• In Death Note Part 1: The Long Way Home

    The day ended horribly, our teachers were heartless demons assigning us bucket loads of homework. On top of that it just started raining and I didn't have any a jacket on. My foolishness was going to cause many things, me catching a cold, and my things getting wet, both were things I couldn't afford. I had decided to take the longer way home through the old shopping district. The shops were all closed…well not all of them. There was one open, it was an old antique shop…I opened up the door hearing a pleasant 'ting' sound.

    The shop was dark, the shelves were dusty…it had a weird vibe to it. The items on display were all very old and interesting looking. They all had an aura of mystery around it. As my adjusted to the dim lighting I noticed the man behind the counter.

    His hairline was receding, but it looked…good on him, natural. His wrinkly blue eyes were kind and calm, he had a pleasant smile on his face. "It's raining hard outside isn't it." his voice was soft and pleasant to the ear.

    "Yeah, is it alright if I stay in here for a while?" I asked, my voice felt really loud in this quiet shop.

    "Of course" he smiled "Look around if it keeps you occupied."

    "Thank you" I moved away from the door, closer to the counter so I could put my things down. My bag wasn't soaked, it was damp…I knelt down and let out a sigh of relief, everything was still dry. I got back up and saw the old man cleaning some vases to the side. I didn't know where to start looking so I went towards the back of the shop.

    Everything was old…duh…it felt like being in a museum, except you could touch everything, well mostly everything. There were certain items in glass cases. There was a Egyptian puzzle box, a sword, rose pendent, and a pocket watch with a dog coming out of a weird looking symbol. They looked so familiar…but so different…I didn't know why…but I kind of understood why there was a glass case around them…it just felt right…maybe they were fragile or expensive.

    I got to the back of the shop and saw a black stand…on it was a notebook bound in white leather. I walked closer and froze when I saw the words written across the cover 'Death Note'. it looked really…authentic, but I was sure in the show, there wasn't anything about a white Death Note.

    That reminded me of the conversation I had with my friends during lunch. We were talking about Death Note because I finally watched all of the Death Note episodes. A smile found its way to my lips as I drew circles on the dusty glass cover. The question was, if I was stuck on a island with any of the Main Death Note characters, them being, Light, Mello, Near and L. who would I pick? I thought about it before I answered, cause even if I had a favorite character I had to be somewhat realistic and think about how they would react to our situation.

    I wouldn't pick the infamous Light Yagami because I feared of he didn't get what he wanted out of me he would probably eat me. I liked his character in the show, I could never pick between him and L so I just had to love them both…got my friends mad at me for being so indecisive, but what could I do, they were both geniuses.

    L on the other hand, he might be a genius…but I was a bit worried about how he'd be, being away from all his sugar. He might have withdrawal symptoms I didn't really want to think how that will be like…I'd rather not know that either…I will feel better that way.

    Mello…well he's really hot headed…well Mello is my favorite Death Note character…maybe it was because of his leather fetish…but he was soooooo adorable. Well let's see…I can never see myself on an island with him alone…he would abuse me…

    That left little Near…obvious choice huh.

    "It's true, Near is the calmest one. The least likely to attack you out of sheer frustration." I jumped when I heard the shop owners voice. When I turned around I saw him silently observing me from a few feet away. Then it dawned on me…I never said anything out loud.

    "Wait, you…how did you-"

    "The show, Death Note, is actually pretty interesting. The story is one of a kind, but people still find it necessary to change it. The order of events cannot ever be changed. L Lawliet has to die" he said thoughtfully.

    "I would change the storyline if I could. I mean if something was meant to happen, it would happen no matter who what changes.?" I'll ignore the fact he practically read my mind a second ago…this conversation is pretty interesting.

    He smiled at me "I've been waiting for someone like you for a while my child. I'm sure they could use your help, so I have decided, you will be traveling to the world of Death Note."

    I stared at him…registering his words. This guy wanted me to go to…the world of an…anime. Either he is crazy or I hit my head outside and I'm unconscious and all of this is a dream.

    "You'll have 4 months to start with, once your time is up you'll return here and we'll discuss your visit."

    "Are you okay?" I asked after a minute of silence.

    "Take the Notebook Kiara, touch it and look upon your new Shinigami" all I wanted to do was run and never take the long way home again, but my body, with its own mind, turned around and began to reach towards the Notebook, I barely noticed that the glass cover over the Notebook was gone.

    When my hands touched the cool leather of the cover I felt a chill go through me. I stared at the cover of the Notebook and…well I was doubting myself…could this be a real…I looked up and almost dropped the Death Note. Standing next to the shop owner was a towering figure in a tattered black shawl. He had a hood over his head that covered his face, his long bony arms were wrapped around its torso. I stared at it and I could feel it looking at me from under the hood. I had no clue on what to do next, the notebook in my hands felt cold and heavy.

    Wait if this…if that's a real Shinigami…then this…I looked down at the notebook in my hands ans screamed, it landed on the ground and I backed away until I hit the stand that held the Death Note.

    "This is a joke right" I asked, I couldn't tell if I was scared or angry.

    "This isn't a joke" The 'Shinigami' said, his voice…sounded familiar, but I couldn't pick out where I've heard it before.

    "I…I think I'll take my chances and go home now" I said as I began to edge towards the entrance.

    "4 months Kiara, that's how long you'll remain there" The owner said

    "Death note is nothing but an anime" I exclaimed, my voice sounded desperate. I took a couple of calming breaths before I bent down and picked up the Notebook, I opened it and saw all the rules…"If that's a real Shinigami, then this is a real Death Note"


    "So If I write a name in it, that person will die"


    "What were you saying about those 4 months?"

    "The time you'll have in the Death Note universe will be 4 months. During that time you'll be able to do what it is you wish to do"

    "Anything I want, I could help L catch Kira…or I could help light rule the world"

    "There are many possibilities of how you will affect the story line, but ultimately its up to you" The owner said, who was this guy…? "Just call me Joe" I nodded.

    "How does it work?" I asked "How are you going to send me there?"

    He started walking towards a shelf to the side where some gold and silver cases were. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a…rag. He began to clean the cases "Who do you want to be with" the Shinigami just stood there, it's gaze was on me, I could feel it.


    "When I send you to that world your body will be exhausted. I can make sure the one who finds you, is of your choosing. Who do you pick?"

    I wasn't sure…I could be found by light but how will that be any interesting…even if I do meet him then I'll have to be careful about what I know…he'll be sure to be careful around me as well…there wont be much fun in him never being open. I didn't really think of Misa, she was …useless. That leaves L. he wouldn't abandon me, but I have to be careful not to make it see like I know to much…he might suspect me of being Kira…

    "I could hold onto the Death Note while we are there. If either L or Light discover you have a Death Note without your knowledge it wont be a good situation. L would quickly realize what it is, and light would try to use or kill you"

    "Have you decided?" Joe asked.

    "If" I looked at the Shinigami.

    "B-Rue." there was a small chuckle following that…but I chose to ignore that.

    "If Rue can hold onto the Death Note, then I'd like to pick L" it was a lot safer to be with him and I would be able to follow the Kira case through him, I also will eventually meet Light, this would be the perfect choice.

    "You've made the right choice" Joe smiled. "But before you're on your way I have some small rules to go over. Do not leave japan during those 4 months, do not write someone's name in your Death Note. The Shinigami eyes cannot read your name or life span. I will not force you to hide you to keep your true name a secret, but if your name is written in a Death Note, you won't die, but you will feel pain equal to that death. This is a form of instructions, more than a rule. When you are there you will make decisions. You have seen the outcome of the of the story, you know things the characters do not. It will be your choice to let L know that Light is Kira and how he is committing these murders. Or you could help Light avoid L's traps. It will all be your choice, so choose wisely"

    "You said 4 months for now…are you saying after 4 months I'll be back here…will you send me back?"

    "If I approve of your decisions then you may choose to return. Then it will be up to you when you wish to return."

    "Alright then" I smiled, "Send me to L"

    "Do your best my child" at first there was nothing, but then my vision began to cloud up, I couldn't see anything except white. I felt my body becoming numb, before I couldn't feel anything…I think I'm passing out….

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