• I knew I was in a bed, the pillow underneath my head was soft. When did I get ho-…memories of the day flew by, it was raining so I went inside an old shop and I saw the…Death Note on the…Joe…the Shinigami I'm in…Death Note. I snapped my eyes open and I saw pale walls, a white carpet. I was in a room, definitely not in the shop anymore. The room was dim lighted, the only source of light was coming from a computer screen and a lamo.

    "You're awake" I wasn't in Kansas anymore todo. I knew where I was, exactly…I wasn't sure when I am though. My eyes focused on the man sitting besides my bed. He had his feet on the seat and his knees to his chest. His dark hair was a mess, like usual, his black eyes with the bags underneath. His original white long sleeve t-shirt and baggy pants. It was L Lawliet, it was actually L…he looked at me with his eyes, a plate of strawberry shortcake in his hands.

    "Who…where am I?" I asked, obviously I cant be going fan girl over someone that no one knows.

    "You are safe" he replied.

    Well he cant give away his location can he, "Who are you?" I questioned.

    "My name is Ryuzaki." he replied. "What is your name, you had no form of identification on your person."

    "My name is Kiara Emerson." I told him.

    "Do you remember anything, like where your home is?"

    "It'll be easier if you say you cant remember" Rue said appearing behind L. I know I failed horribly at hiding my surprise from L.

    "Is something the matter?" L asked.

    "I…I cant remember" I said

    "I suspected you might have amnesia"

    "Sire I recommend we allow the madam to remain here until some of her memories recover. It would be dangerous if we make her leave" an old man in a clean pressed brown suit came into the room. WATORI!

    "I suppose you're right Watori" L said, then turned his gaze on me. "Do you want any food Ms. Emerson?"

    "Uh,,,no I'm fine" I said giving him a small smile, "thank you" I couldn't believe how calm I felt about all this…whenever I saw an L at a convention I would always glomped them…more like tackle…when I saw the really good L's I went crazy and wouldn't leave them alone…okay well not that but it was still extreme. How would I react to seeing the real L…but no I was surprisingly calm…with him sitting at an arms reach away.

    "Then I suggest you rest ," Watori said, "I think that one more day would be sufficient to have you at full strength again." I nodded at him "And please alert either myself or Ryuzaki if you need anything."

    When Watori left L finished eating his cake. I had laid down and was trying to…entertain myself somehow but it wasn't working…I wanted to do something…anything…

    When I looked over at L, he was…sitting in front of his computer looking at the screen. He wasn't completely blocking the screen so I could see what he was staring at. It was the 3 pieces of evidence Kira's victims leave. The three letters…

    "Apples" I said, remembering what the note said. I was around the 3rd or 4th episode. So I haven't missed much, that's good.

    "Did you say something Ms. Emerson" L asked. Crap…he heard that…hm

    "The letter, well picture, the first letter on each line. It says, '...apples'

    AN: I just remembered the letter was in Japanese…soooooooo she knows Japanese now. Lol.

    There was a moment of silence before he reacted, his body tensed a little, "You have sharp eyes Ms. Emerson." He said as he focused more on the picture, "Have I overlooked anything else?"

    "It…seems like a challenge…well like he's teasing this L person"

    "Interesting conclusion Ms. Emerson. But what made you think that?"

    Well I couldn't tell him I watched him say in in a dvd back home…hehe "I'm just observant"

    "I would like your judgement on this then Ms-"

    "Please just call me Kiara, Ms. Emerson makes me feel old"

    He nodded "Please share what you think of this information. Do you have any memory of Kira?"

    "I believe it would be strange to remember Kira and not your own parents" rue said, I had gotten used to him appearing every so often that I wasn't surprised.

    "No, who's Kira?"

    "A few weeks ago criminals began dying of mysterious heart attacks. Kira is what the world is calling this murderer. Somehow this individual is causing these deaths to occur. I believe that Kira is here in Japan and he currently he knows of my participation in this case and is…challenging me"

    "Why would he be challenging you?"

    "Because I am L"

    "You're L"

    "I am a world renown Detective and this case has captured my interest. But back to my original question, what do you think?"

    "Even if this Kira is killing only criminals, they're still people, he shouldn't be deciding who lives and dies"

    "I believe the same thing" L said, then he went quiet for a second. "How would you like to be part of my investigation. While you still remain with us that is"

    "I would love to!" I said, "If you don't mind that is, I can tell you're way smarter than me a-"

    "It doesn't have much to do with your level of intelligence, but I believe your opinions are logical enough to be useful on this case" I knew it was meant to be a compliment but it sounded insulting. "I advise for you to rest Kiara, I shall update you some more about the case tomorrow morning." So it was night outside.

    I laid back down and pulled the covers up to hide my big smile. I was in, now I all I had to do was stay…unsuspicious, like that will work…but I'm here…so grandpa has magical powers and the proof is where I am…I have 4 months until I go back…this should be fun, I mean the death note cant possibly kill me…I think. But now that I am here it probably is the 3rd or 4th episode…so light should've already gone to spaaceland with his date, that's where he gets his stalkers name.

    I let out a yawn, this is probably the best thing that has ever happened to me…being surrounded by Death Note characters…I'm surprised of how calm I've been. But I have to remember to keept everything I know under strict check. If I'm going to change anything then I have to remember the things. So far I'm on L's side, Light wouldn't appreciate my help as much, he might think too much and become suspicious.

    I was awaken by a very loud crash, since I was interrupted from my sleep I was still very unaware of what was actually happening going on. It took me a few seconds to open my groggy eyes and make out L's form. He wasn't squatting like usual, but was sitting on the ground, staring at the computer screen with an horrified expression on his pale face. The cause of the noise was a stack of plates that was knocked over, probably by his arm once he lost balance. Some of them were broken…what shocked him enough for him to loose his cool like that?

    "All of them Watori?" L spoke as I began to sit up.

    "Yes sir, all of heart attacks." I heard Watori's voice coming from the coming from the computer.

    "L, why did you have the FBI follow us around, so you not trust us?" it was one of the police officers from the task force.

    "it was obvious that Kira had access to police files so I had the FBI agents follow the policemen and their families around for a week. It seemed Kira is someone the FBI was tailing." he had no idea how right he was. "Excuse me for now gentlemen, I need to look into something." he sat up and closed the chat. I was already walking towards the detective when he bit his thumb in deep thought.

    I began to pick up the fallen plates and broken pieces and putting them on the cart near L. I wasn't sure why I bothered to do this, I just didn't want to lay in the bed anymore. I was somewhat awake by this time and my mind began to remember details about this particular event.

    "Kiara what do you make of all this?" he asked me without taking his eyes off the list of names in from of him.

    "Of what?" I asked, I couldn't magically know all that was going on.

    "All the FBI agents I sent out to trail the police officers and their families have died of heart attacks."

    "Then that would mean…Kira's one of the ones being tailed?"

    "But why kill all of them"

    "Aren't you suppose to be the greatest detective L" I laughed causing his dull gaze to fall upon me "Well of course Kira killed them all. If he killed just the one trailing him it would be to obvious who he was. He or she seems to be smarter than you might've thought."

    "This information wasn't released to the police…how did he get the names of all the agents?"

    I think I'm helping L to much, but it feels awesome doing so. "I'm not sure, blackmail?" I had finished putting all the plates onto the cart.

    "That would suggest Kira blackmailed his follower and had him give all the names and faces of the FBI agents that were stationed in Japan."

    I stood up and stretched, "I guess, where is the kitchen?"

    "Through that door." he mumbled, turning his attention back to the computer screen.

    I carefully began moving the cart towards the single door in this room. I saw Rue materialize as I pushed the door open, this was good then, I have some questions of my own that I needed answering.

    The kitchen was clean, not what I was expecting, but that wasn't a bad thing. I threw away the pieces of the destroyed cake and plates, then put the other ones in the sink. I turned on the water and began to slowly wash them. Even if L could hear me through these thin walls the water could hide most of the conversation.

    "Rue, can you answer some of my questions?" I asked.

    "Depends if I know the answer" he replied.

    "Grandpa's 4 month thing, do you know anything about it ?"

    "The old man doesn't tell me anything"

    "How am I doing?" I was referring to how much I was interfering with the story.

    "So far so good" he said "Do you want to see the Death Note?"

    "No, hold onto it. I don't have much privacy with L in the same room, it would discovered easily."

    "Alright." there weren't many dishes seeing as most of them were broken, so when I finished I sat down on the floor with my back leaning up against the sink counter. "Is there anything wrong?"

    "4 months right…does that mean you'll disapear too?"

    "No, this Death Note belongs to you. I'll be with you unless you forfeit ownership, die or the notebook is destroyed"

    "So this is all real…I could go back home and be the Kira of my world…"

    "You don't seem to be that sort of person"

    I stared at the plain walls of the kitchen for a couple of minutes before a smile spread on my lips. "You're right, I would be scared to do it, I would be more like L and catch the person who has it."

    "There is only one Death Note in your world."

    "Only one…and I have it wow…crap now I cant be the ace detective, I have to be Li- opps…almost said it."

    "It's your choice to tell them" Rue said

    "I know, but I don't want to yell out the whole story it wouldn't be fun that way. I havent even met Kira so I will keep everything to myself, make my 4 months worth staying for."

    "Sounds like a plan"

    "Well until then lets have some fun." I laughed. I felt my stomach grumble so I knew it was time for…breakfast? Whatever time it was, who cares. I walked over to the fridge and opened it. My eyes went wide by the amount of sweets that were stuffed in there…I was hoping for something…unsweet…and hot. My eyes scanned the shelves until they landed on a plate covered in foil, there was a note on top of it.

    "Lasagna, 5 minutes in the microwave"

    I'd have to thank Watori when I see him again. He knew I needed normal food. While my food heated up I began thinking of the FBI agents…if I remembered right Ray Penber was ending his report on Light…claiming him innocent…so him dying took the opposite affect than it was intended. But what would've happened if Light didn't kill the agents, and Ray turned in his reports about Lights normal behavior…I'm sure L wouldn't have been so quick into narrowing his suspect list…it would've taken him longer to convict Light…but who knows, it was a possible outcome- oooooo food.

    I let all thoughts of a 'possible' future melt away as I savored the taste of Watori's lasagna,

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