• April 7th, 2011 at 8:15 a.m.

    April was the least favorite month of the year for Kat. Why, because she had lost her grandmother to cancer four years ago. What made it worst was that today was her Pre-Algebra test. She was outside with her friend Bella, when she heard her ex shout. "New kid!" Kat ignored him until the lame bell rang. "Bye Bella, bye Brier." She said as she walked towards the main building. Normally she wasn't late for first period but this was different. Only because she stopped to cheak out the weird noise coming from the 7th grade lockers. When she went over to see what was going on she found a red headed boy wearing blue jeans and a I ♥ Vampire t-shirt on the ground with his hands on his knees. "Are you alright?" Kat asked looking at the boy when he picked up his head. He had long red hair and hazel eyes,but he looked like he was crying. "Yeah I'm ok..just i guess people here hate new kids." he said as Kat helped him up. "Yeah people here hate newbies...By the way what's your name kid?" She asked handing him his stuff after she picked it up off the school grounds. "Ginger...yours?" He asked as she handed him his notebook and a photo fell out of her pocket on the ground which he picked up. "Well Ginger...I'm Kat..8th grader who knows a lot more then some here at Cruel High. And you can keep that picture." She said walking off to class. She wondered,"This may be a good school year this year. I hope."