• My head ached. I was sitting in my chair, waiting till eight. I promised Elizabeth I wouldn't be late. Yet, I seemed to be running too fast. I took a deep breath. It was now seven fifty eight, time to leave. I got up slowly and grabbed my keys. I looked in the mirror quickly to make sure i was pressentable, then left.
    My Poniac Sunfire sat waiting for me in the drive way next to my parent's ford focus. I got in carefuly and put the keys into the ignition. My mind was full of so many thoughts. Elizabeth had been differant lately. Tonight would be important for her. I turned on my car and backed up out of the driveway. I sighed and drove to Elizabeth's house.
    I pulled up to the driveway. My heart beated almost out of my chest. I looked at her house. Lights were on. She was indeed home. Hopefuly not her parents. I got out of the car and slowly walked to the front door. I got ready to knock but I froze. I heard a noise. It sounded like a vase breaking. I heard voices. I listend carefuly. It was Elizabeth's Dad. Yelling. I could hear Elizabeth crying. My blood ran cold. I heard Elizabeth scream in pain. I budged open the door.
    Inside was havock. Beer bottles and cans all around. I looked over and saw Elizabeth crying and clutching her head. I could see blood trickling down inbetween her fingers. And i saw her dad standing over her with a broken beer bottle. He looked at me. I could tell he was drunk. He smiled wickedly. "Well, you must be Zeke, you must be the reason my daughter getting all dressed up today when I told her she couldn't be leaving the house!" He threw another bottle at the wall, barely missing me.
    My head spinned. I didn't know what to do. Elizabeth was sitting in a corner, wimpering. My feet were so weak. Her dad was inbetween me and her. Her dad spat onto the ground and looked at me. "You better get out of my house and stay away from my daughter, you hear me!? unless you want me to bust your head against the wall!" I growled. My anger started to kick in. "She's eighteen! She's well capable of taking care of herself rather than resting her life in your filthy hands!" He just laughed drunkly and opened another can of beer and chugged it. "You think She's capable of taking care of herself when there's retards like you flirting with her?"
    Elizabeth's dad crushed the empty can then threw it on the floor. "I'm pretty sure she can't even last a day in the outer world!" He walked over and picked Elizabeth up by her hair. Her eyes filled with pain. She stuggled trying to get him to let go. "Let her go!" I clutched my fist. I knew this would be a tough fight. He was almost twice my size. But, I was a black belt in judo and aikido. Elizabeth's dad smiled and dropped her onto the floor and got closer to me. "Is that a threat you little shrimp?" He tried to punch me in the face. I quickly bent down and felt pieces of the wall fall onto my head. I made a punch to his stomach and ran out. His fist went through the wall.
    Elizabeth's Dad growled and pulled his fist out. "You're gonna pay for that!" and then he charged at me. I counted slowly then twisted so my rightside faced him. I counted to three then shoved my right elbow out, hitting him right in the chest. Then i took my right leg and leg sweeped him. He fell on the ground with a loud thud. "Gah! why you little piece of crap! I'll teach you to mess with me!" He got up and tried to kick me. I grabed his leg. Then he tried kicking me with his other leg. I grabbed that one as well.
    He fell to the ground and struggled. I threw his legs to the side and waited for him to get up. "Give up! you're drunk and an idiot who deserves to get his butt shoved in jail!" He stood up and looked at me with bloodshot eyes. "I don't think so!" with that he made a side kick to my chest. I blocked the kick then punched him in the eye. I took advantage and chopped him in the back of the neck. His eyes went wide then he fell onto the floor, unconsious.
    I sighed then ran over to Elizabeth. She was crying hard. I hugged her for a while. "Lizzy, calm down, it's gonna be okay." I softly ran my fingers through her hair trying to calm her down. When she did, i looked at her forehead. There was a deep scratch. And it was swollen. I sighed and kissed her soflty. "don't worry, come on we better get you out of here." I helped Her stand up then we walked outside. I pulled out my cellphone and called the police.

    -The police came and arrested Elizabeth's dad, She went to live with her grandparents who lived next door. Me and Elizabeth finished school and became known as the movie couple, since aparantly it was a classic type of relationship. What can I say? When you're in love, it dosn't matter the cost, if the person is worth it, then it's a price I'm willing to pay.