• I wake up again and get ready for the hunt. Spirits weren’t out, so I was able to save my magic for a later use. Holding my new choice of a weapon-and bow and arrow-I caught a glimpse of a wolf cub. I held my bow steadily and pushed an arrow into the string. I let go, and I herd a squeak from the cub. I looked around the bend and saw that the wolf was laid on the grass-dead. Slowly I walked toward it and took out the bow. It had hit the fox’s eye, making it repulsive to the touch. Still, I put a silk around it and carried it to my home for the day.
    With time to spare and a full stomach, I read a book that made me refresh on my English. I heard noises around my home and looked outside to see a set of ducks walking around the leaf-walls of my home. I laid there and watched them for a bit. I eventually started to daydream about the RedLands, and if its inhabitants thought of people like me as different-looking as the ducks. People like them usually had red or blonde hair, sort of to camouflage with the trees. Mine hair didn’t camouflage with the trees, since it was dark black.
    After realizing that I should get ready for the afternoon hunt, I got my dagger with my bow set. With my magic in my pouch, I walked out and towards Yotur. Soon, I found my silk bundle with two rabbits, and a bear cub contained in it. Heading away, I heard a crackle in the leaves. I turned around quickly and saw the same thing as yesterday. It was the young man. He smiled at me, which left me puzzled. Again I asked, “Upi morf sumu jeraq?” He nodded again, and we started a routine. He walked towards the gates with me as I led in front. Feeling ashamed for not asking this question before, I asked, “What’s your name?” He looked at me and quickly replied with, “Bryin Viyor.”
    I found the name interesting. “I’ve never chosen to give myself a name.” Bryin looked at me. “Why haven’t you made a name for yourself?” “Civilized people do not make their names for themselves. I have only heard of heroes who do that.” For a while we were silent. “Why do you come to Yotur?” He heard me but waited to speak. “My family wanted me to find some berries for their artwork.” He showed me a small pouch with berries inside. This time I wasn’t confused, because I had drawn with berries many times before.
    We reached the gates and he thanked me with the same gifts as last time. I watched the red-haired neighbor walk into the gates of his home. Again I stood outside the gates for a few moments, holding my supplies with both hands. Were both the GreenLands and RedLands so similar? If I entered just this once, would I stand out a lot?