• Blue Team - Day 11

    *Leland and Snow are walking towards treemail.*

    Leland: Let's see what we got!

    Snow: ;D

    *The open it.*

    Leland: We have a challenge!

    Snow: Whoo D;

    *They walk back.*

    Explode: Got anything?

    Snow: Yep! We have a challenge!

    Alex: I wonder what it is. o.o;

    Willow: Whatever it is, we better win! The Green Team has to stop making things even! D<

    Alex: XDD

    Leland: (camera) I feel pretty good about today, I mean, we have an advantage and if we lose, it's gonna be 4-4 on each team. Can't have that D:

    Snow: (camera) I'm a little bit nervous! I mean yeah, latley i HAVE been proving myself to everyone that i CAN do it, so hopefully they still see that in me. Age is only a number ;D


    Green Team - Day 11

    *Kiah, Ririsu, Roger and Lucky are eating rice.*

    Ririsu: Guys, we HAVE to win this one! >.<

    Lucky: I know D:!

    Lucky: (camera) If we lose today...then the Blue Team will be up, and we'll be downt to 3. That's...just not gonna happen. I refuse D<

    *Kiah takes a spoonful and eats.*

    Roger: Are u gonna be ok, Kiah?

    Kiah: Yeah I'll be okay.

    Kiah: (camera) Yeah latley i HAVE been feeling out of it, but...i'm still gonna give it all in the challenge today, definatley.

    Roger: (camera) If Kiah is weak at this challenge then...i don't know. The merge is coming so we wanna take the strong out, but Kiah NEEDS to br strong...just this once :[

    *Clip of them all walking to the challenge.*


    *Camera zooms into the challenge.*

    *We see a table with covered plates.*

    Statik: Come on in, people! =D

    *The Blue and Green team walk in and step on their mats.*

    Statik: Blue Team, getting a new look at the Green Team. Jamie was voted off, last tribal council.

    Explode: O.o

    Alex: Damn .-.

    Statik: Ok, ready to get to chur next challenge?? 8D

    *Everyone nods.*

    Statik: Ok, i will take back immunity from zee Blue Team! :3

    *She goes and Leland gives the idol back.*

    Statik: Again, immunity is available! WHeee! =3 ok, for today's challenge one by one, you'll come up to the table...and you'll eat this.
    ((she uncovers the plate.)) Statik: it's rotten pieces of fish that's been on the beach for 3 days in the 100 degree weather.

    Teams: o.e;

    Statik: it's NOT a race, you just have to get it down! First team to score the MOST points..wins immunitaayy! =D Losers...tribal council
    and someone will be going home!! :[

    Team: O.o;;

    Statik: Ok, since Green Team is a member down, you'll have to select someone to go TWICE! o; Everyone, i'll give you a minute to strategize, and wait for me GO! (>^.^)>

    *Clip of the rotten fish.*

    *Clip of the idol.*

    Statik: Ok, first 2 come on up!

    *Willow and Roger come up.*

    Statik: Willow and Roger! :] Are you guys ready?

    Roger: I guess. o:

    Willow: no o.e;

    Statik: Ok, in 3...2...1...go!

    *Roger and Willow pick it up and they both take a bite.*

    Willow: X____X

    Roger: AH! D<

    Explode: Dont think about the taste Willow!

    Kiah: Come on Rogerr! D<

    *Roger then shoves the whole thing in his mouth and chews slowly.*

    *Willow swallows and takes another bite.*

    *Willow gags.*

    Snow: Ew .-.

    Ririsu: Come on Roger, you got this! D:

    *Roger chews very slowly with his eyes shut.*

    *Willow swallows and puts the other half in her mouth.*

    *Roger swallows and shows Statik an empty mouth.*

    Statik: Roger, you're good!

    Roger: >.<

    Lucky: Nicee! :]

    *Willow then swallows and shows Statik an empty mouth.*

    Statik: Willow you're good!

    Statik: Each team has one point!

    Leland: Nice Willow!

    Willow: UGH! Never again >__<;

    Statik: Ok, next two!

    *Leland and Ririsu come up.*

    Statik: Leland and Ririsu! :] You guys ready?

    Leland: Mhm :3

    Ririsu: I coulda swore I signed up for Survivor, not Fear Factor x---x

    Statik: -3- In 3...2...1...GO!! D:<

    *Leland gabs the whole thing and takes a huge bite.*

    *Ririsu breaks off a piece and starts eating.*

    Snow: Come on Leland! D:

    Explode: U got it!

    Lucky: Gooo Ririsu! D<

    Ririsu: >w<;

    *Leland chews slowly and gags.*

    *Ririsu gags and she shuts her eyes.*

    *Ririsu breaks off another piece and starts eating it.*

    *Leland is still chewing the big piece he took in.*

    Alex: Don't think about the taste! Think of...errr..something else? >w>;

    Willow: Wow chur helping >>;

    Alex: <.<;

    Lucky: Its nothing but a fish Ririsu, come on! :3

    *Ririsu breaks off another piece and eats it.*

    *Leland swallows what he had and puts the rest of the piece in his mouth and chews slowly.*

    Leland: T_____T;

    *Ririsu takes the last piece and starts chewing, looking down, trying not to puke.*

    *Leland swallows the rest and shows Statik and empty mouth.*

    Statik: Leland is good!

    *Ririsu swallows and shows Statik an empty mouth.*

    Statik: Ririsu is good! Blue Team and Green Team have 2 points! D<

    Ririsu: Ugh...x-x

    Statik: Next two!

    *Lucky and Alex come up to the table.*

    Statik: You guys readyyyy? :3

    Alex: Not really o.o;

    Lucky: No :[

    Statik: -w- In 3...2...1...GOO!! D<

    *Both dudes pick up the fish and put the whole thing in.*

    Explode: Yeahh Alex! D<

    Kiah: WHOOOO! =D

    *They're both chewing fast, with their eyes closed tight.*

    Snow: Thats it Alex! ;D

    Roger: It's all in the mind! U can do this!

    *Both of them are chewong fast.*

    *Alex gags.*

    Alex: >___<;

    *Lucky then shows Statik an empty mouth.*

    Statik: Lucky is good! =D

    Roger: YEAH! D<

    Ririsu: =D!

    *Alex gags more.*

    Explode: Try holding it in! D<

    Leland: You can do it Alex!

    *Alex shows Statik an empty mouth.*

    Statik: Alex is good! We're tied 3-3!

    Alex: That was soooo NOT COOL! Dx

    Statik: You mad >>;

    Statik: NEXT TWO! :3

    *Snow and Kiah come up to the table.*

    Statik: Snow and Kiah! In 3...2...1...GO!!!

    *Snow breaks a little pieces and starts biting it.*

    Leland: Come on Snow! =D

    *Kiah breaks off a big piece and eats it.*

    Kiah: Dx!!

    *Snow gags and she takes another bite.*

    *Kiah is still chewing.*

    Ririsu: Come on Kiiaahh! D:

    Willow: Come on Snow! It's JUST fish! :/

    *Snow gags and almost pukes.*

    Statik: Snow almost pukes .w.

    Leland: U got it Snow!

    *Kiah swallows and takes another bite.*

    *Snow swallows and bites a bigger bite.*

    Roger: Kiahh you got it!

    Kiah: >w<;

    *Kiah swallows and shows Statik an empty mouth.*

    Statik: Kiah is good! =D

    Ririsu: Yuusss! 8DD

    *Snow is in the middle of chewing the whole thing, then covers her mouth, very close to puking.*

    Explode: Snow, snow you're almost done, Snow! D:

    Alex: You got it, dont worry!

    Snow: >_______<;

    *Roger starts making fake puke noises on purpose.*

    Roger: XDD

    Ririsu: x]

    Alex: That's not nice >_____>;

    Roger: <.<;

    *Snow then swallows and shows Statik an empty mouth.*

    Statik: Snow is good! Both teams have 4 points!

    Willow: WHOOOO! =D

    Leland: c:

    Statik: ok, final 2 come up!

    *Explode comes and Roger comes.*

    Statik: Sucks, you gotta go again Roger :/

    Roger: :[

    Statik: Ok...in 3...2...1..GO! D<

    *Explode puts the entire fish in his mouth and chews.*

    *Roger breaks off a big piece and starts biting it.*

    Explode: >___<;

    Willow: come on Explode! :3

    Kiah: Come on Roger think of tribal! We dont wanna go back! :[

    *Explode tries chewing faster.*

    *Roger gags again.*

    *Explode is chewing as fast as he can.*

    Snow: Go Explode! =D

    Kiah: Come on Roger!

    *Explode then quickly shows Statik an empty mouth.*

    Statik: Explode is good!

    Alex: ;D

    *Roger shows Statik an empty mouth.*

    Statik: Roger's good! :] Each team has 5-5. Time for a tie breaker round!

    Statik: Ok, Blue Team pick someone from your team, and Green Team select someone from yours. Then come up!

    *They all talk for a minute.*

    *Leland and Lucky come up to the table.*

    Statik: Ok...whoever can finish the LAST piece of fish...wins immunity for thier team! Loser...tribal council tomorrow night! D:

    Leland: Oh, i feel NO pressure at all -3-

    Lucky: :/

    Statik: In 3...2...1...GO!!

    *Both Leland and Lucky put the whole fish in their mouths and start chewing fast.*

    Snow: Come on Leland!

    Ririsu: U got it Lucky!

    Explode: come on, come on Leland! D:

    Kiah: You got it Lucky!

    *They're both chewing as fast as they can.*

    *Leland almost gags. Lucky has his eyes closed shut tight.*

    Willow: Come on don't give up!

    *Leland gags again.*

    Leland: >_<;

    Roger: You're almost done!

    *Lucky shows Statik an empty mouth.*

    Statik: Lucky has it! GREEN TEAM! WINS IMMUNITY!

    Lucky: YEEESSS!!!

    Kiah: WHOOO!!

    *They all hug Lucky tight and Leland spits the rest of the fish out.*

    *Statik gives the idol to the Green Team.*

    Statik: Have fun >>;

    Statik: Blue Team....sorry but, tribal council where someone will be voted off! T____T Head back! Dx

    *The Blue Team walks away as the Green Team cheers.*

    End od part 2 of 3!