru: *in the crowd* That's my boy, Itachi!
    Itachi: *shoots Orochimaru with gun*
    Orochimaru: I'll always live for you, Itachi-kun~!
    Me: Uh, guys? We're already rolling...
    Kisame: Shiz...
    Pein: Kisame, you and I will be having a private chat later...
    Me: O.O" Anyways, let's see my DeiDei-kun is his pikachu costume!
    *Note: It is not one of those bulky ones. I'll tell you WHY I won't give you the description of it after the chapter.
    Deidara: *totally cute and using cute voice* Wook at me, Zumi-chan! 4laugh
    Me: Omj, DeiDei-kun! You look so cute~!
    Kisame: How does that baka get a girlfriend?
    Me: Now, we will try to get Zetsu's fly trap off!
    Zetsu: Oh, no... Run, you idiot!
    Me: *tugs lightly on Zetsu's fly trap* There. I tried.
    Zetsu: *sighs in relief*
    Sasori: What the frack was that?
    Me: I said I was going to TRY, not do it. XD
    Pein: Hey, Mazumi...where's Konan?
    Me: I AM Konan.
    Pein: What the---?
    Me: Nah, jk jk. xd
    Pein: Then where is she?
    Me: I cut her out the show.
    Pein: Why the frack did you do that?
    Me: 'Cause I can. And besides, I have more money than you and there's nothing you can do. XD
    Pein: *bleep* (Note: This is the only 'bleep' on this chapter 'cause I don't know what bad word he should say, so I bleeped. XD)
    Me: Let's check on Hidan and Dr. Phil~!
    H & D.P cam:
    Dr. P: I heard that you were angry. Why are you angry?
    Hidan: I am not angry.
    Dr. P: Yes, you are.
    Hidan: No, I am not angry.
    Dr. P: Let's talk about your childhood.
    Hidan: Let's talk about YOUR childhood.
    Dr. P: No, let's talk about your childhood.
    Hidan: No, let's talk about your childhood.
    Dr. P: Why are you doing that?
    Hidan: Doing what?
    Dr. P: Repeating what I say.
    Hidan: Repeating what?
    Dr. P: What is your problem?
    Hidan: What is YOUR problem?
    Dr. P: You know what my problem is?!
    Hidan: No, but I have a feeling you're going to tell me.
    Dr. P: YOU'RE my problem!! *throws chair at Hidan and leaves* (Who's the angry one now, Dr. Phil? XD)
    End H & Dr. P cam. (Thank you, Tyler Perry. biggrin Aunt Madea goes to Jail. biggrin So... unfortunately, I didn't make that up. xd )
    Sasori: I'm surprised Hidan wasn't the one who got violent.
    Hidan: *exits therapy room*
    Me: Unfortnatelly, we don't have any fan mail today... (And I won't be writing any until you guys ACTUALLY send meh some. Send more than one or else be r@ped by Kakuzu.)
    Itachi: Whoo! No fan mail! *jumps out window*
    Deidara: Zumi-chan... Aren't we on the sixth floor?
    Kisame: *jumps out window also* I'll save you, Itachi-kun!
    Sasori: *shakes head* Idiot...
    Orochimaru: *makes neck long and puts head out window* Itachi-kun! Put your mouth on mine and I'll hold on to you and pull you up!
    Deidara: That sick basturd...
    Hidan: That guy's a load of sh!t...
    Tobi (Omj, I only remembered Tobi up until now... I'm sorry!): What is 'sh!t', Hidan-sempai?
    Hidan: Your face if you don't shut up.
    Tobi: *hides behind me* Zumi-chan... Tobi is scared...
    Me: Hidan, if you scare Tobi again, you will be rap3d by Kakuzu... (same with you people who don't send fan mail!)
    Hidan: D:< You sick woman...
    Kakuzu: As long as I'm payed, I don't care.
    Hidan: You nasty old basturd! scream scream scream
    Me: Stay tuned next time on...THE AKATSUKI TALK SHOW!


    Me: 'Kay, the reason why I didn't write Deidara's description (he had a LONG very detailed description) is because I had to rewrite ALL of the story starting from Itachi jumping out the window and up. =.=
    Sasori: Poor you...
    Me: Thanks Nii-san, even though you aren't really related to meh.
    Sasori: No prob.
    Me: And Tobi, I'm sorry I forgot about you. I'll give you a lot of diologue (sp?) next episode. 'Kay, bye now~!