• Cockroaches
    Once there was a boy named Justin. He always had this dream of becoming a bagpipe player. His dreams came true, when he took one from a hobo on the street of La Costa Ave. The hobo died, when the bagpipes were taken away from him. But this did Justin some good. He played the bagpipes everyday. He practiced for the national talent show.
    He was going to enter, and win. He entered, and walked onto stage in a purple and khaki suit. He blew softly. Then he tested the mic. He started to sing “Joy to the World”. Then he started to play. The sound that came out was amazing. Although people started to laugh, he kept going. People were annoyed, but he continued. People were amused with this.
    But he was brave. He won. He won. He won. People were jealous. Then, we went to the world champion ships. He wore a Hippie suit. He sang Cotton Eye Joe, and this timed, he blew harder. People started to laugh.
    But he kept going. He won. Next time, he attended the Asian Music Awards. And played, wearing a kilt, for the Asian people. He attended the MTV Awards and wore an Elvis suit, Music Awards in a bathing suit, YouTube Awards with a surfer suit, and even the School Talent Show with some regular shorts and a checkered shirt. He won every one.
    He is now the most famous person in the world.